Fort Serapong in Sentosa

When we think of Sentosa, a sunny island with beautiful beaches to frolic in the ocean, whizzing down in a luge, or spending the day at Universal Studios Singapore come to mind. With so many fun things to do, it’s a popular go-to for both tourists and locals alike.

Deep in the jungles of Sentosa, however, lies the hidden Fort Serapong that’s a far cry from what we’re used to seeing at the State of Fun. Unlike the famous Fort Siloso, Fort Serapong is a Lara Croft movie set in real life, with a whole network of underground tunnels, abandoned WWII structures and secret bunkers.

If your adventurous souls are already brimming with excitement, here’s what you can expect on an expedition here.

Note: Fort Serapong is accessible via guided tours, so be sure not to venture out on your own as it can be dangerous.

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Uncover abandoned relics from the colonial era

Also known as Mount Serapong, the fort was built between the 1870s and 1890s and has since become a conserved area due to its historical significance. It was built to keep pirates at bay, which was a common problem at the time.As the Japanese threat grew, the fort was meant to deter enemies with big guns, all pointing wrong – they were initially facing out towards the sea, but turned around to repel Japanese troops from the north during World War II.

Fort Serapong
Abandoned structures where naval guns once proudly stood

Once there was no more use for the guns, they were destroyed by the British to prevent them from falling into enemy hands.

Fun fact: The fort was initially armed with 7-inch guns and 64-pounders before being upgraded with 10-inch guns that had better firepower and range.

Fort Serapong
The fort was further improved with additional observation posts and battery potting rooms in the 1930s, which is why you’ll see some buildings with plaques that read “1936”.
Image credit: @nrhtdytz

Explore underground passages and forgotten structures

Fort Serapong

During your tour to Fort Serapong, you’ll be guided along man-made trails, rough cement grounds covered with debris, and even small makeshift bridges. So be sure to wear a good pair of hiking shoes and bring lots of water and a snack for your hike.

Fort Serapong

Fort Serapong

Once you get to the fort, it will make you feel as if you’ve just entered a post-apocalyptic world. From sprawling vines creeping along weathered walls to small plants growing between the cracks on the floor, you’ll find Mother Nature slowly laying claim to what was once hers.

Fort Serapong Stairs
Image credit: @nrhtdytz

Inside some of these structures are caved-in roofs, graffiti and remnants of rusted staircases. During our visit a few years ago prior to the implementation of tours, we even saw hidden ladders and bunkers here.

Fort Serapong Casemates
Serapong Casemates

Delving further into Fort Serapong, you’ll arrive at Serapong Casemates, which refer to rooms in a fortress with openings to shoot through. While seemingly small, the casemates have an entire section built deep into the hill with bomb shelters and hidden rooms that few have ventured to.

Rediscover history at Fort Serapong

Fort Serapong

Truly a relic from a bygone era, Fort Serapong is unlike any other. Abandoned and untouched for decades, visiting this conserved area can be extremely rewarding.

Interested explorers can opt for a guided tour for the full experience by emailing

Address: 54 Lakeshore View, Singapore 098441

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