Type8ar, typewriter bar in Haji Lane 

With our daily lives getting more fast-paced, it’s no wonder that our generation has an appreciation for everything vintage – be it thrift stores, old film cameras, and typewriters. The latter may be the least common – but if you’ve always been curious about these mechanical machines, we have a lobang where you can see one of the most impressive typewriter collections you’ll ever see.

Let us introduce you to Type8ar, a typewriter bar in Haji Lane. Here’s where you can pretend you’re a character in a Wes Anderson movie as you listen to the click-clack of the keys and take in the rhythmic dance of the typebars.

What do you need to know before heading to Type8ar? 

Type8ar - close-up
Image adapted from: @oh_liv_i_ya via Instagram

We’ve heard of vinyl bars and art-jamming cafes, but what exactly is a typewriter bar? Well, Type8ar isn’t exactly a bar per se. It’s a family-run business where you’ll get to learn more about different vintage typewriters and actually use them to write a journal entry, letter, or whatever you’d like. Think of it as more of a studio than a bar or cafe.

Don’t worry about being lost when you get there – one of the staff will welcome you and show you around. They’ll advise on a slot duration to choose – 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 120 minutes – and type of paper you can use.

It’s a great way to disconnect, pause, and reflect as you translate your thoughts into words. It also makes for a unique date activity, especially if you love the art of writing and all things old school.

Over 50 vintage typewriters 

Of course, if you’re game to visit a typewriter bar, you may be curious about the typewriters themselves. Well, Type8ar has over 50 typewriters from the owner’s collection, each with its unique typeface and font.

Type8ar - typewriter collection
Image credit: @chaibiskutandphd via Instagram 

Keep an eye out for some of the unique typewriters, including the Olivetti Lettera DL model, similar to the one used by American film director Francis Ford Coppola to type the script for The Godfather. There’s also a Transparent Royal Portable Typewriter, a model which was used in prisons around the world.

Type8ar - Olivetti Lettera DL typewriter.
The Olivetti Lettera DL typewriter.

Image credit: @type8ar_hajilane via Instagram 

Not sure where to start? Get acquainted with the art of typewriting by signing up for the 2-hour Clackety Click Clack Workshop ($68/person), which includes a demonstration and practice, speed-typing competition, and even a mystery game.

Type8ar - Pink Olympia SF Deluxe
Pink Olympia SF Deluxe, a rare colourway.

Image credit: @type8ar_hajilane via Instagram 

If you’re already familiar with using a typewriter, you can book a slot here and channel your inner Hemingway. Rates start at $18 for 30 minutes, $28 for 60 minutes, and $38 for 120 minutes. Complimentary beverages will be provided, and you can freely use papers, card stock, ink stamps, and washi tape that Type8ar provides.

There’s also the Message in a Bottle service ($12), which allows you to write a letter to a person of your choice on A5 paper, before stuffing it into a pretty bottle that you can gift to your recipient. You might also want to write a message to your future self and store the bottle safely until it’s time to read the letter.

Image credit: @type8ar_hajilane via Instagram 

This is the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of vintage typewriters, which you can purchase for about $250 at businesses like Vintage Empire.



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How to get to Type8ar

There are 2 MRT stations near Type8ar: Bugis, a 10-minute walk away, and Jalan Besar, which is 11 minutes from Haji Lane. If you’re driving, do note that there is limited parking at Haji Lane, but you can park your car at Golden Landmark Shopping Complex or Aliwal Street Car Park.

Romanticise your life at Type8ar 

Haji Lane
Image credit: @type8ar_hajilane via Instagram

The next time you’re looking for a new activity for the group chat, gather the gang and spend an afternoon at Type8ar as you enjoy the sounds of the clickety-clack keys. Or, simply take yourself out on a solo date, put your phone on airplane mode, and start typing.

There’s no age limit at Type8ar, so the kids can join in on the fun too. One thing to take note is that as these are restored vintage typewriters, do take care of the equipment while you’re at it.

You don’t have to book a slot before heading to Type8ar, but feel free to call or send a DM to Type8ar’s Instagram.

Find out more about Type8ar


Address: 7A Haji Lane Second Floor, 189200
Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12pm-5.30pm (Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays)
Contact: 9851 1110

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