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Haylee Mattress Is Offering 100-Day Trials For You To Make A Purchase With #NoRagrets

Haylee Mattress’ 100-day trial 


haylee mattress singapore free 2 hour delivery

If there’s one thing you have to invest in, it’s got to be your bed. The average Singaporean spends 7 hours on it every day after all, and more if we had our way. The last thing you want is for your back to start aching while you commence your Saturday afternoon plans of nua-ing in peace. 

Simply put, the 5 minutes you spend trying out a mattress in a store will not be a good enough gauge as to whether it’s truly comfortable to sleep in for hours. That’s where Haylee mattresses come in with their 100-day trial + 100% free delivery to let you test out the mattress before you buy it. 


Trying out the Haylee Mattress


When I plopped down on the mattress, there was an initial light bounce to it, before I sunk into the cushiony foam. It wasn’t too soft in a way that made my back curve and ache from a lack of support, neither was it too firm that I felt an uncomfortable gap between my shoulders and hips. 

haylee mattress singapore foam layer

Haylee mattresses are made with an ideal 6/10 firmness that conforms to your body contours

An annoying problem I face when sleeping is that it gets stuffy under the covers when I use a blanket, but without a blanket it’s too cold. And so begins the hourly transition between sheets on and sheets off. 

haylee mattress singapore

Haylee mattresses that are designed in Singapore however, get how unforgiving the weather can be, even at night. They’re tailored to deal with the humidity and are made with extra layers of Cool Gel Memory Foam and Aeroflo Foam which reduce the mattress temperature so you’ll always be warm, but not to the point where you feel stuffy and your back begins to sweat. 

haylee mattress singapore foam layer


Haylee’s 100-day return policy


It’s not everyday you get a generous 100-day trial for any product you buy – a mattress to say the least. Haylee’s return policy promises a full refund if you return it before the 100 days are up, so you can take your time to decide if the mattress suits you. Plus, all delivery and return charges are borne by Haylee.

haylee mattress singapore return policy

They accept returns of mattresses in all conditions – be it torn or stained – with no questions asked. These mattresses are then donated to local charities after an inspection, so you’re sure to be sold brand new mattresses with no defects. 


2-hour delivery period, free-of-charge 


haylee mattress singapore delivery

Haylee ships free-of-charge as early as 2 hours, and their mattresses come with a 10 year warranty

The mattress came delivered in a box so compact, I doubted if a queen-size bed would be able to fit in it. But fit it did – Haylee mattresses are conveniently vacuum-packed so you won’t have to deal with bulky boxes in your home. 

For couples looking to move into your new BTO soon, this’ll definitely save you some space. The unboxing process is really simple too: 


Sleep tight with Haylee mattresses


haylee mattress singapore

If you’re not a big fan of the “new” scent, rest assured that it’ll be gone within a week

There’s no feeling like sinking into a fluffy bed after a long day out. Plus, there’s no need to feel guilty for indulging in your rest, since Haylee mattresses are priced affordably without scrimping on quality. So if you’re looking for a fuss-free option of buying a new mattress, or craving a convenient upgrade, this is a practical deal that’ll give you plenty of time to sleep on it. 

Haylee mattresses
Single: $499
Super Single: $579
Queen: $699
King: $849

PS: They are also having a storewide $100 discount on all mattress sizes.

Find out more about Haylee mattresses here!

This post was brought to you by Haylee.