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Pixie Loft: New Photobooth At Haji Lane With Affordable $2 Photo Strips To Relive Neoprint Days

Pixie Loft in Haji Lane

If you haven’t heard of the term “neoprints”, you’re probably not a 90s kid. If you have, join the rest of us in missing the good old days. Of course Britney Spears ain’t gonna launch Hit Me Baby One More Time well one more time, and the obsession with yo yos have come and gone.

But hey, what has made a comeback is photo booths, and affordable options are now aplenty. Pixie Loft in Haji Lane is the newest kid on the block with photo strips priced from just $2 if you come at the right time. 

Themed backdrops & weekday promotions

pixie loft - strip
Image credit: via Instagram

Who else remembers cutting up neoprint sheets since getting one sheet each was a no-go for student budgets? There’s no need to worry about wallet damage here as photo strips are priced as low as $2/strip when you come on Mondays, during lunch hour. 

pixie loft - props
Image credit: @mytarsya via Instagram

Pixie Loft has themed photo booths with concepts that range from aesthetic to quirky. Step into a pink backdrop with fluffy pink clouds, or go cheeky with their toilet-themed setup. 

pixie loft - themed booth
You can even write on the walls here.
Image credit: via Instagram

Everything you need for a cute selfie session with your BFFs can be found in this studio. Ring lights and phone stands are available at every booth, plus there’s a shelf with props like hats and sunglasses to switch up your look.

pixie loft - booth
Image credit: via Instagram

Unlike most photo booths around today, Pixie Loft’s prices work as such: pay for the admission fee that comes with 1 photo strip, and add on $2 for additional strips. Admission prices are:

  • $10/pax for groups of 1-2
  • $9/pax for groups of 3-4
  • $8/pax for groups of 5 and above 

But if you can spare the time, rates are the best on weekdays, with daily promotions from Mondays to Thursdays.

  • Mondays: Free lunch admission
  • Tuesdays: 1-for-1 entry
  • Wednesdays: Extra photo strip
  • Thursdays: 10 for 10 for $10 

We calculated – you’ll get the best value when you swing by on Mondays – a great lunchtime activity if you’re working in the area. Alternatively, their $10/10 minutes Express Selfie deal is available daily, and comes with access to 1 booth and 2 photo strips. 

Print out the photos you wish to have a physical copy of before you leave. The great thing about using your own phone for photos is that all the other shots are now in your gallery at no extra cost.

Bring your BFFs to Pixie Loft 

pixie loft - photo strip
Image credit: via Instagram

We all have Instagram to post our selfies on these days, there’s something nostalgic about heading to a photo booth and getting cute little printouts. It’s the hallmark of great friendships during old days, and certainly an activity that hasn’t gotten old till today. 

Pixie Loft
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30A Haji Ln, Level 2, Singapore 189223
Opening Hours:
Wednesday 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM Show More Timings

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Cover image adapted from: @mytarsya, via Instagram