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wedding photobooth rental - cover image

14 Wedding Photobooth Rental Services In Singapore To Entertain Your Guests On Your Big Day

Wedding photobooths in Singapore

After a few hours of warming the seats at your wedding reception, your guests might appreciate a break, and a photobooth would make a good escape for them to continue socialising in a more lighthearted manner.

These days, wedding photobooth rental services provide more than just a basic backdrop and a photographer. You’ll find ones that can capture GIFs, provide customisable backdrops, and create cool photo effects, Here are some of the best ones we’ve found:

1. Dollop – Backdrops of any size for big group photos

wedding photobooth rental - dollop
Marmalade Photobooth.

Image credit: Dollop SG

There’ll be no more cut-off faces as you try to squeeze the whole squad into a photobooth when you book with Dollop. Their Marmalade package is designed to capture backdrops of any size, meaning you won’t have to leave friends out in group pics.

Take as many shots as you want, as you get unlimited prints with every photobooth booking. You can even ask for a customised frame with your wedding date, so guests know exactly when they took their drunken snap. Dollop knows you’ll be busy entertaining guests with rounds of “yum seng”, so they’ll also send you all images taken – in high-res – at the end of the night.

Rates: Enquire with establishment

Contact: 8852 6102 | Dollop website

2. PhotoMeister Studios – Silk floral backdrop & selfie photobooth

wedding photobooth rental - PhotoMeister Studios
Silk floral photobooth backdrop.

Image credit: PhotoMeister Studios

If your dream wedding involves tons of flowers, you can get a matching backdrop with PhotoMeister Studios. They’re known for their silk floral backdrops that pop even in 2D prints. 

Get them to customise one for you when you book their premium package ($1,888), which comes with 2 hours of unlimited prints in 4R or a photo strip. This package also includes customisable props for your special day. Their photobooths work on a selfie basis that’s simple to use – just press the automated shutter, pose, and wait for your prints to arrive in 9 seconds.

Rates: From $588 for classic package

Contact: 9271 2563 | PhotoMeister website

3. TellTale – Double-sided prints

wedding photobooth rental - TellTale
Image credit: via Instagram

While most photo prints come with 1 blank side, TellTale gives you the option to have both sides covered with their double-sided package. You can include a wedding photo of yourself and bae at the back to commemorate the occasion, saving the need to squeeze in your wedding hashtag and date onto the front of the pic.

The double-sided package comes in polaroid and wide options. The polaroid is a credit card-sized print you can easily keep in your wallet, while the wide one is slightly bigger at 3×4 inches.

Rates: Double-sided package from $700/hr

Contact: 8123 5330 | TellTale website

4. Selfiebox – Creative photobooth options like flipbook & 360˚ video

Image credit: Selfiebox

If photo prints and strips aren’t enough to capture the magic of your wedding, give Selfiebox a go. While they do offer basic prints, you can also opt for creative options like the flip book photobooths, where video frames are printed out to create a manual GIF.

Otherwise, try the 360˚ video booth where a camera swings around each photogenic bunch that steps into the booth. It works best if you tell your guests to dress up in their nicest duds, so they can show off the front and back of their outfits in 1 video. These are instantly emailed out to guests, meaning they’ll get to post these on IG within the night.

Rates: From $550 for flip book photobooth

Contact: 3129 8632 | 8884 7066 | Selfiebox website

5. JNR Entertainment – Magnetic photo strip

Let’s be real – no one really keeps physical photo albums anymore, so souvenir photo strips are bound to get lost in junk drawers. JNR Entertainment offers a solution to ensure your wedding guests won’t misplace their souvenir photos after they leave the party – magnetic photo strips.

wedding photobooth rental - JNR Entertainment
Image credit: @jnrentertainment via Instagram

Each strip has space for 3-4 prints and comes with a magnetic backing, so you can easily stick your photos onto a fridge or any other magnetic surface at home or in the office.

Rates: From $1,500 for 2 hours with unlimited prints

Contact: 61000 567 | JNR Entertainment website

6. PartyMojo – Infinity mirror booth

wedding photobooth rental - PartyMojo
Image adapted from: PartyMojo Singapore

By now, most of us would’ve visited the infinity mirror rooms at the teamLab exhibition at the ArtScience Museum or at least seen pics of it on your feed. Now, you and your wedding guests can have similar photos taken with the infinity mirror booth by PartyMojo.

Mirrors cover the walls, floor, and ceiling of the photobooth, creating a cool effect just like what you’d experience in a museum. Plus, your guests will get to choose how they want to be captured – in a singular frame or as a GIF. They’ll get printouts as well as a soft copy sent to their email.

Rates: Enquire with establishment

Contact: 6569 6992 | PartyMojo website

7. Uniquebooth – 43 different backdrops to choose from

Choose between 4R, Polaroid, filmstrips, and wallet-sized pictures.

Image credit: Uniquebooth

With a price starting from $500 for 2 hours, a photobooth rental from Uniquebooth is one of the cheapest of the lot. You’ll not only get to choose between 4 different photocard sizes, but also select between 43 different backdrops for your take-home picture. Choices range from whimsical pastel shades to patterns like honeycomb and floral motifs.

Rates: From $500 for 2 hours

Contact: 9144 4537 | Uniquebooth website

8. Aww Snap! – Timeslice shots

wedding photobooth rental - Aww Snap!
Image credit:
Aww Snap!

