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Universal Studios Singapore - Cover

Universal Studios Singapore: Best Zones, Rides With Highest Thrill-Factors & Dining Options

Universal Studios Singapore guide

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) requires no introduction. Daredevils come here for the exhilarating roller coasters, while kids go ham over the meet-and-greet sessions with their favourite characters.

Here’s a guide to USS based on what’s available at each zone, the attractions with the highest-rated thrill factors, and the best food available. This helps you beat the crowd and maximise your day at the park so you don’t spend half your time queueing.  

Universal Studios Singapore’s 6 zones

Universal Studios Singapore - Globe

Movie fans are sure to be appeased by USS’ 6 zones that take on themes from family-friendly shows such as Sesame Street and blockbuster films like Transformers. Each zone features a different theme and has its own rides, retail shops, and restaurants. 

The park’s layout is circular, so you can easily navigate through the different zones. But the trick is to not start with the first zone you see or follow the order of the loop; we recommend making a beeline for either the top rides on your bucket list or the inner zones to stay ahead of queues.

TL;DR if you’re arriving just when the park opens, just chiong towards your favourite rides before exploring the rest of the park. 

1. Hollywood – Stroll down Hollywood Boulevard

Universal Studios Singapore - Hollywood

The first thing that greets you at USS is the vibrant district of Hollywood. With its bustling streets and art deco-style buildings, it’ll feel as though you’ve just stepped onto a movie set. 

Universal Studios Singapore - Hollywood Entrance

Beyond just feeling like a movie star, spot celebrities along the Walk of Fame. Or look out for the Hollywood sign, an iconic symbol of the entertainment capital.  

Universal Studios Singapore - Minion Popcorn Bucket
Grab a Minion popcorn bucket from the souvenir store, then head over to the popcorn truck to fill it up with popcorn.

2. New York – Immerse in NYC vibes & snap IG-worthy shots

A flight from LA to NYC takes about 5.5 hours, but when there’s movie magic, you’ll be on the streets of The Big Apple in minutes at USS.

Universal Studios Singapore - New York Photo Spots

Just next to Hollywood is New York, where you’ll spot brickstone buildings and yellow taxi cabs. They look just like the ones in the city, so take the opportunity to bluff your friends that you spent summer in the city that never sleeps.

Universal Studios Singapore - Spaghetti Space Chase

After all that photo taking, you can hop on the low-speed, kid-friendly joyride – Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. You’ll zip through space with Elmo and Super Grover, as well as meet other Muppets in the flesh like Big Bird, and Bert and Ernie.

Thrill factor: 1/5

Universal Studios Singapore - Lights Camera Actions Entrance

Else, be sure to experience a Steven Speilberg blockbuster sequence for yourself at Lights, Camera, Action! that brings movie special effects to life. Be warned – there’s fire and a possibility that you might get wet on set.

Thrill factor: 2/5

3. Far Far Away – Fairytale land with castles and green friendly ogres

Universal Studios Singapore - Far Far Away Castle

It’s been 2 decades since Shrek was first shown in theatres but that hasn’t stopped Far Far Away from being one of the most iconic zones at USS.

The fictional fairytale land is home to a majestic castle that doesn’t just serve as an IG-worthy backdrop; it’s where you can catch the Shrek 4-D Adventure, which meshes sensory effects like water jets and chair movements with a 3D screening of an animated film starring Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey.

Thrill factor: 2/5

Universal Studios Singapore - Puss in Boots

For those who prefer going on rides, there’s the story-driven Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey roller coaster that brings you on a swashbuckling adventure down a beanstalk.

Thrill factor: 3.5/5

If you’re not the biggest fan of roller coasters but still want to sit on one, try out the more kid-friendly Enchanted Airways that has gentle swoops, turns, and drops.

