Mattresses in Singapore

If we had to pick our favourite place in the world, the answer for many of us would be our beds. After all, it’s where we spend most of our time recharging, bingeing on Netflix shows, or just being the ultimate potato

We’re supposed to spend at least 8 hours sleeping each night – sometimes more if we’re lucky, but often less. While that’s many hours spent in dreamland, many of us don’t spend enough time or energy selecting a good bed. So for your next bed purchase, check out this guide on how to pick a mattress in Singapore, to find the perfect one that’ll suit your needs: 

Tips when buying a mattress

Mattresses in Singapore

  • Check for mattress return policies – some retailers like Haylee offer up to 100 days of free trials
  • Read the terms of additional warranty purchase carefully – they usually only cover manufacturing defects
  • Ask about extra fees like transport and delivery before purchase – some vendors charge for things like lifting mattresses up the stairs if it doesn’t fit into the lift
  • Get a mattress protector to protect the bed from stains; especially useful for ladies during Aunt Flo’s monthly visit

Mattress types

Those who’ve never bought a mattress likely have them split into 2 categories in their heads: a) foam b) everything else. But there are several more to choose from including mattresses filled with air and even water! Here are the types of mattress in Singapore you can get:

Memory Foam

Mattresses in Singapore - memory foam

If there’s one type you’ve probably heard of, it’s memory foam. Soft, plush and made with polyurethane that conforms to your body shape, this mattress is the closest thing you’ll get to that childhood dream of sleeping on a cloud.

Fun fact: it was first developed to support NASA astronauts during lift off so you can be sure that this will provide you with the support you need for your back and pressure points.

However, as the material cocoons around you, it also traps heat. Consider customising the bed with a cooling gel on top of the memory foam mattress, an option available at larger retailers like King Koil.

Good for: Soothing “sinking” sensation when you lie down
Lifespan: Up to 10 years
Price: $$$

Latex foam

Latex foam mattress
Image credit:
Room & Board

There are lots of things that can keep us awake at night, including an existential crisis and monsters under our beds. But some things can be fixed with a latex mattress – such as the problem of being awakened at ungodly hours by a bedfellow who tosses and turns.

Good news for light sleepers, latex mattresses have zero motion transfer, so you’ll feel little to no movement on your side of the bed no matter how restless the other person is. It also traps less heat so you’ll be less likely to wake up drenched in sweat.

To top it all off, it’s also an eco-friendly option for those who prefer something a little more au naturel, as it’s typically made of organic materials like rubber tree sap.

However, since it is slightly firmer than memory foam, latex mattresses don’t provide as much support for pressure point relief and weight distribution.

Good for: Those who sweat easily or are easily awakened by movements
Lifespan: 20-25 years
Price: $$-$$$

Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattress
Image credit:
Mattress For All

The OG type of mattress, innerspring is the type your parents likely used back in the day – you may remember jumping on it like a trampoline. 

Made of coil-shaped metal springs, these beds are typically very bouncy, basically a dream-turned-reality for active kiddos. The downside? Motion transfer is often very high so you’ll feel any wave of movement rippling through the bed.

Support is typically decent, but firmness varies across brands and models. If you’re just looking for something fuss-free to crash on, this will be a wallet-friendly option that can easily be purchased from most furniture stores.

Good for: Those on a budget
Lifespan: 7-10 years
Price: $

Pocket coil innerspring mattress

Mattresses in Singapore - Pocket coil innerspring
Image credit:
Boutique Opulence

Essentially an innerspring mattress 2.0, the pocket coil innerspring mattress is an improved version of the former that provides better support for your weight, as there’s better and more consistent firmness throughout the entire bed. 

Also known as “pocketed spring mattresses” or “pocketed innerspring”, its defining trait is its coiled springs that are grouped in clusters called “pockets”, so each part of the bed holds its own in terms of firmness and support. 

