Best water bottles in Singapore

We don’t often think much about the water bottles we use – besides how aesthetic they are or whether they double as a thermos or not. But one thing that you’d notice is that a good water bottle can last for years. 

There’s no shortage of unique options out there – with nifty features and gorgeous designs – but these best water bottles in Singapore will be sure to elevate your drinking experience. From self-cleaning tech to insulation that can keep your drinks ice-cold for almost 2 full days, there’s a water bottle to suit your every need: 

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1. Klean Kanteen Insulated Reflect – keeps drinks cold up to 40 hours 

klean kanteen fits snugly into your bike cages for easy hydration on the go
Image credit: Bike24

Switching to a reusable water bottle for daily use is a great way to reduce single-use waste from bottled water. The Klean Kanteen Insulated Reflect Bottle takes this to the next level as it’s made entirely from sustainable materials like bamboo and stainless steel.

Keeping iced beverages cool for up to 40 hours, this is one of the best insulating flasks, and you can bet that your iced tea will stay polar even after a long day at work.

Capacity: 591ML

Price: $40.95
Get the Klean Kanteen Insulated Reflect

2. LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle – eliminates 99.9% of germs 

The LARQ self-cleaning bottle gets rid of germs on its ownThe LARQ is available in aesthetic pastel colours like baby pink and teal.
Image credit: LARQ

It’s no secret that reusable water bottles need to be cleaned often to prevent bacteria buildup. And if you’re extra particular about cleanliness, the LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottle is for you. 

It has a built-in UV-C LED light that eliminates the bacteria lurking in your bottle and it’s automatically activated every 2 hours. It also has double-walled insulation to keep your drinks hot or cold for up to to 13 hours and 24 hours respectively. 

Capacity: 502ML

Price: $129.95
Get the LARQ Self Cleaning Bottle

3. Vapur Eclipse Anti-Bottle – lightweight and foldable 

the vapur anti-bottle allows you to save a lot of space due to its foldable qualityThis bottle is made with a flexible 3-ply durable material
Image credit: Itstactical

One of the main drawbacks of carrying around a reusable bottle each day is that these bulky cylinders take up a chunk of precious backpack space – even when it’s empty. 

The Vapur Eclipse Anti-Bottle is a perfect companion to have on hectic days where you’re hopping from the office to the gym, and then to the bar for drinks with friends. It can hold up to 1L of water, and once you’re well-hydrated post-gym sesh, simply fold it up and tuck it into your bag to continue your night about town. 

Capacity: 1,000ML

Price: $37.90
Get the Vapur Eclipse Anti-Bottle

4. ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Bottle – reminders to hydrate yourself

this ICEWATER smart bottle has an integrated bluetooth speaker and a hydration reminder every one hour
Image credit: Amazon

Good hydration is essential for good health, and if you find that you often forget to drink the recommended 2L of water each day, this bottle’s for you. The ICEWATER 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Smart Water Bottle lights up every hour to remind you to hydrate, a useful feature if you’re in the zone when working out.

It even comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that connects to your phone, as well as a dancing light mode that makes it perfect for DIY karaoke sessions.

Capacity: 591ML

Price: $33.99
Get the ICEWATER 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Smart Water Bottle

5. Thermos FFM-350 Bottle With Cup – insulated with no-leak cap  

this insulated bottle has a cap that doubles up as a cup
Image credit: Carousell

Everyone probably knows that freshly brewed hot coffee is best enjoyed when it’s sipped out of a cup with a pinkie raised. The Thermos FFM-350 Bottle is equipped with a cap that doubles as a cup for just that, and it sports a specially designed stopper to prevent any unfortunate leaks and dribbles. 

Weighing just 240g, it’s lightweight enough to carry with you daily. It’s also well-insulated for your piping hot kopi siew dai takeaways.

Capacity: 350ML

Price: $42.29
Get the Thermos FFM-350 Bottle With Cup

6. Camelbak Podium Insulated Bottle – keeps drinks cold for sports 

its insulation helps your cold beverages stay chilly all day
Image credit: @camelbak

When it comes to working out, having a bottle with good insulation is a plus for an icy cold refreshment after a few intense hours at the gym. 

