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aerial yoga studios singapore

9 Aerial Yoga Studios in Singapore Where You Can Just ‘Hang Around’ To Get Fit

Aerial yoga studios in Singapore

Whether you have mastered all 84 yoga asanas or struggle to even touch your toes, aerial yoga is a unique way to improve your fitness, strength, and flexibility. Combining elements of yoga, pilates, and dance while you hang mid-air in a hammock, aerial yoga eases beginners into tougher poses while giving experienced yogis a challenging yet addictive whole body workout.  

Stretch those tight muscles after a stressful work day and flex your new routines on the ‘Gram with these aerial yoga studios in Singapore that you can swing by:

1. Aerial Fitness Studio – Has night slots for post-work sessions

aerial fitness studio
Image adapted from: Aerial Fitness Studio via Facebook

Save all your “I don’t have time” excuses as Aerial Fitness Studio has classes till 8.30pm on weekdays. This means you can swing by for a session after work, without sacrificing your work-life balance. 

straight leg straddle
Image credit: Shutterstock

The studio has intensive courses that help you master difficult poses. For one, there’s the 8-week Straddle Course that focuses on doing a proper straight-leg straddle. Group classes go from $28/session, and first-timers can sign up for the trial class ($30/pax) where you can try the hammock, hoop, silk, and trapeze in one session. 

Aerial Fitness Studio
Google Reviews
1557 Keppel Rd, #02-11, Singapore 089066
Opening Hours:
Thursday 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM Show More Timings
Contact Information

2. Hale Yoga – From $19/session for group classes

hale yoga
Image credit: Hale Yoga 

Learning a new hobby might be daunting, and the financial costs might deter you from even starting. Hale Yoga offers beginners a trial package at just $95/5 classes, so you can try aerial yoga at an affordable rate. 

Here, you can try both hoop and hammock classes. And for the pros, the studio has 2 types of hammock fabric – parachute trapeze and stretchy silk. Depending on which poses you’re working on, you can opt for the respective fabric and slay your form. 

Hale Yoga Tanjong Pagar
Admission Fee
$30 (drop-in)
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Google Reviews
144 Robinson Rd, #19-02 Robinson Square, Singapore 068908
Opening Hours:
Thursday 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM Show More Timings
Contact Information

3. Mindful Movement Singapore – Best for small, personalised classes

Mindful Movement Singapore aerial yoga
Image credit: @mindful.mvmnt via Instagram

You are guaranteed individual attention at Mindful Movement due to their small class size of less than 5 people, making sure you get all the guidance you need in performing your manoeuvres. If that is not sufficient, there are also 1-on-1 private sessions available.

Classes here incorporate strength training in the form of conditioning exercises, helping you kill two birds with one stone by getting your stretches down, as well as toning your muscles all in one session.

Mindful Movement
Google Reviews
43D Beach Rd, #5th Floor Evershine & Century Complex, Singapore 189681
Opening Hours:
Thursday 08:00 AM - 08:30 PM Show More Timings
Contact Information

Other outlet available at Woodleigh. 

4. Dream Dance and Yoga – Classes conducted in both English & Mandarin

Dream Dance and Yoga
Image credit: Dream Dance and Yoga

If you are more comfortable attending a class conducted in Mandarin, Dream Dance and Yoga has bilingual instructors to guide you along. Being a mere 2-minute walk away from Tai Seng MRT, this studio also offers convenience to those with extra busy schedules.

Even if you are new to aerial yoga, the instructors here will ensure you learn the basic poses and postures. Classes also incorporate elements of stretching, core exercises, inversions and aerobics, setting you up to get dem abs and improve your flexibility as you follow easy routines that ramp up in intensity.

Dream Dance and Yoga Raffles Place
Google Reviews
17 Phillip St, #09-00 Grand Building, Singapore 048695
Opening Hours:
Thursday 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM Show More Timings
Contact Information

List of Dream Dance and Yoga locations.


5. Adedance Aerial – For professional & experienced aerial instructors

Adedance Aerial hoop
Image credit: Adedance Aerial

Adedance Aerial features a lineup of instructors who are full-time professionals that have performed in aerial acts in the Singapore F1 Grand Prix, the SEA Games opening ceremony, and even Cirque du Soleil! Under their expert tutelage, you’ll master the choreography for an aerial routine to flex your newfound gymnast chops for the ‘gram.

You can choose between embarking on weekly sessions on an 8-week course to master a full routine, or drop-in classes for casual sessions with friends. Instructors here will guide you on a wide range of aerial yoga disciplines, letting you pick from aerial silk, hoop, and even pole classes.

Adedance Aerial (Marina One Studio)
Google Reviews
5 straits view 01-15 Marina One - West Tower, Singapore 018935
Opening Hours:
Thursday 09:30 AM - 02:30 PM Show More Timings
Contact Information
List of Adedance Aerial locations.

