Sentosa Sensoryscape, new 350m-long walkway with light installations

You’ll never run out of things to do in Sentosa, with options like Harry Potter: The Forbidden Forest experience or all-time favourite Universal Studios Singapore. Just as you thought the island couldn’t get any more hapz, Sentosa Sensoryscape has just opened.

It’s a 350m-long multisensory garden walkway that stretches between Beach and Imbiah stations. It takes a step out of the fence of any usual green path by using interactive zones and augmented reality, resulting in a new experience that allows you to explore Sentosa with fresh eyes.

What do I need to know before going to Sentosa Sensoryscape?

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Glow Gardens Close-up

The best time to head to Sentosa Sensoryscape is in the evening, as the sun goes down so you can witness both the stunning architecture in daylight and light projections at night. We chose to go down at 6.30pm on opening day, so that we got to see both iterations. TBH, the attraction is definitely more impressive at night.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Upper Deck
The architecture for all the zones is inspired by woven baskets – representing the interlacing of nature and our 5 senses.

Also, do note that Sentosa SensoryScape is an entirely open-air area, so you should dress in a comfortable and light outfit to beat the humidity. Remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat along with you. The entire trail is outdoors, so you’ll never know when you’ll need them.

Do you need tickets to enter Sentosa Sensoryscape?

There is no need to book tickets for Sentosa Sensoryscape as admission is free, however, charges to enter Sentosa Island remain. This starts from $4 for a standard entry fee if you enter via Sentosa Express; and $2-$6 if you’re driving or taking a taxi in.

As this is more of a pathway than a singular area, there are 2 entry points to the Sentosa Sensoryscape: Lookout Loop, accessible from Imbiah Station, and Glow Gardens, a 2-minute walk from Beach Station.

6 zones across an upper & lower deck

You may have seen your fair share of hidden parks & gardens in Singapore, but Sentosa SensoryScape is by far the most unique. The pathway is divided into 2 decks to walk through, an upper deck overviewing walkway and a sheltered lower deck to enter the 6 zones.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Lookout Loop view

These zones implore you to get up close and personal with the plants, as they blend nature and architecture. Each zone caters to one of the 5 human senses – sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound – including a “sixth sense” that represents imagination. This manifests as the ImagiNite experience, a combination of video projections and AR, through all of the zones.

ImagiNite experience

Experience augmented reality light projections from your phone

Sentosa Sensoryscape - ImagiNite floor projections
If you’re too shy to gaze into your date’s eyes, at least you’ll have an excuse for keeping your head down the entire time.

First things first, you’ll need your phone. Besides using it as a camera, you’ll also need it to experience the immersive walkway in all of its glory. Each zone has different projections of fauna, marine life and butterflies, which are all part of the ImagiNite experience, a multi-media light show that happens from 7.50pm-9.40pm daily.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - ImagiNite AR App

However, if you miss the daily light show, you can still watch as the zones come to life with glowing insects and plants via your phone. That’s because a key part of the light projection is the AR-powered experience featuring interactive video projections in 2 zones, Symphony Streams and Scented Spheres, accessible through a free ImagiNite app.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Hyperzoom

If you’re going solo or too paiseh to ask someone to take your first date photo, look out for Sensoryscape’s Hyperzoom camera. It’s installed on the upper deck, and makes makes a main character zoom-in video or photo for you.

The app’s instructions are quite easy to follow and the quality isn’t too bad, though you may want to go at a time when there a fewer people or you may get lost in the background. Once you’re done, simply download your photos on the ImagiNite app.

Lookout Loop

For views of Sentosa

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Lookout Loop railing view
View during the day, after rain.

One of the 2 entrances to Sentosa Sensoryscape is the Lookout Loop, a winding bridge from which you can see the walkway ahead, as well as the Crockfords Tower and Hotel Michael. While the view is great during the day, it transforms into an otherworldly landscape with a misting light-up floor on the lower decks come night time, with laser beams shooting up at the sky.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Lookout Loop misting floor
The scene after dark.

This area is perfect for a space-themed photoshoot for the ‘Gram, with clouds of mist surrounding you in blue and purple hues. For your little ones, this could also be a new version of a free water playground in the cooling mist, without them getting too drenched.

Tactile Trellis

Feel differently textured plants

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Tactile Trellis overview

While other nature parks in Singapore may ask you to refrain from touching the plants, the Tactile Trellis dome encourages visitors to interact with the plants by feeling out their varied textures.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Tactile Trellis touching leaves
Do be careful to be gentle when touching the plants here. 

