Best ceiling fans in Singapore

While it’s hard to beat the frigid blasts of air conditioning in the sweltering heat of Singapore, ceiling fans are your best bet to stay cool while reining in your electricity bill. But with these appliances bolted permanently to your ceilings, you’ll have to choose wisely for a noise-free, wobble-free and worry-free experience.

For a quiet, low-maintenance, and efficient choice, here are 9 best ceiling fans in Singapore that offer everything from built-in lights, Scandinavian aesthetics and smart home compatibility:

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1. KDK U48FP – Most powerful airflow

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Whether you’re picking the best ceiling fans for an upgrade or for your new home, it’s hard to miss KDK’s range of super silent and powerful ceiling fans. Giving air conditioning units a run for their money, the KDK U48FP ($468)sports a more efficient DC motor and a sculpted blade design for optimised airflow.

To satisfy couch potatoes and lazy bums alike, it also comes with an LCD remote control to set the perfect cooling strength from its 9 fan speeds, along with an in-built LED light. At 48”, this KDK option is known for having a super-strong airflow despite being compact, but a larger 60”, 5-bladed option is available if you live in a larger space.

Price: $468
Installation: From $55 for basic installation
Blade lengths available: 48” and 60”

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2. Haiku L-series – Most suitable for smart homes

ceiling fan in singapore - the Haiku L Series fans are silent and be upgraded with WiFi for smart home use.
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Smart homes are all the rage these days, and this trend seems here to stay. The Haiku L-series ceiling fans come with a convenient remote control, but can also be controlled via a mobile app or a Google Home smart speaker with an add-on WiFi module ($100).

In addition to tweaking fan speeds and timers easily, you can also complement your smart lighting setup by adding warm or cool white LED lights ($70) with 16 adjustable levels of brightness. Haiku also offers fans in stunning bamboo and polished aluminium finishes, but the L-series’ understated matte black and white options will be perfectly suited for minimalist homes.

Price: From $790
Installation: From $80
Blade lengths available: 44”, 52” and 60”

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3. KDK M48SG – Silent budget fan

ceiling fan in singapore - available in Black and White, the KDK M48SG is the quietest budget fan in Singapore.
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We often have to brace ourselves to fork out more cash to guarantee quality, but the KDK M48SG ceiling fan offers KDK’s famous quality that’s built to last. While it’s the only fan using older AC motor tech on this list, you can expect a silent, strong companion for the long haul with its permanently lubricated mechanism that ensures fuss-free operation even after years of use.

At a price of just $100, it’s no surprise that you won’t be getting fancy bells and whistles like timers, app compatibility and remote controls – its 5 speeds are accessed via a wall-mounted switch.

Pro tip: Older AC fans are often more affordable, but DC fans can give energy savings in the long run – plus they work better with remote controls and often are sleeker.

Price: $100
Installation: From $55
Blade lengths available: 48”

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4. Elmark Exhale – Bladeless ceiling fan with light

ceiling fan in singapore - the exhale fan by elmark is a bladeless ceiling fan option
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For some of us, ceiling fans and their incessantly spinning blades over our heads simply give us the heebie-jeebies. The bladeless Elmark Exhale does away with the overhead whirring, in a sleek contraption that is more chandelier than helicopter – the ideal addition to any minimalist home.

With an included remote control, it offers six speeds of whisper-quiet cooling, along with a built-in LED light. It’s also available in white, silver and black.

Price: $550
Installation: Call to enquire
Blade lengths available: 34”

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5. NSB Vento Fino – Retro design for tight spaces

A small ceiling fan option is the Vento Fino corner fan
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Ceiling fans excel at keeping large spaces cool, but their long spinning blades can make them hard to fit in smaller areas like kitchens or balconies. To help you maintain air circulation throughout your living spaces, corner fans like the NSB Vento Fino keep things compact and out of the way.

Two versions are available – a 13″ model at a 180-degree angle and a 16″ model at 100-degrees. Both come in vintage-styled designs like Roman Bronze and Matte Silver.

Price: From $599
Installation: $60 per fan
Blade lengths available: 13” and 16”

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6. Fanco F-STAR – Affordable DC ceiling fan

The Fanco F-STAR Ceiling Fan
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Simpler old-school AC motors used to be the norm, but newer DC fans take the additional step of transforming AC mains power to DC, decreasing energy consumption by around 70%. This newer tech can be much more expensive, but the Fanco F Star is the cheapest way to get in on these juicy energy savings.

Being a DC fan, the Fanco F Star also responds quickly to remote control commands, making it easy to toggle between the five fan speeds and reverse mode. It also has a quieter motor for a peaceful night’s sleep. With blades made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, the fans are available in Matte Black, White and Wood finishes.

Price: $199
Installation: From $50
Blade lengths available: 36”, 46” and 52”

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7. Amasco Wale Ceiling Fan – Sleek Scandinavian aesthetic

Scandinavian aesthetic of the Amasco Wale ceiling fan
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Ceiling fans have come a long way from their old school rickety and clunky appearance at our grandparent’s houses. With its sleek curves and a floral-inspired design, the tasteful natural oak finish of the Amasco Wale will fit right into your Scandinavian-styled abode. 

Also available with white oak and mahogany finishes, the distinct look of the fan blades are designed in 3D to optimise airflow. Accessed by its included remote control, the fan sports a 6-speed silent motor with a reversible mode, along with 3 colour temperature options on built-in LED light to suit all times of the day.

Price: From $382
Installation: $45
Blade lengths available: 41” and 52”

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8. Crestar iCol 3Blades COLOUR – Available in 6 vibrant hues


The Crestar iCol 3Blade Colour
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For that bold splash of colour to liven up a living room or a kid’s room, the Crestar iCol 3Blades COLOUR series of ceiling fans will get you sorted. Choose from six bold primary colours and bright tones – Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown & Orange – to pick a hue that fits your interior.

With impact-resistant ABS blades paired with a sleek, polished stainless hub body, these ceiling fans are built to last. Add $60 for a powerful LED light kit with three light temperatures to suit your needs throughout the day. This fan is adjustable to four speeds via the included remote control.

Price: From $180
Installation: From $50
Blade lengths available: 46”

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9. Acorn Futuriste – Modern look with touchscreen remote control

The futuristic Acorn Futuriste has a silent DC motor.
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Suspended smack in the middle of our living spaces, ceiling fans excel in both form and function. The Acorn Futuriste is made from equal parts sycamore seed and steampunk turbine, with each 56” blade unfurling from the hub. Available in matte black, white and wood designs, it’s an otherworldly sculpture that’s sure to make a statement.

Controls for the three fan speeds and included LED light kit can be accessed via the included touch screen remote.

Price: From $199 (U.P. $599)
Installation: Call to enquire
Blade lengths available: 56″

Buy the Acorn Futuriste

Best ceiling fans in Singapore

Practical and aesthetic, yet affordable both in price and in long-term energy cost, ceiling fans are the best way to stay cool in Singapore on a budget. With plenty of added features ranging from safety to smart home connectivity, there’s bound to be a perfect option to suit the needs of you and your household.

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Originally published on 20th August 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 7th December 2021.

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