Upcoming Netflix shows and movies in Singapore

Netflix has been our trusty companion throughout 2020, providing much-needed respite from the hectic madness this turbulent year wrought in Singapore. And with a whole slew of new titles as well as long-awaited sequels set to buffer their catalogue in 2021, we’ve got even more binge-worthy content to look forward to as we usher in the new year.

From thrilling season finales to innovative Netflix originals, browse through these 32 upcoming Netflix shows and movies to watch in Singapore and you might stumble upon a few additions to your list of faves.

– TV Series –

1. The Witcher | Season 2

the witcher netflix singapore
Image credit: Netflix

It felt like forever ago when we saw Henry Cavill slay whatever it was in that swamp as the brooding Geralt of Rivia. Come December, we’ll get to see The Witcher again in the second season of the Netflix exclusive series.

From the trailer, you can expect more monsters, fighting, a well and alive Yennefer. Oh, and the bard Jaskier is back too.

No. of episodes: 8
Release date: 17th December 2021

2. Emily in Paris | Season 2

emily in paris season 2
Image credit: Netflix

To no one’s surprise, Emily is still in Paris. Hopefully, she’s picked up better French and is more well-versed in the local Parisian culture, but that’s not why we’re invested in this comedy series. A.k.a. the love triangle between Emily, the hot chef Gabriel, and her B.F.F. Camille. We can’t wait to see what shenanigans the trio gets embroiled in for the second season of Emily in Paris.

No. of episodes: 10
Release date: 22nd December 2021

3. Lost In Space | Season 3

lost in space season 3 netflix
Danger, Will Robinson.”
Image credit: Netflix

Good sci-fi shows are few and far between, so we can’t help but feel sad that the third season of Lost In Space is also its last. If it sounds familiar, that’s because this is a modern reboot of the original series from the 1960s. 

Here’s a quick recap for those who aren’t familiar with the premise: The Robinson family crash-landed on an alien planet in a galaxy far away. With not many resources except for one alien robot that they affectionately call “Robot,” they have to find their way back to their colony ship or they’ll, well, die.

No. of episodes: 10
Release date: 1st December 2021

Watch Lost in Space on Netflix

4. Dynasty | Season 4


The rich, dysfunctional Carrington family is back for the fourth season of Dynasty, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what shenanigans they get up to this time. Will Fallon and Liam finally get their fairytale wedding? What kind of dirt will Anders dig up about Adam and his past? Is the war between Blake and Alexis finally going nuclear?

No. of episodes: 22

Watch Dynasty on Netflix

5. Arcane


Image credit: Netflix

It’s crazy how Riot Games has expanded from being a game developer to a multi-faceted brand with pop stars and a TV show, but here we are. Enter Arcane, a dive into the tensions between the cities of Piltover and Zaun. Fans of League of Legends champions Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Viktor, and Jayce can expect to see them brought to life at long last.

No. of episodes: 9
Release date: 6th November 2021

6. Riverdale | Season 6

Riverdale Season 6 Trailer (HD) ft. Sabrina
play button
Riverdale Season 6 Trailer (HD) ft. Sabrina


Riverdale is switching things up for its sixth season. The first five episodes will involve the one Sabrina Spellman visiting the town for a special “Rivervale” event that’s set to make the show more horror than trashy. One could only hope.

No. of episodes: N/A
Release date: 17th November 2021

7. Tiger King | Season 2

tiger king joe exotic
Image credit: Netflix

You can’t get rid of the tiger king Joe Exotic. The documentary that had so many of us hooked is back for another season of murder and mayhem. Only this time, Joe is behind bars and his nemesis Carole Baskin is about to get the keys to his notorious zoo.

No. of episode: 5
Release date: 17th November 2021

Watch the trailer for Tiger King Season 2 here.

8. Money Heist | Part 5 Volume 2


We’ve followed the Money Heist squad through hell and back, and the era of The Professor and his motley crew are coming to an end in the final volume of the series. We left off the first part of the volume with a war brewing within the walls of the Bank of Spain and Tokyo bidding her team adieu in one final act of sacrifice.

It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that the final episodes of one of the most riveting Netflix shows are drawing near. Expect bloodshed, tears, and a lot of screaming.

