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Tokyo Disneysea Fantasy Springs - 4 new rides

Fantasy Springs Tokyo DisneySea Opens In June 2024 Featuring Frozen, Tangled & Peter Pan Rides

Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

It’s official: Tokyo DisneySea is expanding into another world and you don’t have to wait long to visit it. On 6th June 2024, Fantasy Springs will open to the public, where you’ll get to explore worlds from classic Disney films such as Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan. In store are immersive rides, food from the films, and of course, a touch of Disney magic.

Here’s what to expect and how to get in:

How to get access to Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

It’s expected that the first few weeks and even months of the opening of Fantasy Springs will see a crowd of people trying to get into the new attraction. For that reason, Tokyo DisneySea has limited the number of entrants per day to prevent overcrowding. Here are 3 tips to get you in:

1. Camp for a Standby Pass or Disney Premier Access

Regular ticket holders of DisneySea are not guaranteed access to Fantasy Springs, so you’ll need to get a Standby Pass or Disney Premier Access in order to visit the extension.

For this, you’ll want to prepare as much as you can ahead of time to increase your chances of getting these passes. Before the day of your visit, download the Tokyo Disney Resort app and link your Tokyo DisneySea ticket to your app’s account.

On the day of, open up the app after scanning your entry ticket, to book a Standby Pass or Disney Premier Access to any ride or attraction within Fantasy Springs. You’ll be assigned a time to enter this section of the theme park. Standby Passes are free, while Disney Premier Access are ¥2,000 (~S$17.21) per attraction at Fantasy Springs.

These passes are on a first-come-first-serve basis, so we recommend coming hours before the park even opens for a higher chance of getting entry to Fantasy Springs.

2. Book a Tokyo DisneySea resort stay for early park entrance

Hotel guests get the benefit of entering the theme park 15 minutes before other guests, which may help you score a Standby Pass or Disney Premier Access before they run out. But, there are only 2 hotels you can stay at for this Happy Entry privilege: the new DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel and DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.

With Happy Entry, you get to activate your DisneySea ticket earlier, and hopefully land a Standby Pass or Disney Premier Access to Fantasy Springs.

If you miss getting these passes, hotel guests are still able to buy a 1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic. Not only will this allow you to enter this part of the theme park, you’ll also get to sit on all the rides at least once.

1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic
Adult (18 years and older):
From ¥22,900 (~S$197.05)
Junior (12-17 years old): From ¥21,600 (~S$185.87)
Child (4-11 years old): From ¥19,700 (~S$169.52)

Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel
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1-2 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-8526, Japan
Opening Hours:
Monday Open 24 Hours Show More Timings
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Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
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Japan, 〒279-8519 Chiba, Urayasu, Maihama, 1−13
Opening Hours:
Monday Open 24 Hours Show More Timings
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3. Book a Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package for guaranteed entrance to Fantasy Springs

The Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages are all-inclusive holidays that don’t just include park entrance to both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, but guaranteed entry to Fantasy Springs. This means you can enter the park whenever you want and enjoy Fantasy Springs at your own leisure. You’ll even be able to skip lines for all rides as well.

There are other benefits such as attraction tickets for shorter queuing times at other rides, shows, and meet and greets. You can even take home exclusive souvenirs like a tote bag, popcorn carrier, and limited edition Disney Tomica car.

The packages are also inclusive of 1-2 nights at a Tokyo Disney Resort accommodation, so there’s no need to travel far after spending a whole day at the park.

Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package
1-night stay:
From ¥75,900/pax (~S$653.61)
2-night stay: From ¥114,600/pax (~S$986.87)

Book a Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package.

Catch Anna & Elsa’s sisterly tale of love at Frozen Kingdom

fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - frozen kingdom
Image credit: Tokyo DisneySea

We’re willing to bet your child knows all the words to Let It Go from Frozen perfectly. If they’ve been wishing to build a snowman or test out their ice powers, then the Frozen Kingdom is where you’ll want to head to first.

fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - anna & elsa's frozen journey
Image credit: Tokyo DisneySea

You won’t be able to miss it, as the Arendelle castle and snowy mountains stand right out. Inside, there’s Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, a boat ride depicting the tale of Anna and Elsa from their 2 films.