Good for: Those who need more back support like older folks suffering from backaches
Lifespan: 7-10 years
Price: $$

Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattress
Memory foam-innerspring Simmons mattress
Image credit: Sleep City

Many spring mattresses sold these days are also hybrid, meaning they come with a layer of another material to add more cushioning and make the bed feel snugger for a good night’s rest. Common combinations include memory foam-innerspring, and latex-innerspring, to give you the best of both worlds.

Good for: Those who want to customise their beds to the perfect firmness
Lifespan: Varies
Price: $$$


Waterbed Singapore
Image credit:
Mattress Review

Instead of the typical foam or innerspring what you’ll get with a waterbed mattress is about 300L-900L of water. You’ll actually be sleeping on water – that’s not something everyone can say they’ve tried!

waterbed singapore
Inside of a water bed
Image credit: Silvano Bedden

Waterbeds are said to conform to your body shape, provide that dreamy sensation of floating on water, and help with health problems like arthritis, backaches and insomnia. 

But like having a pool or bathtub, maintenance for one won’t be easy. You’ll have to call for regular maintenance to avoid having any leaks. Choices are also limited as there is only one retailer – Fantasy Waterbeds – that specialises in this bed type in Singapore.

Good for: A novelty experience
Lifespan: 10-15 years
Price: $$$

Air mattress

Air mattress
Image credit:
Choose Mattress

Unlike the other types of mattresses in this list, air mattresses are more for temporary sleeping arrangements – like when you’ve got guests over and don’t want to just offer the ol’ couch. Great for those living in tight-spaced BTOs, these are a handy option to have tucked away in the storeroom, ready to be inflated whenever it’s needed.

Good for: Use as a temporary guest bed
Lifespan: 6-8 years
Price: $

Size of mattress

Bed frame and mattresses in Singapore follow the European size chart below:

Mattress in Singapore - european chart

If you’re ordering a bed frame or mattress from overseas, like the U.S., make sure to check the dimensions as they tend to follow a different size chart from one we typically use here.

Pro-tip: When planning the design of your bedroom, remember to match the mattress size to the dimensions of the bed – it’s a common blind spot for most new homeowners!

Softness of bed

Softness of bed

Some of us would love to come home and fall right into the embrace of the softest bed possible. Others prefer something a little firmer to bring in a little more support. To pick the perfect mattress for your need, look out for the firmness scale that most mattresses go by, rated from 1 to 10, with 6.5 being the middle ground that would work for most people.

One way to pick is by matching it to the support needed for different sleeping positions: 

  • Soft (3-5): side-sleepers
  • Medium (6-7): back sleepers 
  • Firm (8-9): those who sleep on their tummies

Other things to look out for include your weight – consider getting something firmer for more support if you’re on the heavier side. Personal preference plays a part as well, and if you’re getting a new mattress for granny, remember that older folks tend to require a firmer bed for better support!

Where to buy a mattress in Singapore

On to the actual purchase. Below are the best places to get a mattress in Singapore from pocket-friendly ones, to those that’ll make you feel like a king or queen:

1. Sigmund Home Hybrid Mattress – Breathable cooling foam

sigmund mattress
Image credit: Sigmund Home

Waking up all sweaty and sticky isn’t how you want to start your day. So, for those who sweat easily in humid Singapore, you might want to invest in a mattress that keeps things cool. Sigmund Home’s Hybrid Mattress will do that – it has 3 layers of breathable memory foam inside, heat dissipation technology and is covered with Tencel fabric which feels cooler than cotton.

Aches will also be a thing of the past. Following the shape of your body, this mattress gives extra cushioning around protruding joints. It also comes with pressure relieving technology that’ll prevent you from waking up with a sore back or neck. Those folks who are easily awoken by restless sleeping partners can also be reassured since the Hybrid also absorbs movement. 

Besides, if you’re unsure about spending big bucks on a mattress, don’t worry – it comes with a 120-night sleep trial and 15 years warranty for you to fall back on in case you ever change your mind. 