Aww Snap! ensures your good side will be captured with their timeslice booth that snaps a split-second moment from 4 angles. 

wedding photobooth rental - Aww Snap! b-booth

Image credit: @awwsnap_sg via Instagram

Besides the timeslice booth, Aww Snap! also has various photobooth set ups, such as the classic C-Booth that includes a photographer and studio lighting. If you prefer one that’s more automated, their B-Booth that’s reminiscent of retro photobooths would be ideal.

Rates: From $950 for 3 hours 

Contact: 8890 3237 | Aww Snap! website

9. – Light painting, dubsmash & kaleidoscope booths

wedding photobooth rental - Instantly sg light painting
Image credit:

If photo prints and GIFs are too mainstream for you,’s photobooth package offers a wide range of services such as a light painting photo booth, dubsmash, and kaleidoscope video booths. It’s no longer about striking just 1 pose, as your guests will need to get creative and moving! 

wedding photobooth rental - Instantly sg kaleidoscope
Kaleidoscope video booth
Image credit:

When you opt for their premium wedding photobooth package, you’ll get a free add-on of either a GIF, Boomerang function, or a Live Photo Feed to live stream the frenzy of getting a decent group photo. You can also choose 2 customisable props for free.

Rates: From $800 for 2 hours

Contact: 9247 6520 | Instantly Singapore website

10.  Ubersnap – Holographic prints

wedding photobooth rental - Ubersnap holographic
Image credit:

It’s easy to create GIFs and boomerangs on your smartphone, but having these animated shots printed out is a whole new ball game that Ubersnap is playing. Be that proud host and let your guests take home a unique souvenir when you choose their Holographic prints package priced at $999 for 1 hour.

wedding photobooth rental - Ubersnap prints
Image credit:
@ubersnap via Instagram

Otherwise, keep it simple with their classic package, combining the usual photo strips with a GIF service for only $599 for 1 hour.

wedding photobooth rental - Ubersnap gif booth
GIF booth with photo strips.

Image credit: @ubersnap via Instagram

Rates: From $599 for basic photo booth

Contact: 9819 1461 | Ubersnap website

11. Mirror Me Singapore – Neoprint-style, with games like tic-tac-toe

wedding photobooth rental - Mirror Me Singapore
Image adapted from:
@mirrormesg via Instagram

Bring back the good old days of Neoprints with Mirror Me Singapore’s interactive mirror-style photobooth that allows guests to check themselves out before a snap and afterwards doodle on their own photos. 

wedding photobooth rental - Mirror Me Singapore tic tac toe
Image credit:
@mirrormesg via Instagram

It’s fully automated, and there are even games such as tic-tac-toe that your guests can play on the mirror screen before casting their widest smile for the photo. 

On top of a personalised design layout to remind everyone of your special day, each guest has the option to choose from over 200 premium animations to make that frame extra memorable.

Rates: Enquire with establishment

Contact: 8223 0592 | Mirror Me Singapore website

12. Cloud Booth – Green screen for movie themes

wedding photobooth rental - Cloud Booth harry potter
Image credit:
Cloud Booth

Stop-motion fun with GIFs is the way to go now, and Cloud Booth does it well at an affordable price of $599 for 2 hours. But if you’d like to add a personal touch to the setup, opt for their green screen backdrop and relive your favourite cinematic experiences like Harry Potter’s Wizarding World or the galactic scenes from Star Wars

wedding photobooth rental - Cloud Booth star wars
Image credit:
Cloud Booth

There’s also the classic option that will only cost you $549 for 2 hours. Besides the custom template they’ll be designing for your special day, there will be a huge variety of props for your guests will also get to strike their best poses with. 

Rates: From $399 for 2 hours

Contact: 8127 1500 | Cloud Booth Website

13. FunPics Singapore – 8 photobooth options available

wedding photobooth rental - FunPics Singapore
Image credit:
@hello_funpics via Instagram

FunPics Singapore has 8 different photobooths for you to choose from. If you’ve got a big crowd to keep up with, an automated photobooth might be a good low-maintenance option. Alternatively, there’s also the portable studio booth with a photographer stationed to capture your best angles.

wedding photobooth rental - FunPics Singapore marshmallow booth
Image credit: FunPics Singapore

One of their cuter options is the marshmallow booth. It’s an inflatable photobooth that looks very much like the popular puffer bags everyone’s toting these days. The enclosed booth also ensures privacy so go ahead and strike your silliest pose – nobody’s judging.

Rates: $550 for 2 hours
Contact: 9222 2235 | FunPics Singapore website

14. Cheese Effects – GIFs with background music

wedding photobooth rental - Cheese Effects
Image credit:
Cheese Effects

Make it extra memorable for your guests when they leave your wedding with a soft copy of their GIF or a boomerang bouncing to the tune of your choice on top of a classic printout with Cheese Effects. The best part is both the online copy of their GIFs and the standard printouts will be shared instantly.

wedding photobooth rental - Cheese Effects 2
Image credit: @cheeseeffects via Instagram

Rates: Enquire with establishment

Contact: 8401 1760 | Cheese Effects website

Photobooth rental in Singapore

It may be the biggest night of your life, and you want to make sure your guests get to have as much fun as you will. These photo booth prints are not only a memento of your big day, but letting your guests take shots of their own experience at your wedding will also keep them entertained while waiting for you to sashay down the red carpet or in between the courses of food.

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Cover image adapted from:, Cheese Effects, Cloud Booth, & Uniquebooth.
Originally published on 18th September 2019. Last updated on 5th October 2023.