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This Photobooth Has A Travel Theme, Pretend It’s The Trip That Made It Out Of The Group Chat

Solace Studios – Transport-themed photobooths for $10

Travelling and posing at self-photo studios in Singapore are favourite pastimes amongst Gen Zs and millennials – but what if you could combine both? If you’re looking for a quick getaway with your boo, but your bank account says otherwise, get your couple travel pics at Solace Studios’ transport-themed photobooth.

Plane lavatory-themed photo booths at Haji Lane

Aeroplane photobooth - plane bathroom booth
Image adapted from: via Instagram

At the Haji Lane outlet, the Korean photo studio has set up 3 self-serve booths designed to look like a plane lavatory. Each booth comes with a mirror, fake sink, and even the sliding locks they have on flights. There are also cute aeroplane windows and signages to zhuzh up the bathroom layout, and add to the illusion.

Aeroplane photobooth - aeroplane alley and passport covers
Image adapted from: @recesstable and via Instagram

It’s not just the booths that are aeroplane-themed; the entryway and props are too. You can find sunglasses or plushy headbands, or opt for passport covers from a variety of countries. There’s even a metal suitcase for you to roll and sit on for pics.

Each booth fits up to 4 pax, so you can get squad photos for your group chat if that Bali trip didn’t take off.

Aeroplane photobooth - boarding pass photostrip
Image adapted from: @charmainelimys via Instagram

There’s no need to extend your arm out to use the 0.5x setting on your iPhone camera. The photos are taken with a high-angle camera, which ensures that you get the most out of the booth in your photo, though you can always take your pictures at normal angles with your phone.

There are plenty of adorable frames to choose from, such as regular 4-picture frames with aeroplane stickers or a mock boarding pass with faux flight details on the side. You get 2 multi-picture frame strips or 1 single-frame strip for $10 and after that, it’s $2 for every additional strip.

Subway-themed photobooths at Orchardgateway

solace studios - subway station map
Image adapted from: via TikTok

If the plane pics aren’t enough to fool your friends, being on a New York City subway probably would. Solace Studios at Orchard Gateway closely mimics the iconic underground transport system. You’ll spot similar details like subway maps, gantries, and steel sliding doors.

Psst, you don’t have to worry about unknowingly breaking any MRT rules here. Of course, don’t go all feral and break every law in the book, duh.

solace studios - subway station
You can mimic all your K-Drama or Hollywood poses here without looking too delulu.

You’re spoilt for choice here with the number of photobooths here. Pick from Grey Classic Booth, High Angle Train Cabin, Train Door Cabin, Fisheye Lens Train Cabin, and White Cabin Booth.

The classic booth is the cheapest at $10 for 2 photo strips or 1 multi-frame printout. For those coming in groups, we recommend the cabins, which can accommodate more people within a frame. It’s slightly pricier at $12 for the same number of prints. You can also request for more prints at $2 each, and if you’re ready to hard launch bae on IG, digital files and gifs are free to download.

Other photobooths at Solace Studios’ main branch

Aeroplane photobooth - Vanity and pastel rooms
Image adapted from: via Instagram 

If you haven’t had enough, head to Solace Studios’ main branch a few doors down from the aeroplane-themed outlet. This outlet has 2 levels of 9 different rooms – which means plenty of photo ops for the whole gang.

Aeroplane photobooth - fish-eye lens
Image adapted from:

Level 1 has standard photo booths with pastel backgrounds and a normal angled camera, along with 3 vanity stations with hair dryers, mirrors, and props to get yourself dolled up. On level 2, you’ll find their experimental rooms – 2 with low-angle cameras and another 2 with fish-eye lenses. You can’t get any more Y2K than this, with digicam props and music-video-esque shots.

Take to the skies & the underground at Solace Studios 

Aeroplane photobooth - check-in counter
Image adapted from: via Instagram

The next time you run out of date ideas, give Solace Studios’ photobooths a go. You no longer have to worry about holding up the line for the lavatory because you’re getting bathroom selfies. And from $10/strip, it’s a pretty affordable hangout idea for your group chat or partner.

Solace Studios – 30 Haji Lane
Admission Fee
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30 Haji Ln, #01-00, Singapore 189223
Opening Hours:
Friday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM Show More Timings
Solace Studios – 73 Haji Lane
Google Reviews
73 Haji Ln, Singapore 189266
Opening Hours:
Friday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM Show More Timings

Solace Station @ Orchardgateway
Address: 277 Orchard Road, Orchardgateway #02-03, Singapore 238858
Opening hours: 10am-11pm, Daily
Contact: Solace Studios Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @charmainelimys via Instagram
Originally published on 27th March 2024. Last updated by Syahiran Sean on 26th April 2024.