Thrill factor: 2.5/5

Universal Studios Singapore - Magic Potion Spin

There’s one more ride tucked away within the souvenir shop – the Magic Potion Spin Ferris wheel. It’s a leisurely and relaxing ride that will offer you aircon respite from the heat.

Thrill factor: 1/5

4. The Lost World – Get up-close & personal encounters with reptiles

Universal Studios Singapore - The Lost World

Jurassic Park fans will no doubt recognise the humongous iconic doors fit to keep T-Rexes at bay at The Lost World. And it’s through those doors that you’ll spot dinosaur statues to pose with, and of course, a number of Jurassic Park-themed rides.

Universal Studios Singapore - Dino Encounter

But before you run over to the rides, find out more about the extinct species at Hatched! Featuring Dr. Rodney just at the entrance to the zone. You’ll witness the hatching of a baby Velociraptor and, if you’re the lucky one chosen, have the honour of naming the newborn.

Meet one of these raptors up close at the Raptor Encounter with Blue. You’ll get to learn a thing or two about the prehistoric lizard, then if you’re feeling particularly brave, get a couple of snaps in with the cheeky reptile.

Universal Studios Singapore - Canopy Flyer

Instead of being the designated guardian of your friends’ belongings, those who are terrified of all things high-speed can cruise along the Canopy Flyer. You’ll get to enjoy unparalleled views of the entire zone. Though it doesn’t move at breakneck speed, it may get a little speedy so you can enjoy a little dose of thrill.

Thrill factor: 3/5

Universal Studios Singapore - Rapids Adventure

If you’re game for a white water rafting adventure, hop aboard the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. You’ll get up close and personal with animatronic dinosaurs that might just try to chomp on you.

We recommend bringing your own ponchos or purchasing one at the ride entrance for $2 if you don’t want to get your clothes wet. There are life-sized dryers available for rent afterwards at $5 if you sustained more than just a splash.

Thrill factor: 3/5

5. Ancient Egypt – Towering egyptian sculptures & ancient ruins

Universal Studios Singapore - Ancient Egypt

From the Jurassic era, jump forward slightly into the future at Ancient Egypt, where you’ll see the towering replicas of Egyptian guards standing by the entrance to the zone and the Revenge of the Mummy ride.

While you anticipate the thrill of sitting on one of the park’s top-rated roller coasters, keep your eyes peeled for artifacts from the ancient civilisation. Think statues of Egyptian gods, chalices, and treasure that wouldn’t look out of place in a museum.

Universal Studios Singapore - Revenge of the MummyImage adapted from: YongQuan Huang via YouTube

It’s worth a good look because the ride itself is in a pitch black arena. You’ll catch glimpses of scarab beetles and mummies when fireballs are momentarily shot in the dark.

But when the high speed roller coaster is going at 70km/h and has sudden drops, accelerations, and backward motions, we won’t be surprised if you spent the entire ride with your eyes closed in fear.

Thrill factor: 4/5

Universal Studios Singapore - Treasure Hunters

For something more chill and for younger visitors, there’s also the Treasure Hunters ride. Get in the driver’s seat and cruise your way through archaeological sites to look for hidden treasures.

Thrill factor: 1/5

6. Sci-Fi City – For the adrenaline junkies

As its name suggests, you can expect robots and all-things-tech in the futuristic Sci-Fi City. Home to the not-to-be-missed Transformers Autobots, this is the place to go to for iconic wefies with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime

Universal Studios Singapore - Battlestar Galactica

This place also has 2 of USS’ most iconic rides – the intertwined blue and red roller coasters that make up Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON. Go for Cylon – the blue one – if you’re a fan of coasters that take you on loop-the-loops from high drop points. Otherwise, Human – the red one – is made for speed demons. This one accelerates up to 90km/h on the ride.

Thrill factor: 5/5

Universal Studios Singapore - Transformers

Those with a fear of heights will have no more excuses to not go on this ride. Believe it or not, the TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle does not physically plunge down steep descents – it’s mostly the work of the exceptional 3D effects and movements of the carriage.