6. Refindery Fitness – For the widest range of classes

Refindery Fitness aerial yoga
Image credit: @refinderyfitness via Instagram

Be spoiled for choice at Refindery Fitness, as you pick from a broad selection of aerial yoga classes ranging from Aerial Beginner to Aerial Dynamic that includes strength and flexibility training for advanced poses. 

Stretch out your tight muscles at the Aerial Yin Yang for a potent dose of stress relief, or head to Aerial Stretch for a fun fusion of yoga, pilates, and dance. It’ll also make for a unique team-bonding session or hen’s night that’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Refindery Fitness
Google Reviews
413A River Valley Rd, Singapore 248311
Contact Information

7. Milan Pole Dance Studio – Classy studio with pole dance options

Milan Pole Dance Studio aerial yoga
Image credit: @makahmak via Instagram

Milan Pole Dance Studio is a renowned global pole dance and aerial fitness brand boasting studios in countries like Milan, Dubai, and Singapore. While pole dance classes are a mainstay of Milan Pole Dance Studio, they’re also renowned and highly-rated for their aerial silks, hoop, and hammock tech classes too.

Their studios are situated in classy shophouses with floor-to-ceiling windows for maximum natural lighting, providing you an extra serotonin boost – and not to mention – perfect soft lighting for the ‘Gram.

Milan Pole Dance Studio – Singapore (Keong Saik Studio)
Google Reviews
31B Keong Saik Rd., #03-01, Singapore 089138
Opening Hours:
Thursday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM Show More Timings
Contact Information

Other outlet available at Teck Lim Road.

8. Jal Yoga – For traditional yogic vibes in class

Jal Yoga student
Image credit: Jal Yoga

Channel your inner yogi at Jal Yoga, where you can practice traditional mat poses all while being suspended mid-air on a silk hammock, which helps take the stress off your shoulders, head and spine.

Yoga here isn’t just about finding your zen, because classes incorporate barre and pilates techniques to sculpt your body and strengthen that core too. Regardless if you’re new to ‘flying’ or not, Jal Yoga’s instructors will tailor the session to your skill level with safety ensured, meaning you’ll still feel accomplished and relaxed once you’re done.

This yoga studio also offers yoga sessions, including one that uses infrared heat to warm up the body.

Jal Yoga (Upper Thomson)
Admission Fee
From $18/class
Google Reviews
213 Upper Thomson Rd, #01-01, Singapore 574348
Opening Hours:
Thursday 07:15 AM - 09:00 PM Show More Timings
Contact Information

List of Jal Yoga locations.

9. Platinum Yoga – Accessible studio with the most number of outlets

woman swinging in hammock
Image credit: Platinum Yoga

Platinum Yoga has 6 studios across Singapore, making them a top choice for those who’re always on the move. You’ll be able to attend classes at your convenience, whether it’s at Suntec City Mall or Ang Mo Kio, and you can also enjoy many amenities like shower facilities, retail boutiques and personal training rooms at nearly all of their outlets.

In addition to unique forms of yoga like chakra yoga and wall rope yoga, Platinum Yoga also offers 2 levels of aerial yoga focusing on the basics and inversions.

Platinum Yoga Ang Mo Kio Hub
Google Reviews
AMK Hub, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #03-20 53, Singapore 569933
Opening Hours:
Thursday 07:00 AM - 09:30 PM Show More Timings
Contact Information
List of Platinum Yoga locations.

(Closed) Yoga Mala

Yoga Mala studio
Image credit: Yoga Mala

A mere 3-minute walk from Raffles Place MRT, Yoga Mala is ideal for office workers in the area to squeeze in a quick workout to unwind during your break. The cosy, homey studio also provides equipment like mats, blocks and straps so you won’t have to lug extra barang to work. You’ll be able to wash up with their full shower and locker facilities before heading back.

(Closed) FlyWith Fitness 

FlyWith Fitness class
Image credit: FlyWith Fitness

Whether you’re a beginner or a proficient yogi looking for something more, FlyWith Fitness is highly-rated for closely-supervised classes that walk you through advanced and demanding poses to push your limits. 

Boost your flexibility at these aerial yoga studios in Singapore

Few of us might consider ourselves Cirque du Soleil material, but ever-increasing in popularity, aerial yoga boasts a range of health benefits. The best part about exercising while being suspended 1m off the ground: you won’t quite notice how intense of a workout you’re having while you stretch out sore limbs and loosen tense muscles.

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Cover image adapted from: Hale Yoga, Dream Dance and Yoga
Originally published on 26th January 2021. Last updated by Joycelyn Yeow on 22nd December 2023.