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fort siloso

Fort Siloso: Former WWII Military Site With 11-Storey Skywalk & Trekking Trails In Sentosa

Fort Siloso

Whether you’re a die-hard history geek or simply are looking for a new hiking trail to explore, take a trip down to Fort Siloso, where you’ll get the novel experience of visiting an ex-WWII site and national monument.

You can’t deny that hidden tunnels and abandoned structures are like magnets to Singaporeans either. From replicas of coastal guns used during battle and a treetop walkway for nature enthusiasts, here’s what you can check out here.  

Learn about the Battle of Singapore along educational trails

Heritage Trail – Audio trail about the Battle of Singapore in 1942

 an old cannon at fort siloso on a platform
Image credit:
@law_chang via Instagram

Fitspos and history buffs alike will be able to hike their way around the base and dive deeper into Fort Siloso’s history along its dedicated trails. The Heritage Trail features several significant landmarks, with the route beginning at the Battery Command Post which offers a close-up look at gun displays used during the 1942 Battle of Singapore.

 fort siloso's ww2 casemates and guns of various sizes
Image credit: @law_chang via Instagram

The trail will then take you to Fort Siloso Square which was once the main parade square. Along the trail, you’ll also get the chance to visit the WWII exhibition at The Casemates – a series of chambers where guns and artillery were formerly stored.

entrance staircase to surrender chambers at fort siloso
Image credit: @ethan_leo via Instagram

For an immersive experience, Surrender Chambers is where you can listen to realistic audio and watch visual clips that depict the moments the Japanese invaded Singapore and also when they surrendered.

wax figures showing the british and japanese surrender in singapore during ww2
The museum has wax figures that depict the Japanese and British surrender as well.
Image credit: @cheowps via Instagram

Gun Trail – Guns and cannons used during the war

sculptures of soldiers handling artillery during ww2 on sentosa
Image credit:

Owning a gun is close to forbidden in our little red dot, but military enthusiasts will be able to look at various WWII-era guns and cannons displayed within and outside the fort along the Gun Trail.

12-pound gun at fort siloso near lookout tower on sentosa
Keep your eyes peeled for the famous 12-pound gun located right next to the lookout tower
Image credit: @natali.hastings via Instagram, @firdaussharilphotography via Instagram

The trail takes you around important landmarks such as the Barracks and the Guard Bungalow, featuring a replica of gun batteries used during the war such as the Japanese Coastal Defense guns.

Catch picturesque views at the Skywalk treetop walkway

the skywalk bridge at sentosa leading to fort siloso, taking visitors over rainforest
Image credit:
@worm_crawls via Instagram, @trevallog via Instagram

Though there are plenty of routes that’ll lead you to Fort Siloso, adventurous folks who want to kickstart their historical journey from the get-go will be able to catch scenic views of the area from the Skywalk

11-storey high staircase to skywalk bridge on sentosa
This treetop trek stands at 11 storeys high and spans approximately 55 SQM.
Image credit: @rieslingblanc via Instagram

If you don’t plan on sweating bullets by climbing a staggering amount of stairs, you can opt to take the bubble lift up – it’s located just a few feet away from the cable car station.

 view of sentosa's southwest coast and forest with sea in the background
Image credit:
@jherbsman via Instagram

Besides taking you up swiftly, this little lift has glass panels that offer you stellar views of the beach and harbour at various angles. 

 sign on the fort siloso skywalk explaining singapore's military defences in the 19th century
Image credit: @vmchan via Instagram

While the entire walkway will only take you approximately five minutes to cover, you’ll still be able to load up on some quick history facts about locations such as Labrador Park and Keppel Bay. There are also guided tours available if you’re looking to learn more about the area.

Visiting Fort Siloso

From hidden bunkers to abandoned structures, relics of WWII such as the ones on Sentosa can still be found around Singapore. For a history excursion into the events and impact of WWII, be sure to check out Fort Siloso’s artefacts from the past.

optical illusion-style painted murals created by yip yew chong in sentosa
Image credit: @yipyewchong via Instagram

Artsy folks who can’t shy away from a good photo op will also be happy to know that there is a myriad of optical illusion-style murals created by local artist Yip Yew Chong that’re plastered on the walls, roads, and rocks.

Book a Fort Siloso walking trail.

Fort Siloso
Address: Siloso Road, Singapore 099981
Opening hours: 10AM-6PM, Daily

Getting there
By public transport: Alight at Harbourfront MRT and take the tram from Vivocity Station to Beach Station. From there, transfer to Sentosa Bus A or C.
Or if you’re arriving at Sentosa via the boardwalk, take bus C from Resorts World Sentosa Basement 1 to Siloso Point.
By cable car: Take the Mount Faber Line and alight at Sentosa Station. From there, walk to the Imbiah Lookout Station which is part of the Sentosa Line, and take the cable car to Siloso Point. The Skywalk to Fort Siloso will be right beside the cable car station.

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Cover image adapted from (L-R): @natali.hastings via Instagram and @trevallog via Instagram

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Article originally published on 23rd December 2021. Last updated by Xin Tian Koh on 31st August 2023.