It’s a crowd favourite among park-goers and Transformers fans alike. You’ll get to be part of a movie scene where the Autobots go up against the Decepticons on high-rise buildings and subway tunnels.

Thrill factor: 4/5

Universal Studios Singapore - Game Booths

Rides aside, you can also take a mini break from all the adrenaline by making a stop at Sci-Fi Games for carnival games.

Test your skills in classics such as Meteor Smash or Astronaut Tubs. If you’re having trouble scoring, ask the friendly attendants for tips and might just take home a coveted souvenir.

(Closed) Madagascar

Universal Studios Singapore - MadagascarImage credit: @urvashianand via Instagram

Both kids and adults who are young at heart will surely be familiar with the fun-loving zoo animals of Madagascar. Embellished with thick foliage, wooden crates and animal prints, this zone will let you tour the home of Alex, Melman, Gloria and Marty – you might even see these characters parading around IRL.

Hop onto the chill Madagascar: A Crate Adventure river cruise or go on a fun carousel ride on King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round.

*The zone is currently undergoing a revamp to create a new home for Gru and The Minions.

What to eat & where to shop at USS

Entertainment and rides aside, USS doesn’t fall short on dining options that include themed restaurants, food courts, and snack stands. You’ll also want to set aside time to visit the retail shops to stock up on USS merch.

Mel’s Drive-In

Universal Studios Singapore - Mel's Drive In Entrance

For some hearty burgers and decadent milkshakes, hop by Mel’s Drive-In. The diner serves up classic American fare such as Turkey Bacon Cheeseburger ($16) and a vegetarian-friendly Portobello Mushroom Burger ($15). If you’re looking for a tinge of local flavour, Mel’s Rendang Burger ($16) has a spicy kick that’ll hit the spot.

Universal Studios Singapore - Mel's Drive In Food

There are also dessert must-tries like Milkshakes ($8) and Chocolate Brownies ($7) to end your meal on a sweet high.


You can’t go wrong with good ol’ fried chicken. Goldilocks is known for their homemade 7-spice fried chicken that’s tender and juicy. 

Universal Studios Singapore - Goldilocks Fried Chicken
Image adapted from: Rarchelle SY via Google Maps

Choose between 2-pc ($16) or 3-pc Chicken ($18) sets that comes in either original or their signature laksa flavour, complete with corn chowder, french fries and a soft drink.

Universal Studios Singapore - Shrek Waffles
Shrek fans: get the ogre’s likeness on waffles with ice cream (from $15) for an even sweeter treat.
Image adapted from: 이하용 via Google Maps

Their range of sides include Onion Rings ($7) and Mozzarella Sticks ($7). Those with a sweet tooth can delight in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (from $7) for dessert.

Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor

Universal Studios Singapore - Loui's NY Pizza Parlor entrance

Pizza rarely fails to check all the boxes if you’re looking for a quick and easy lunch in between visiting attractions.

Universal Studios Singapore - Loui's Giant Pizza

Grab a slice at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor. Their giant pizzas ($10/slice, $50 for whole pizza) come generously topped with cheese, marinara sauce, and lots of other ingredients. If you have time for a full meal, Loui’s also has pastas (from $15) and starters like cheesy meatballs ($12) and garlic bread ($7).

Snack stalls

For park-goers who want to maximise their time on rides and consider eating a secondary concern, you can still get a bite from the convenient snack stalls located throughout the different zones. 

Universal Studios Singapore - Snack Corners

Before waiting in line for your next thrilling adventure, you can grab a Turkey Leg ($15) from Frozen Fuel or quench your thirst with a refreshing canned drink ($4) from Cairo Market.

Retails shops for movie merch

Universal Studios Singapore - Merchandise

If you’re a loud and proud fan of the movies featured at USS, the slew of retail shops are a must-visit. 