Price: From $399

Get the Sigmund Home Hybrid Mattress 

2. Origin Mattress – Foam, spring & latex hybrid

Choosing a mattress in Singapore - Best Mattresses in SingaporeImage adapted from: Origin Mattress

Origin Mattress specialises in hybrid mattresses that combine the best attributes across multiple different types. Comprising six different layers in total, you get the comfort of cooling gel memory foam, durability of natural latex, hypoallergenic and anti-fungal tencel protection, plus support from individual pocket springs.

Choosing a mattress in Singapore - Origins Mattress
Image adapted from: Origin Mattress

The combination of different layers and materials provide the hybrid mattresses with motion isolation, ideal for those snoozing with partners who toss and turn. There’s also pressure-relieving technology which is a godsend for those prone to sleeping on a specific side, as it prevents that aching soreness from having too much pressure on certain muscles overnight.

Prices are kept affordable, ranging from $399 to $829 with free same-day delivery. If you want to take their models for a test run, you’d be pleased to know that they offer 120-night free trials.

Price: From $399 for a Single mattress

3. Winter Sleep – 15-year warranty cooling mattress

Another option for those who always seem to wake up in a puddle of sweat is Winter Sleep. Made from 100% natural latex and gel memory foam, this new kid on the block boasts the coldest mattresses in the world. If you perspire easily and like to sleep cool, these mattresses are for you.

best-mattresses-singaporeThe mattress feels cool to touch – up to 8°C cooler than a regular mattress
Image credit: Winter Sleep

On top of an open-cell cooling technology that promotes air circulation, Winter Sleep mattresses also have an added layer of cooling gel to effectively wick away heat while you sleep. Plus, their six layers which were designed by orthopaedics will provide support and prevent you from back pains. 

When you purchase a mattress, you’ll get free delivery and 120 days to decide whether you’d like to keep it. Even when the trial period ends, you still have up to 15 years to repair, replace or get a refund, given there’s no major damage on your mattress. 

Price: From $1,799

4. Haylee – 100-day sleep trial

Mattresses in Singapore - Haylee

A couple of minutes testing out a bed at the store might not be the best indicator for picking a bed that’ll last you the next 10 years or so. If you’re particularly picky with your beds and prefer a test run, Haylee is a purely-online retailer that offers a 100-day sleep trial for the mattress of your choice.

Their mattresses are made of Cool Gel Memory Foam and Aeroflo Foam – which, if you find unsuitable, can be returned to Haylee. If you’re wondering what happens to mattresses people returned, they’ll be inspected and donated to local charities.

Read our full review of Haylee’s mattresses

Price: from $499 for a Single mattress

Other similar online brands to check out are:

  • Noa Sleep: Mattresses made of 7 layers including pocket spring, natural latex and memory foam. From $599 for a Single mattress. 
  • Woosa: Breathable mattresses from Belgium. From $1,199 for a Single mattress.

5. Van Vorst – Affordable luxury mattresses with pocketed coil spring system

van vorst corerhythm
The Van Vorst Corerhythm 351
Image credit: Van Vorst

You don’t have to break the bank just to have a good night’s rest on a comfortable bed. The mattresses from Van Vorst have been designed with over 130 years of experience to ensure that even when you’re snoring, you’re snoozing good.

The mattresses are packed with a pocketed coil spring system that’s meant to relieve your pressure points by contouring to your body and the way you sleep. Their toppers also range from 1” to 3” for added comfort, and these are made from high-quality eco latex and high-density memory foam to mould to your body better. 

Every purchase of a luxury premium Van Vorst mattress comes with a 10-year warranty so you can sleep soundly knowing you’re covered in the event of any mattress nightmares. You can also customise the size of the mattress to suit your bed frame if it doesn’t fit the typical measurements.

