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Best weighing scales in Singapore

7 Best Weighing Scales In Singapore To Accurately Measure Your Weight & Body Fat

Best weighing scales in Singapore

Whether you’re on a journey to lose weight, bulk up or simply keep fit, having a nifty weighing scale at home allows you to track your progress daily. 

To accurately measure your weight and body fat, here are the 7 best weighing scales in Singapore including smart ones with mobile apps and good ol’ analogue options too. 

1. Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale – monitors 13 stats via app

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale Image credit: Xiaomist 

Weight gain isn’t always a bad thing – especially if you’re working out and gaining muscle mass. 

Using a sensor that detects the electrical resistance of your body, the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale is able to not just measure your body weight, but 13 other data points such as your body fat percentage, visceral fat and body age estimation. These are presented on easy-to-read graphs within the Mi Fit app (iOS, Android).

While not all body fats are bad, visceral fat, which are fats stored around important internal organs like your liver, increases your risk to health problems like stroke and diabetes. Beyond just knowing your weight, getting a glimpse of details like this can help you understand your health better. 

Weight capacity: 150KG
Price: $29.90

Get the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

2. Huawei body fat scale – recognises up to 10 users

Huawei body fat scaleImage credit: Desert cart

Smart scales are an invaluable tool for monitoring our health, but you’re sharing it with multiple people, it’s only natural you’d want to ensure your data isn’t mixed up with someone else’s. The Huawei body fat scale solves that by tracking up to 10 users, which is more than enough for the average Singaporean family. 

What’s more, this nifty scale displays your weight and body fat percentage on the screen itself. But for a comprehensive health report, you can sync it with the Huawei body fat scale app (iOS, Android) to obtain more stats such as your muscle mass, body water percentage, and BMI.

Huawei body fat scale AppYou can set your weight goals on the app and use the progress bar to stay motivated.
Image credit: Apple

Weight capacity: 150KG
Price: $34.80

Get the Huawei body fat scale

3. Fitbit Aria Air smart scale – track trends with in-app charts

 Fitbit Aria Air smart weighing scaleImage credit: HGCmore

Fitbit is a health tracking tool that’s been widely used in Singapore – even in conjunction with the National Steps Challenge. The Fitbit Aria Air Smart scale works with other Fitbit products, such as the Fitbit app (iOS, Android) by matching activity and weight trends, giving you more insight to your exercise regime.

Apart from tracking your workouts, the app also allows you to log food and water intake daily. Taking into account all activity, it then generates charts and graphs to allow you to track your weight trends at a glance. 

You can take this up a notch with Fitbit Premium ($9.99/month with 90 day free trial), which gives you personalised insights and guidance according to your stats. You can also get a free Fitbit tracker by enrolling in the Live Healthy SG initiative and commit to a 1 year Fitbit Premium subscription.

Weight capacity: 180KG
Price: $58

Get the Fitbit Aria Air smart scale

4. Beurer glass scale – anti-slip surface


Beurer glass weighing scaleImage credit: Harvey Norman

The recommended time for regular weigh-ins is after you visit the bathroom each morning. If you keep your weighing scale in the bathroom, the Beurer glass scale comes in handy as it has an anti-slip silicone surface.  

It is also ideal for the elderly by offering sure footing and prevents any potential slippage, while its large 30MM digital readout ensures you’ll never have to squint to see that number.  

Weight capacity: 180KG
Price: $52.80

Get the Beurer glass scale

5. iScale digital body weighing scale – rechargeable battery

IScale USB charging weighing scaleImage credit: Shopee

At a bargain basement price of $11.90, the iScale digital body weighing scale has a 4.9-star rating on Shopee with thousands sold. Notably, its USB charging feature removes the need to search for batteries to get it working. It can even display the temperature of the room next to your weight. 

Apart from having 4 colour options including rose gold, its sleek and lightweight design also makes it one of the most space-saving and portable options on this list.

Weight capacity: 180KG
Price: $11.90

Get the iScale digital body weighing scale

6. Omron digital weighing scale – hospital-grade precision

Omron digital weighing scale Image credit: Shopee

One important thing to look out for when buying a weighing scale is accuracy – many scales require you to stand dead centre, and moving around sometimes results in different measurements. The hospital-grade Omron digital weighing scale solves that by using 4 sensors, which ensures that your reading is always precise. 

Its tempered glass surface also makes it easy to clean, and being ultra-slim, it can be easily stored under your bed or dresser. 

Weight capacity: 150KG
Price: $45

Get the Omron digital weighing scale

7. Tanita analog weighing scale – old school reliability

 Tanita analog weighing scaleAlso available in white and yellow
Image credit: Shopee

The Tanita analog weighing scale sports a clean, minimalist design despite its old-school, mechanical insides. 

While digital scales are the norm now, good old analogue weighing scales are still preferred by some as they’re fuss-free to use. For one thing, they don’t require batteries to operate, so that’s one less step required for maintenance. For another, they’re easy to calibrate: simply twist the adjustment wheel to zero before you start using it. 

Weight capacity: 130KG
Price: $28

Get the Tanita analog weighing scale

Getting a weighing scale in Singapore

When it comes to our weight, many may dread putting a scale to it. Yet, measuring it regularly can help you be more aware of small weight gains that often creep in unknowingly – making it easier to stay at the top of your fitness and health. 

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Cover image adapted from: Xiaomist, Huawei, Lazada, Shopee
The products have been ranked in terms of capacity, functions, and price from sources and reviews online.