Ride with the Lost Boys & Tinker Bell at Peter Pan’s Never Land

fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - peter pan's never land
Image credit: 宮坂誠 via Google Maps

If you’re wondering why Tokyo has both a Disneyland and a DisneySea, you’ll get your answers at Peter Pan’s Never Land. At this section, you’ll find Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger pirate ship docked in the water, and yes, you’re allowed to climb on board without fear of Hook or a menacing crocodile coming to get you.

fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - peter pan's never land adventure
Image credit: Tokyo DisneySea

The main attraction here, however, is Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure. It’s a 3D motion simulator that features characters like Peter Pan himself, his sidekick Tinker Bell, and his motley crew of Lost Boys. Strap on the 3D goggles and you’ll be immersed in their adventures right in front of you.

fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - fairy tinker bel's busy buggies
Image credit: Tokyo DisneySea

There’s less swashbuckling at Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies, but the ride is just as immersive. You’ll shrink down to her size once you enter her Pixie Hollow – flowers are now thrice as big, as are the mushrooms and acorns here.

Be a part of that lantern scene in Tangled at Rapunzel’s Forest

Make your last stop Rapunzel’s Forest, especially if you’re able to stay till the sun sets. If you do, the place glows under the warm light of the magical lanterns that line the place.

fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - rapunzel's forest
Image credit: Tokyo DisneySea

That’s enough reason to visit this place but the true kicker here is Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival. The water ride follows Rapunzel and Flynn Rider’s romantic journey from her tower and through the forest.

Then, make sure you’ve got your phone camera switched on because that’s when you’ll float through dozens of floating lanterns. Words can’t do this justice so we’ll just let the pictures do the talking:

fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - rapunzel's lantern forest 2
Image credit: Tokyo DisneySea

fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - rapunzel's lantern forest 1
Image credit: Tokyo DisneySea

Sweet, isn’t it? We won’t be surprised if couples sneak a smooch or even get proposed to here. Just remember to stay seated throughout the entire ride and not disturb your fellow passengers while you’re at it.

What to eat at Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea?

Apart from rides, there are a tonne of dining options at Fantasy Springs. If animated food always looked good enough for you to lick your screen, then you won’t be disappointed by the offerings here.

fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - royal banquet of arenelle oaken's ok foods
Beef Pie Set Meal and Oaken’s Yoo-Hoo Bread.
Image adapted from: Tokyo DisneySea

At Frozen Kingdom, you’ve got your choice of the Royal Banquet of Arendelle and Oaken’s OK Foods. The first is a palatial replica of the hall where Elsa held her coronation, and serves set meals (from ¥3,500, ~S$30.14) of pie, smoked salmon trout, potato gratin, and Frozen-themed desserts. The latter is a food kiosk for handheld meat-filled bread (¥850, ~S$7.32) for a quick bite between rides.

fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - the snuggly duckling
Cheeseburger Set Meal and Sweets Ever After.
Image adapted from: Tokyo DisneySea

There’s more fast food at The Snuggly Duckling at Rapunzel’s Forest. It’s burgers and fries (from ¥1,440, ~S$12.40) on the menu but we implore you to take it slow to take in the details of the tavern that was featured in Tangled.

fantasy springs tokyo disneysea - snack box lookout cookout
Image credit: Tokyo DisneySea

The restaurant at Peter Pan’s Never Land – Lookout Cookout – is also worth a visit and a gander. Decorated to look like the Lost Boys hideout, you’ll find their onesies hung up to dry and even a map of Neverland on the wall. For food, it’s handheld snack boxes (¥900, ~S$7.75) of chicken tenders, banana chips, and shrimp crackers.

Get ready for Fantasy Springs opening on 6th June 2024

With the June school holidays right around the corner, we won’t be surprised if Tokyo DisneySea is already part of the itinerary for you and the kids – lucky you. With any luck, you’ll hopefully be one of the first few to catch the new Fantasy Springs before anyone else.

For the rest of us, it’s never too early to book your own ticket for the year-end holidays, especially if you’re hoping to stay at the new DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel. Rooms sell out inexplicably quick, so it’s a game of fastest fingers first if you want in.

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1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-8511, Japan
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Cover image adapted from: Tokyo DisneySea