Washing machines in Singapore

When it comes to getting a washing machine, many of us don’t give much thought beyond its price and capacity. But with each purchase sticking around for 10 years on average, it’s important to pick one that fits not just your current needs, but your future ones as well.

If you’re getting one for the first time, here’s our all-in guide on how to pick the perfect washing machine for your home, from the different types to the best options available on the market.

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Front load vs top load washing machines

The first dilemma new homeowners will probably face is: top load or front load? As much as we’ll love a straightforward answer to which trumps the other, it really boils down to finding the machine that suits your household needs. To find out the pros and cons of each, keep reading:

Top load – cheaper and larger capacity

Washing Machine In Singapore - Top load
Image adapted from:
Clean Mama

Typically larger in capacity, top load washing machines are a popular choice among larger families. These can wash a larger load of up to 12KG at one go, allowing you to stuff in everything you need and have everything cleaned in one cycle. Larger items like duvets, curtains and stuffed toys can also fit in without a hitch. 

Those on a tight budget might be glad to know that while larger in capacity, top load machines still tend to be a few hundred dollars cheaper than their front-load counterparts. 

Other perks include a faster and shorter spin cycle and the added flexibility to add clothes in halfway through a cycle. The downsides? It uses up more water and electricity, takes up more space and tends to be less gentle on your fabrics.

Good for: Larger households or those on a tight budget

Front load – more water and energy efficient, saves space

Washing Machine In Singapore - font-load
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Review Loft

Front load machines might be more commonly associated with laundromats and hostels as compared to households, but they are just as suitable for homes too! Having a front load drum is more space-saving as it can be hidden under a counter, or have other things stacked above them – perfect for tight-spaced BTOs.

front load washing machine with dryer
Washing machine and dryer stack
Image credit: Home Depot

For instance, if you’re planning on getting both a washer and dryer, a front load machine would be the better choice as you can stack them as a space-saving hack

You’ll also be saving both the environment and your monthly bills with this design as it uses less electricity and water, by making use of gravity to swoosh the clothes around in the drum.

Other perks include a quieter wash cycle, as well as a gentler wash for your clothes. 

However, some cons to consider are that these generally have a smaller capacity and can be hard to access for seniors with difficulty bending down.  

Good for: Eco-conscious individuals and those living in a tight space

Water efficiency

Water efficiency rating PUB
Image credit: Kezia Tan

A PUB water efficiency rating is compulsory for all washing machines sold in Singapore, and you can often find the unmissable large sticker pasted at the front of each machine. A rating of four ticks will be the best choice, but these machines also tend to be pricier. 

Below are the differences in water efficiency between the different ratings:

Washing Machine In Singapore - PUB water rating and wash volumeInformation from: PUB WELS Guidebook

We’d recommend investing in one with at least three ticks to save twice the amount of water, compared to a cheaper one with 2 ticks.


Washing Machine In Singapore - capacity to get
Information adapted from
The Good Guys

Washing machine capacities typically range from 6KG – 12KG and the one you pick can be decided based on the number of people living in your household.

For an average household of four, you should be looking at a 7KG-8.5KG range. But on top of just the number of people, here are some of the other things to consider before narrowing down your machine capacity:

  • Lifestyle: how often do you change your clothes, bedsheets and towels?
  • Age: households with kids and elderly might require more frequent washes for hygiene reasons
  • Gender: ladies, it’s true that we generally have more laundry
  • Others: e.g. preference for washing colours separately will give you a smaller wash load each round

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Best washing machines in Singapore

On to the actual purchase – below are some of the best washing machines to consider according to online reviews. They’re also sorted according to type, capacity and PUB water efficiency rating.

1. SHARP Top Load Washing Machine – no-holes tub 

SHARP Top Load Washing Machine
The Sharp Top Load Washing Machine has a sleek black design
Image credit: Mega Discount Store

Most washing machine drums require cleaning as they’ve got holes that accumulate mould over time – not SHARP’s Top Load Washing Machine though. 

Skipping out on the hole-filled drums that other machines use, this design uses flat-surfaced drums instead to reduce the chance of grimey mould forming in the tub. To top it off, it also saves up to 30% more water as compared to its fellow top-load counterparts.