No. of episodes: 5
Release date: 3rd December 2021

9. Lucifer | Season 6

lucifer netflix singapore
Image credit: Netflix

After last season’s epic battle involving the angels of the Silver City, demons, and L.A’s finest, Lucifer is now figuring out how to settle into his new role as “God”. We can’t reveal too much, but as usual, some juicy family issues catch up to everyone’s favourite ex-devil in the final season of Lucifer.

No. of episodes: 10
Release date: 6th September 2021

10. Squid Game

squid game netflix singapore
Image credit: Netflix

What happens when you take the Japanese thriller Battle Royale and throw in some of Saw’s perverse games? That’s what Squid Game is all about, and the newest K-drama to hit Netflix has got everyone talking. 

The game show has rounded up a couple of hundred people in major debt for a chance to win S$52 million. But there’s a twist: When a loser gets eliminated, they get eliminated from the game of life. We’re not going to spoil too much of the games, but just be prepared to be heartbroken, frustrated, and traumatised at the nihilism of Squid Game. 

If you want to ruin your childhood, check out our article envisioning how Singapore’s edition of the “Sotong Games” would be like.

No. of episodes: 9
Release date: 17th September 2021

11. Sex Education | Season 3

sex education netflix singapore
Image credit: Netflix

The last season of Sex Education ended on some major cliffhangers (hello, are Maeve and Otis ever going to get together?!), so Season 3 has been a long time coming.

With a new term, new headteacher, and new problems for Moordale to deal with, the third season will have you laughing, sobbing, and screaming at your screen all at once. And yes, you will binge, so don’t resist.

No. of episodes: 8
Release date: 17th September 2021

12. You | Season 3

you netflix singapore shows
Image credit: Netflix

Joe and Love are back for the third season of You. This time they’re trapped in suburbia with privileged entrepreneurs and judgy bloggers, and they have to live out their blissful marriage with a baby in tow. We have so many questions that we can’t wait to have answered: Who is Joe going to creep on next? What will Love do for her baby? Will they live happily ever after?

No. of episodes: 10
Release date: 15th October 2021

13. Castlevania | Season 4

castlevania season 4
Image credit: Netflix

After four seasons, Netflix’s first original anime series Castlevania has finally come to a close, and no corner of Wallachia is safe in the aftermath of Dracula’s death. Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard have to fend off threats from all corners, whether it be warring vampire factions or an alchemist just seeking to reunite with a lost love.

No. of episodes: 10
Release date: 13th May 2021

14. Shadow & Bone | Season 1

shadow & bone netflix singapore 2021
Image credit: Netflix

The hotly anticipated Grishaverse comes to life in Shadow and Bone – a fantasy series that’s based off the bestselling books ‘Shadow and Bone’ and ‘Six of Crows’ by Leigh Bardugo.

The show follows the tale of soldier Alina Starkov as she discovers her abilities as the fabled Sun Summoner who was prophesied to destroy “The Fold”, a swath of darkness that split the nation of Ravka into two. At just eight episodes, it’s a short weekend watch that leaves you wanting more.

No. of episodes: 8
Release date: 23rd April 2021

15. Master of None | Season 3

master of none
Image credit: Netflix

The third season of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None takes a different turn with a shorter season and a focus on the couple Denise and Alicia’s journey towards fertility instead of Ansari’s character Dev. Their lives, simultaneously ordinary and exciting, are so riveting because it all seems so authentic whether it be marriage woes or fertility issues.

No. of episodes: 5
Release date: 23rd May 2021

16. Love, Death & Robots | Season 2

love death and robots netflix singapore 2021
Image credit: Netflix

Love, Death & Robots is what you get when you give Black Mirror an animated treatment. The anthology series has finally found what works for its second season which means less episodes but with higher quality. From the Wall-E-esque episode Automated Customer Service to the morbidly dystopian Pop Squad, the series is easily bingeable in one sitting.

No. of episodes: 8
Release date: 14th May 2021

17. Pacific Rim: The Black

pacific rim the black
Image credit: Netflix

There can never be too many Kaiju in the world, and Pacific Rim: The Black brings back the hostile beasts, this time to the Australian outback. Teenage siblings Taylor and Hayley are together against the world with a barely-functioning training Jaeger while fending off huge Kaiju and other survivors threatening to seize their jaeger for themselves.