Universal Studios Singapore - Big Bird's Emporium

Head down to Big Bird’s Emporium for Sesame Street collectibles or set aside time to browse the TRANSFORMERS Supply Vault to stock up on Bumblebee apparel.

(Temporarily Closed) KT’s Grill

Universal Studios Singapore - KT's Grill

In true Irish-American fashion, KT’s Grill has ribs, burgers and pastas galore. Indulge in the Chef’s Special BBQ Pork Ribs that comes with truffle fries and salad, or DIY your own meal where you can choose mains like Lamb Rack and Spring Chicken, a side, and your preferred sauce for added flavour.

*KT’s Grill is slated to open at the end of July.

Character meet-and-greet & street entertainment

Universal Studios Singapore - Meet and Greet Characters

Kids or full-fledged adults alike who are fans of Despicable Me, Sesame Street, and Transformers should have their cameras charged to 100% when you’re here. You can catch your favourite characters along the streets of USS where they’ll be more than happy to snap a pic or two with you.

Universal Studios Singapore - Madagasar Conga

While the Madagascar zone may be a thing of the past at USS, the zany characters such as Marty and King Julien will be present during the Madagascar’s Conga in the Concrete Jungle parade. They’ll be rocking up in larger-than-life floats in a lively procession, where you’ll even be asked to join in to bust a move.

Universal Studios Singapore - Rhythm Truck

There are also interactive shows like
Rhythm Truck that’ll drop the beat and get you into your dancing mood. 

Universal Studios Singapore - Mel's Mixtape

Otherwise, immerse yourself in the nostalgia of pop classics and sing along with the singers at Mel’s Mixtape.

Tips for visiting Universal Studios Singapore

Now that you’re all set with the park’s attractions and rides, there are a few logistics to keep in mind for a seamless trip. Here are some extra tips to ensure your adventure is smooth sailing.

Use lockers to stow your belongings

Universal Studios Singapore - Free Lockers

Some rides don’t allow you to bring items like bags and cameras along. There are free lockers near these rides for you to store your belongings securely.

Just take note that usage is only complimentary if it is used within a stipulated time frame. This varies from ride to ride as it’s based on the estimated time it’d take to wait and complete the ride.

Download the Universal Studios Singapore app

Universal Studios Singapore - App

Before embarking on your adventure at USS, make sure to arm yourself with the ultimate tool for an optimised park experience – the Universal Studios Singapore app

With just a few taps, you’ll gain access to information such as real-time updates on ride availability and estimated wait times, scheduled showtimes, meet-and-greet sessions, and even the nearest restroom.

Get express passes to beat queues

Universal Studios Singapore - Ticket
Image for illustrative purposes only.

If you really can’t deal with long waiting times for rides, the Universal Express pass might be a worthwhile investment. For $70, you can enjoy priority access to each ride once.

But if you want to conquer the park #likeaboss, go all out with the Universal Express Unlimited pass for $100. With this pass, you can zip through the express lane and hop onto the rides ASAP and as many times as you like.

However, do note that there are a few ride exclusions for both passes such as the Canopy Flyer, Treasure Hunter, Magic Potion Spin as well as front row access for any of the rides.

Guide to Universal Studios Singapore

Whether you’re in need of a novel experience to quell your wanderlust or simply want to experience thrills of sorts, a trip to Universal Studios Singapore will be the perfect daycation to make you feel young at heart all over again. 

Getting there: Alight at Harbourfront MRT Station that’s located on the Circle Line and Purple Line and board the Sentosa Express. Alight after one stop at Resorts World Station. Else, you can take the Sentosa Boardwalk on foot from Vivocity.

Admission Fee
From $59 (Local), $62 (Tourist)
Google Reviews
8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269
Opening Hours:
Monday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM Show More Timings

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Photography by Gavin Chua.
Originally published by Deborah Gan on 18th October 2021. Last updated by Pat Yuan Teng on 13th June 2023.