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There are plenty of blogshops around – albeit mostly catering to the ladies. In both the real and virtual worlds, females can find pretty clothing for cheap without a hitch. However, it’s a different story for us guys. It’s a chore finding suave apparel for guys in physical stores, let alone in the virtual space.

In Singapore, almost 99% of blogshops sell female-only garments, but we at TheSmartLocal have heard your calls, men! Here are 10 great male blogshops to satiate your need to shop!

1. Sixth Empire


The first that tops the list of male blogshops is none other than Sixth Empire – the largest blogshop in Singapore for guys. It boasts an extensive collection, with more than 150 tops and 554 accessories. Most, if not all of the outfits offered in Sixth Empire are custom-designed, meaning that you won’t be likely to find them on Taobao or Qoo10.

Their website is easy to navigate, with appropriate subsections under the main categories. It also helps that they have an organised cart system for easy checkout!

Average price range: $39 ~ $45 (Shirts); $31 ~ $42.90 (Shorts, Long pants)
Wow-factor: Super wide variety

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2. Reverend Rabbit 


If the name sounds a little too quirky, that’s because it is! Reverend Rabbit’s logo immediately tells you that it is hip and contemporary. Specialising in graphic tees, it’s made for men who love prints of all sorts. My favourite is the Wild Roar Original Graphic Tee, as the ferocious yellow tiger contrasts well against the black tee. Head to Reverend Rabbit if you want to try graphic tee styles that scream hipster Japan at prices that won’t break your pocket!

Average price range: $14 (T-shirts)
Wow-factor: Graphic tees

3. Quiero 


Queiro claims they “never go out of style”, and it’s not difficult to see the truth in that! The bracelets available are particularly trendy – manly anchor bracelets of a myriad of colours, distinctive burnished leather bracelets, and polished metal bracelets. Quiero also has a healthy collection of simple short-sleeved shirts without much graphic mess. Price-wise, Quiero doesn’t really need you to break the bank.

Average price range: $29.90 ~ $40 (Shirts); $25.90 ~ $38.90 (Shorts, Long pants)
Wow-factor: Bracelet collection

4. Guys Closet


Guys Closet’s X factor is simple: affordability. You can find a decently designed long-sleeved shirt below $25, most roundneck tees are below $15, and belts around $13! Not many blogshops can match this price point. However, due to the oh-so-irresistible price, stocks run out pretty quickly. To snag your cheap top, check the website often!

Average price range: $16 ~ $27 (Shirts); $16 ~ $26 (Shorts, Long pants)
Wow-factor: Most long/short-sleeved shirts under $25

5. Sabotage Store


If you are on the lookout for short-sleeved shirts with nature-inspired designs, head over to Sabotage. It is one of the few male blogshops out there which has a trove of nature-themed shirts. It’s also one of the few male blogshops out there that does all its product shoots professionally. The concept shoots bring out the charm of the items, which would have been lost without good photography.

Average price range: $39 ~ $45 (Shirts); $30 ~ $39 (Shorts, Long pants)
Wow-factor: Short-sleeved shirts with nature theme

6. Men Supplies


Men Supplies prides itself on offering the suavest long-sleeved shirt collection among all 10 blogshops featured here. As its name suggests, this blogshop carries everything a guy will possibly need – from face wash to that bottle of Pomade for your coiffed hair.

With all the grooming products available here, now you cannot complain about not being able to get your grooming needs!

Average price range: $70 ~ $85 (Shirts); $59 ~ $69 (Shorts, Long pants)
Wow-factor: Collection of long sleeved shirts & Miscellaneous male grooming items

7. Archules


Looking for timeless, comfy, leather shoes that fit your style and taste? There’s a blogshop for that. Archules specialises in haut grade shoes such as oxfords, moccasins and loafers for men that look great on most occasions. They’re dedicated to almost anything related to footwear as well, with blog posts on how to maintain your shoe properly! With affordability as one of its promises, patrons of the site should be thankful that price is not Archules’ achilles heel!

Oh and one thing unique about Archules? Once you’ve decided on your design, they’ll bring 2 pairs of shoes to your house for fitting to you can pick the right size! Read about our experience with Archules here.

Average price range: $99 ~ $125 (Shoes)
Wow-factor: Shoe collection, price & quality

8. Jones Republic


Showcasing a number of varied styles to choose from, Jones Republic is committed to being a source for your dressing up needs. This blogshop is great if you are looking for simple, two-tone tees. With over 60 new designs every month, Jones Republic is constantly updated to give patrons variety. What got this blogshop shortlisted for this list of top 10 blogshops is this: free shipping for all Singapore orders!

Average price range: $39 ~ $45 (Shirts); $32 ~ $39 (Shorts, Long pants)
Wow-factor: Free shipping for all Singapore orders

9. Wear Of The Day


Patronise Wear Of The Day (WOTD) if you fancy rough textures with dark colours. WOTD also has style guides for those of us who have no clue how to achieve a look that will make others go “whoa”. However, the accessories category carries expensive watches, bracelets, and cufflinks, so unless you’re in a mood to spend, it’s not recommended to get your accessories here!

Average price range: $22 ~ $36 (Shirts); $15 ~ $49.90 (Shorts, Long pants)
Wow-factor: Rough textures, dark colours

10. Arcade Men


Last but certainly not least, Arcade Men boasts a plethora of outfits for men, with not one, two – but more than three pages of top, bottom, and accessorial goodness each to feast your eyes on. Apart from the vast selection of items available, Arcade updates its offerings very frequently.

Their 2013 and 2014 lookbooks were compilations of conceptual fashion shoots, and I was impressed by how they injected personality to the blogshop.What’s more, Arcade offers you tips on how to pair your outfit to achieve the most trendy look under “Fashion Edits”!

Average price range: $39.90 ~ $49.90 (Shirts); $19.90 ~ $49.90 (Shorts, Long pants)
Wow-factor: Lookbook & style blog, overall inventorised collection, shopping experience

Get your swag on

The best thing about blogshops is that you can patronise them from the comfort of your couch. Update your wardrobe with this list of 10 blogshops out now for a brand new you!

Oh, and if you’re looking for uniquely Singaporean tees, check out this list of t-shirt companies that has compiled. Featuring Singlish sayings and drawings of Singaporean landmarks, you’ll be sure to stand out from all your friends. Don’t be caught wearing the same old tee again! You’re welcome, gentlemen.

Know of any other blogshops with superb styles? Share them in the comments below!

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