Price: from $699 on Courts
Type: Top load
Capacity: 10KG
Water efficiency rating: 3 ticks
Model number: ES-W100DS-H

2. Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine – gets rid of allergens and bacteria

Panasonic Econavi
Image credit:
Mohammad G via Lazada

To take cleaning to a whole new level, the Panasonic NA-V10FX2LSG front loading washing machine doesn’t just remove dirt, stains and grime. 99.99% of bacteria and germs are also eliminated with two cleansing modes: one fills the tub with piping hot 90°C water, and another sterilises your clothes with UV light and silver ions.

This washer is also known to be quieter than other machines, with an inverter that both reduces noise and saves energy.

Price: $1,199 on Lazada
Type: Front load
Capacity: 10KG
Water efficiency rating: 4 ticks
Model number: NAV10FX2LSG

3. Midea Top Load Washing Machine – affordable option at less than $300

Midea Top Load Washing Machine
Image credit:
Midea via Lazada

Priced at an affordable $249, the Midea Top Load Washing Machine is a basic option for those looking for something fuss-free. Even without a long list of fancy features, it still garners lots of positive reviews online, a testament to how a decent washing machine doesn’t have to cost a bomb.

It’s pretty easy to use as well, with a one-touch function that’ll intelligently select the water level and wash cycles needed so you won’t have to make an arbitrary guess.

Price: $249 on Lazada
Type: Top load
Capacity: 7KG
PUB water efficiency rating: 3 ticks
Model number: MT740S

4. Samsung Wobble Top Load Washing Machine – saves energy by up to 40% 

samsung washing machine
Image credit: Samsung

Samsung is no stranger to the washing machine game, offering one of the largest ranges of washers in Singapore. For those who are looking for something sturdy and efficient, consider the Samsung Wobble Top Load Washing Machine.

The machine uses a digital inverter with a planetary gear system to reduce friction in the motor, saving up to 40% of energy and amping its power more than five times a conventional inverter. 

Price: $649 on Lazada
Type: Top load
Capacity: 10KG
Water efficiency rating: 3 ticks
Model number: WA10T5360BV

5. LG Washer Dryer TWINWash – dual-washer + dryer for families

LG Washer Dryer TWINWash
Image credit:
LG Newsroom

At $3,499, the LG Washer Dryer TWINWash is one of the more expensive options out there but it also comes with plenty of useful functions that justifies that price tag.

For one, it’s the first of its kind, comprising 2 washing compartments within the same machine. These can run separately to clean a grand total of 21KG of laundry – perfect for large families with loads of clothes to deal with. 

LG Washer Dryer TWINWash
The second washer is a top-load machine that can be accessed like a drawer
Video credit: LG Electronics Philippines

The front-load main washer holds its own with a capacity of 12KG and doubles up as a dryer. But to back it up, the machine also has a second washer below the main washer, made for gentler cleansing of delicates like intimates and babywear.

Other nifty functions include a steam wash that eases your ironing chores by reducing wrinkles, and an AllergyCare mode that eliminates viruses and bacteria. 

Price: $3,499 on Courts
Type: Front load & top load
Capacity: 21KG for washer | 12KG for dryer
Water efficiency rating: 4 ticks
Model number: F2721HTWV

6. Bosch’s Serie 4 – anti-vibration walls for a quiet was

bosch serie 4 washing machine
Image credit:

For a quiet wash without a cacophony of whirling and rattling, Bosch Serie 4’s front load washing machine has anti-vibration walls to dampen the rapidly-spinning drums. 

If you need clean clothes in a jiffy, they’ve also got a SpeedPerfect mode to get your dirty laundry freshened up 65% more quickly than the usual cycle. Plus, their motors are known to be efficient across their washing machine designs, so you’ll be looking at saved energy as well.

Price: From $839 on Lazada (U.P. $999)
Type: Front load
Capacity: 8KG
Water efficiency rating: 3 ticks
Model number: WAJ20180SG

Guide to buying a washing machine in Singapore

Doing laundry certainly is a chore, but it can be made much easier when you’ve got the right tool for the job. Whether you’re narrowing down your first purchase, or are simply looking to replace an old machine, you’re now equipped with everything you need to know from the different types of machines to the best buys in Singapore.

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Recommended machines are selected based on online reviews.
Cover image adapted from: Clean Mama, LG
Originally published on 11th August 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 9th June 2021.

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