The Camelbak Podium Insulated Bottle is perfect for keeping your drinks cool, and it also has an optimised silhouette to fit snugly into bike bottle cages. Its easy-to-squeeze nozzle also adds the extra convenience of on-the-go hydration.

Capacity: 710ML

Price: $26.50
Get the Camelback Podium Insulated Bottle 

7. SOMA Glass Water Bottle – with protective silicone sleeve

this sleek glass bottle is durable while maintaining its clean aesthetic
Image credit: Supawell

If you’re one for aesthetics, the SOMA Glass Bottle is your perfect go-to for the ultimate VSCO girl look. Its sleek durable exterior comes with an easy-grip protective sleeve to minimise cracks from accidental slip-of-the-hand instances. The bottle is characterised by its sustainably-made aesthetic bamboo cap.

Capacity: 400ML

Price: $42.10
Get the SOMA Glass Bottle

8. HydroFlask Insulated Water Bottle – with handle & straw lids 

the hydroflask is a reliable and durable bottle that has interchangeable lids to match every needImage credit: @hydroflask

The HydroFlask Insulated Water Bottle utilises unique insulation tech that eliminates condensation and keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours, or hot up to 12 hours. 

The large handle makes it easy to tote around, and it has a durable powder coated surface to reduce scratches and dents. Known for its wide customisation options, the bottle is available in 3 different capacities and colours, and even has an interchangeable coffee lid for coffee enthusiasts.

Capacity: 532ML, 946ML or 1182ML

Price: From $16.90
Get the HydroFlask Insulated Water Bottle

9. Nalgene 500ML BPA-Free Bottle – affordable and easy to clean 

this nalgene bottle comes in many colours and capacities, perfect for every individual with different needsImage credit: @nalgene

The Nalgene 500ML BPA-Free Bottle is a crowd favourite, due to its affordability and its wide-mouth design that makes cleaning extremely convenient and hassle-free. Known and trusted for its durability, the Nalgene bottle is available in a wide variety of colours and capacities. 

With sizes ranging from 473ML to 2L, it even has glow-in-the-dark options for those who go for the occasional night workouts.

Capacity: 500ML

Price: From $19.90
Get the Nalgene 500ML BPA-Free Bottle

10. Nike Hyperfuel sports water bottle – leak-proof spray nozzle 

this OG nike squirt bottle helps you get quick hydration on the run
Image credit: Asos

90’s kids will remember the iconic Nike bottles of the day – squeezable spray bottles that served as both status symbols and impromptu squirt guns to prank our friends. Sporting several improvements from the OG bottle, the Nike Hyperfuel Sports Water Bottle is still one to consider for your hydration needs.

With an easy squeeze design to take a quick sip on the move, it also has a fast-flowing and leak-proof valve so you can quench your thirst in a jiffy without any spillages.

Capacity: 710ML

Price: $20
Get the Nike Hyperfuel Sports Water Bottle

Bonus: DIY Paw Patrol Bottle Kit – with straw and neck sling for kids

this kid-friendly bottle is leak-proof and durable to prevent spillages and cracksImage credit: Kidztime

With a selection of cute cartoon stickers for personal customisation, the DIY Paw Patrol Bottle Kit is a great option for your young ones. It comes with a removable neck sling so your kiddo can carry it easily, while its mouth is incorporated with a straw for easy drinking. 

Made of durable thermoplastic material, the bottle gives parents peace of mind as they won’t have to worry about their kids damaging the bottle or making a mess.

Capacity: 550ML

Price: $9.90
Get the DIY Paw Patrol Bottle Kit

Functionally-designed water bottles in Singapore

From smart water bottles that remind you to hydrate to foldable ones that save space, water bottles can be sleek and highly useful gadgets that do much more than simply storing water. 

These best water bottles in Singapore tick all the boxes when it comes to durability and reliability, yet come with no compromises on aesthetics – letting you hydrate in style.

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Cover image adapted from: LARQ, Bike24 and Amazon

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