No. of episodes: 7
Release date: 4th March 2021

18. Dota: Dragon’s Blood

dota dragon's blood netflix singapore 2021
Image credit: Netflix

You don’t have to be a fan of the video game to appreciate the world-building in Dota: Dragon’s Blood. The short anime series follows Davion, a dragon knight finding a solution to exorcising an elder dragon that possessed him. Joining his journey is his squire Bram and the exiled princess Mirana.

But this journey is obviously not a smooth one, as throughout they have to fend off the demon Terrorblade who is on a mission to slaughter all the dragons and reshape the universe. Yikes.

No. of episodes: 8
Release date: 25th March 2021

19. Vincenzo

vincenzo netflix singapore 2021
Image credit: Netflix

K-dramas meet the Italian mafia in Vincenzo, a gripping series where lawyer Song Joong-Ki – also known as Vincenzo Cassano – goes on a David-versus-Goliath campaign against real estate conglomerate Babel Group to save Geumga Plaza. Expect a well-paced story across the 20 binge-worthy episodes and more twists than a pretzel.

No. of episodes: 20
Release date: 20th February 2021

20. Cobra Kai | Season 3

third season of cobra kaiImage credit: IMDB

Back in the day, your parents might have shown you the 1980s cult movie The Karate Kid – the classic and not the new Jackie Chan one – featuring the eccentric Mr Miyagi. Well, that sleeper hit of a movie transformed the pop culture karate scene and birthed the currently airing Cobra Kai.

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Now on its third season, Cobra Kai is set 34 years after the first film’s events, and showcases the never-ending rivalry and misfits that occur between two separate karate dojos and their students. 

No. of episodes: 10
Release date: 8th January 2021

21. The Uncanny Counter

the uncanny counter now airing on netflixImage credit: Netflix

If you’re looking to steer away from the typical lovey-dovey K-dramas, you’ll find The Uncanny Counter to be a breath of fresh air. In a world ridden with murderous spirits on a quest to achieve immortality, demon hunters called Counters are called upon to rid the wretched fiends from the Earth. Be prepared to be wowed by action-packed sequences as the show unravels the slayers’ abilities.

No. of episodes: 16
Release date: Currently airing, new episodes releasing in December 2020 & January 2021.

22. Fate: The Winx Saga

stars of fate: the winx sagaImage credit: Netflix

Winx Club fans will squeal with joy upon catching their childhood OTP Bloom and Sky in the flesh in Fate: The Winx Saga. Based on the OG series that aired on Nickelodeon and Kids Central/Okto back in the early 2000s, expect to relive some major nostalgia when your fave fairies appear on screen.

Fun fact: The creator of the Winx Club series, Iginio Straffi, promises that the show will be “edgier and darker” than its cartoon predecessor, so expect the main fairy quintet to undergo deeper trials and tribulations in this live-action adaptation.

No. of episodes: 6
Release date: 22nd January 2021

23. The Silent Sea

the silent sea's star-studded cast
Image credit: @doonabae

If nothing beats seeing well-known oppas and unnies in your favourite K-drama, you’ll enjoy the star-studded series The Silent Sea. Kingdom’s Bae Doona, Train to Busan’s Gong Yoo and K-pop star Lee Joon team up in this series, and it’s not your run-of-the-mill sappy love drama either.

Instead, the trio are thrown into a desertified Earth and are tasked to retrieve an unknown sample from a lunar research facility. As the team carries out their mission, they uncover the truth behind a previous accident that happened on the moon and realise that their lives are at stake.

No. of episodes: 8
Release date: TBA

24. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Part 4

fourth and final season of chilling adventures of sabrinaImage credit: IMDb

Fans of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina can prepare to be spellbound by the fourth and final part of the wizarding series. 

Following the escapades of the witch-mortal Sabrina Spellman, the final eight episodes unleash the world-destroying Eldritch Terrors into the witches’ world – a bunch of ancient adversaries which the witches need to fend off to save their world from destruction.

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With the first three parts filled with time-related mania and lots of character development, now’s the best time to stream the existing seasons so you’re all caught up with the mystical jargon before the finale drops.

No. of episodes: 8
Release date: 31st December 2020

25. History of Swear Words

nicolas cage stars in history of swear wordsImage credit: Netflix

Gone are the days where expletives were taboo and severely frowned upon – we’re now living in an era where WAP is gospel and many teens let rip an F-bomb every sentence or two. In these irreverent times we live in, Nicolas Cage goes a step further to help us understand the origins of these profanities in History of Swear Words.