From touching fuzzy leaves, poke-y pine cones, and ticklish grass, you can harness a new superpower of identifying plants just from what they feel like. You’ll find species like the Chinese Wormwood, which is velvety to the touch, and the Asparagus plant, with a feather-like texture.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Tactile Trellis projections

Tactile Trellis’ white woven wall turns into the perfect canvas for projections of peacocks and cave murals during the ImagiNite experience. Psst, we think this is the perfect place to take an artsy profile picture for your dating app.

Scented Sphere

Catch a whiff of jasmine & other fragrant plants

Next up, Scented Sphere, which focuses on your olfactory senses. This zone is filled with fragrant plants and gentle spritzes of floral perfumes.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Scented Sphere projections

We found that the floral scent only lingered on for a few short minutes. But you can still make the most of the zone with its ImagiNite experience, by living out your dream of being a fairy with projections of butterflies and other garden insects, carouselling around the bushes.

This zone also has the ImagiNite AR feature where you can add in more projections that interact with you, and move them around with your fingers.

Symphony Streams

Listen to the soothing sounds of flowing water

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Symphony Streams interior

Our favourite zone was the soothing and encapsulating Symphony Streams, a zone dedicated to the sense of sound, with walls of flowing water trickling down in gentle splashes. We loved that this zone’s addition of flowing water bowls adds an element of motion and musicality.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Symphony Streams projections

Symphony Streams also has our favourite ImagiNite experience, as it transforms from a meditative space of cerulean bowls and water droplets to a mesmerising ocean of marine life. Play a game with the kids as they try to spot octopi, jellyfish, and sea turtles projected on the floor, all while the sound of water echoes through the space.

You can also make these projections pop up from the floor through the AR feature of the zone, which makes 3D marine creatures swim all around you and the walls of the vessel.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Symphony Streams floor projection

As this is a water-y space, take note that you may get a bit wet from sprinkles of water from the bowls. Remember to watch your step as the floor can get slippery.

Palate Playground

Find Singaporean culinary staples

Slightly hidden away from the rest of the walkway is the Palate Playground, a zone displaying leaves of herbs and spices used in Singaporean cooking. At night, you’ll be able to experience the interactive light installation, where you can step on projections of bugs and snakes and turn them into glowing beams of light.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Palate Playground projections

It was a bit tricky to locate this zone, even with the ImagiNite app’s help. Pro tip: Look out for a white archway between the Scented Sphere and Symphony Streams when you’re walking on the lower deck of the Sensoryscape.

Also, as this is the least crowded area, you can leisurely play with the projections and snap the perfect shot.

Glow Gardens

Best place for photo-ops

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Glow Gardens staircase

We’ve saved the best for the last. A super photogenic area we think will be a favourite amongst Singaporeans is the Glow Gardens, a mystical archway with towering flower stalks that glow in different shades at night.

There are steps here where you can sit to rest your weary legs after exploring the Sensoryscape. As a bonus, you’ll also get a free view of some of the projections and fireworks of Wings of Time Sentosa.

This is the area that gets the most crowded for photos. If you’re planning to go at a more peaceful time, come during a weekday night or in the day for smaller crowds.

How do you get to Sentosa Sensoryscape?

Since there are 2 different entry points, you can choose to start your adventure from either the canopying Lookout Loop or the dazzling Glow Gardens.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Imbiah Station entry

Taking the Sentosa Express from VivoCity and alighting at Imbiah Station will lead you to the Lookout Loop. Alternatively, the Lookout Loop is also accessible if you take the Singapore Cable Car and get off at the Merlion Station.

Alternatively, head to  the Beach Transfer Hub stop, where you’ll find the Glow Gardens across from Beach Station.

Check out Sentosa Sensoryscape during your next free weekend

Singaporeans have an ongoing love affair with light projections – we’re looking at you, Light To Night and i Light Singapore. So having a permanent new attraction that features gorgeous projection mapping and IG-worthy backdrops is a yes in our books. We’ll be honest, though, we think Sentosa Sensoryscape looks a lot better on camera, especially during the 2-hour window of the ImagiNite experience from 7.50pm-9.40pm.

Sentosa Sensoryscape - Tactile Trellis Interior

Even though the zones like Symphony Streams and the Tactile Trellis are still visually stunning in the day, most of the other sections like Lookout Loop, Glow Gardens, and Palate Playground only really come to life during the show. Plus, it was rather tough to get good pictures at Glow Gardens when there’s a crowd.

That said, we still had an enjoyable evening at Sentosa Sensoryscape, especially since entry is free. So it’s definitely worth a visit once the crowd dies down, or if you’re looking for some free date ideas in Singapore.

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Photography by Shawn Low. 

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