If you’re unsure which mattress from Van Vorst is best suited for your sleep, you can visit the Luxury Mattress Gallery to consult with their experts. You’ll also get to see the cross section of mattress at their showroom to find out what lies underneath your soft sheets.

Price: from $1,180 for a single mattress
Van Vorst website

6. Sea Horse – Basic mattresses with foldable options

A well-known brand in Singapore over the past few decades, Sea Horse offers a variety of basic mattresses that fits our everyday needs. 

Their mattresses are priced from an affordable $100 for a single mattress, but their Diamond, Everlasting and Crystal Foam series are worth checking out too. These may be slightly pricier ($300-$600) but they come with better quality.

Mattresses in Singapore - Sea Horse
3-fold design
Image credit: Sea Horse

They’ve also got a Healthy mattress series which seniors might prefer for back support, as well as foldable designs that can be tucked away when not in use, from $44.50.

Price: from ~$100 on Lazada for a Single mattress

7. King Koil – Mid-tier pocket coil innerspring mattresses

Mattresses in Singapore - King Koil
Image credit:
The Mattress Boutique

International brand King Koil has plenty of mattress types to choose from, but the type they’re best known for is their 5-zone pocket coil spring mattress. Unlike other mattresses with uniform springs across the bed, this design comes with specialised contour zones, with areas around the neck and spine made firmer to provide more support.

Other more affordable designs include their Posture Sleep and Spinal Guard mattresses priced around the $400-$600 range. 

Price: from ~$400 for a Single mattress

8. IKEA – Budget-friendly mattresses

Mattresses in Singapore - IKEA

IKEA’s home to our favourite meatballs, minimalist furniture and also, affordable mattresses priced from just double digits. Innerspring mattresses start from $79, while foam mattresses are priced from $99. Even if you splurge on a pocket coil innerspring mattress, that’ll set you back a maximum of $1,099.

One thing to note though: IKEA’s mattresses are slightly longer than the standard European size chart which is great for taller folks out there. But while the mattresses might fit into IKEA-purchased bed frames, they may not fit bed frames purchased elsewhere. 

Price: from $79 for a Single mattress

9. European Bedding – Customisable mattresses

Mattresses in Singapore - European Bedding

If you prefer a soft bed but your S/O can only sleep well on something firmer, European Bedding has all-natural latex customisable mattresses. This means you can adjust the softness on either side of the bed so no one has to compromise their individual comfort. 

Plus, if you fancy an unconventionally-shaped bed, they also offer the option to tailor-make your bed into any shape or size to create your dream bedroom.

Read our full guide to the customisable options at European Bedding.

Price: from $3,488 for a Queen mattress

10. Simmons – Luxury beds used by high-end hotels

Image credit:

If you’re the type who cannonballs onto the bed the moment you enter any hotel room, consider investing in a bed from Simmons. Known for their luxurious pocket coil innerspring mattresses, Simmons’ slumber pads can be found in high-end hotels like Conrad Centennial Singapore, W Singapore, and in Resorts World Sentosa.

Popular models include the Beautyrest series that comes with cooling pads and reduced motion transfer, and the BackCare series that has got your back – literally – with improved spinal support.

Price: from $1,060 for a Single mattress

When To Change Your Mattress

Aside from tracking the number of years left for your mattress type, one way to know it’s time to change is if you’ve been getting constant body aches not related to external factors like long hours at work or a recent workout attempt.

Also, do regular checks to see if your mattress has lost its springiness and elasticity – if you’ve got indented “craters” where your bum or upper back tend to go, that’s another indicator that it’s time to go mattress shopping.

Pro-tip: To make your mattress last longer, flip or rotate it 3 times a year to avoid compressing only specific parts of the mattress.

Guide to mattresses in Singapore

A bed might seem like the simplest thing to buy, until you actually have to purchase one for yourself. Now, you’ve got all the tips you need to select the best mattress to use for the next decade or so!

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