Though the show probably won’t dissuade us from using these taboo words, we can at least ramp up our knowledge on the vulgarities that have become part and parcel of our daily lives.

No. of episodes: TBA
Release date: 5th January 2021

26. Death To 2020

mockumentary poster for death to 2020Image credit: What’s on Netflix

While there wasn’t a mind-boggling sixth season of Black Mirror this year, its creators Annabel Jones and Charlie Brooker have been hard at work coming up with Death To 2020. With a star-studded cast including Samuel L. Jackson, Kumail Nanjiani and Lisa Kudrow among others, the mockumentary gives us a cynical recap on this tumultuous year marred by COVID-19.

 No. of episodes: 1
Release date: Late December 2020/Early January 2021

  • Attack on Titan | Season 5 – Currently airing till February 2021
  • Equinox 30 December 2020
  • Transformers: War for Cybertron: Earthrise – 30th December 2020
  • Lupin – 8th January 2021

– Movies –

27. Red Notice

red notice netflix movie singapore
Image credit: Netflix

Red Notice is the highest level of a warrant that can be issued by Interpol. But it’s also the premise of this new Netflix film that has Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds running around the world in a cat-and-mouse game with Gal Gadot.

Runtime: 118 minutes
Release date: 12th November 2021

Watch the trailer for Red Notice here.

28. Army of Thieves

army of thieves netflix movie singapore
Image credit: Stanislav Honzik/Netflix

Before the Army of the Dead stormed Las Vegas, safecracker Ludwig Dieter was stuck in a boring 9-to-5 as a bank teller. But his expertise with a trio of legendary locks earned him a spot on a heist squad and his own movie.

Runtime: 127 minutes
Release date: 29th October 2021

Watch Army of Thieves on Netflix

29. Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy

crack: cocaine, corruption and conspiracy stillImage credit: Netflix

Not so fun fact: If you’re trafficking just 30G of cocaine into Singapore borders, you’ll only be given a single penalty – the death penalty, that is. The severe punishment for smuggling drugs is justified in Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy, as the film intricately details how America’s cocaine epidemic in the 1980s wreaked havoc on families, communities and politics.

Runtime: 89 minutes
Release date: 11th January 2021

30. Pieces of a Woman

pieces of a woman stars vanessa kirby and shia labeoufVanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf star as the leading couple in Pieces of a Woman
Image credit: Netflix

After a home birth goes awry, a devastated Martha – played by Vanessa Kirby – grapples with the traumatising aftereffects and emotional familial fallouts in Pieces of a Woman. Playing her on-screen partner, Sean, is Shia LaBeouf, who’s relinquished his boyish role in the Transformers franchise to play an emotionally explosive husband in this film.

Fun fact: Kirby’s acting also clinched her the Best Actress award in the 2020 Venice International Film Festival – a true testament to her stellar portrayal of a grieving wife.

Runtime: 128 minutes
Release date: 7th January 2021

31. Outside the Wire

outside the wire movie frameImage credit: IMDB

Futuristic action takes centre stage in Outside the Wire – a movie where the worlds of cyborgs and humans collide. In a bid to deactivate a nuclear device, a human drone pilot and an amped-up android soldier enter a militarised zone filled with robots to prevent doomsday from happening.

Starring Anthony Mackie who plays the Falcon – and now Captain America – in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’re in for a bout of kickass droid warfare in this Netflix original.

Runtime: 115 minutes
Release date: 15th January 2021

32. Love & Monsters

love and monsters netflix singapore 2021Image credit: Netflix

Seven years after the Monsterpocalypse, the timid Joel suddenly finds courage to reunite with his high school sweetheart Aimee in Love & Monsters, a movie about – surprise! – love and monsters. But the 85 mile journey is riddled with monsters straight out of your nightmares hunting him and his dog he calls Boy.

The epic display of bravado coupled with the charisma and energy from Dylan O’Brien makes this a fun flick to watch on a weekend evening with bae by your side.

Runtime: 109 minutes
Release date: 14th April 2021

Keep an eye out for these other films set to make an appearance on Netflix:

  • The Rope Curse 2 – 30th December 2020
  • The Grinch – 1st January 2021
  • Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie – 15th January 2021
  • The White Tiger – 22nd January 2021

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