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non-slip yoga mats

9 Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats In Singapore For Even The Most Sweaty Workouts

Best yoga mats in Singapore

Yoga mats are a great investment to make as they are extremely versatile – other than yoga, you can use them for practically any kind of exercise from Pilates to HIIT. And they can even double up as picnic mats for trips to the beach or park.

In addition to letting you flaunt your active lifestyle in bold colours on your commute, bringing your own yoga mat along to classes is a must for hygiene reasons. From portable foldable mats for your weekly yoga class to more spacious ones with guides for optimal alignment, here are the 8 best yoga mats to get in Singapore

Choosing the yoga mat that’s right for you

Yoga mats Singapore



The thickness of yoga mats can range from as thin as 0.5MM to as thick as 8MM. For those who tend to do more active yoga poses such as handstands, opt for thinner yoga mats from 3.5MM and below for more stability and grip. If you do more floorwork and need more cushioning for your arms and knees, opt for a thicker mat above 3.5MM.

Length and weight

Also look out for the length of yoga mats, and give yourself a leeway of about 6 inches on top of your height so you won’t have to leave your feet dangling out every time you do yoga poses lying down. For yogis on the go, look out for lighter mats so you won’t have to do an extra workout lugging them around after you step out of studios.

Material and texture

When choosing between materials, there are 3 main types to consider: budget-friendly PVC, TPE and eco-friendly natural rubber. While PVC is highly durable, it is relatively less sweat-absorbent and more slippery. TPE, on the other hand, is a blend of plastic and rubber that offers more grip but less durable. Rubber mats are biodegradable and more earth-friendly – they also provide a pretty good grip! 

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1. Lululemon reversible yoga mat – with adequate cushioning

Lululemon reversible yoga matImage credit: Lululemon, Lulufanatic

Lululemon has been a cult-favourite amongst fitness enthusiasts, and their yoga mats don’t disappoint either. Their reversible yoga mats come in 3 thickness options (1.5MM, 3MM, 5MM) and offer two different textures on each side. The rough, darker side below allows for more active exercises and the smooth, brighter coloured side on top is better for relaxed routines.

Whether you prefer soothing hatha routines or more intense flow exercises, this yoga mat offers you both adequate cushioning and grip on its surface. The mat also contains an antimicrobial formula, keeping it odour-free and making it easier to clean and maintain. 

Thickness: 1.5MM – 5MM
Length: 180CM
Material: Rubber, latex and polyurethane

Price: from $99.50 (HKD580)
Get the Lululemon reversible yoga mat

2. Manduka Eko Superlite Mat – foldable into A4 size

Manduka Eko Superlite MatImage credit: Fit and Fab

For the eco-warriors who bring your own reusables, nothing beats doing sun salutations on a sustainably made yoga mat. The Manduka Eko Superlite Mat is made of ethically harvested tree rubber, and is free of any toxic chemicals. Its surface prevents moisture from seeping in, and a good wipe down after your sweat sesh is all you need to keep the mat looking good as new.

Best yet, it can be folded neatly as small as an A4 sheet of paper, allowing you to fit it into your bag and carry it around easily. 

Thickness: 1.5MM
Length: 180CM
Material: Natural rubber, cotton & polyester

Price: $89
Get the Manduka Eko Superlite Mat

3. Jade Yoga harmony mat – with grippy surface

Jade Yoga harmony matImage credit: Jade Yoga

Another eco-friendly option is the Jade Yoga harmony mat – made of natural rubber, a tree is also planted for each mat sold. Its surface is made to maximise grip – a relief for those who often have to wipe sweaty palms during downward dogs. Besides offering stability, its 5MM thickness also provides adequate cushioning for any floor exercise.

With a reinforced, heavy-duty lining to resist wear and tear, this mat is durable enough to see you through years of practice. 

Thickness: 5MM
Length: 173CM
Material: Natural rubber

Price: $128 (U.P. $138)
Get the Jade Yoga harmony mat

4. Vivre Active cork yoga mat – sweat proof for hot yog

Vivre Active cork yoga matImage credit: Vivre Active

Think cork and you would probably picture wine bottles and boards to pin photos on. However, cork is actually also sustainable, lightweight and naturally antimicrobial – a material that’s ideal for yoga mats. 

Vivre Active’s cork yoga mat is also godsend for hot yoga lovers, as it offers increasing traction the more you perspire. This is also the thinnest mat on this list, offering you the maximum stability for your standing poses.

Thickness: 0.5MM
Length: 183CM
Material: Cork & rubber

Price: $108
Get the Vivre Active cork yoga mat

5. Decathlon yoga mat club  – with guides for alignment

Decathlon yoga mat club Image credit: Decathlon

Entry-level yogis would appreciate the Decathlon’s yoga mat club that offers guides for optimal alignment. Designed by a team of yogis and yoga instructors, this mat has a soft, velvet-textured surface that’s comfortable to rest on yet offers good grip to prevent slippage. 

If you’re looking for portability, it also comes with a mat strap that can be easily attached and removed.  

Thickness: 5MM
Length: 185CM
Material: TPE

Price: $30
Get the Decathlon light gentle yoga mat club

6. Alo Yoga Warrior Mat – with dry-wick matte surface

Alo Warrior, which has a moisture-wicking surfaceImage credit: Modern Fit Mom

For those who are constantly battling sweaty palms and slipping through your exercises, opt for the Alo Yoga Warrior Mat which comes with a dry-wick matte surface that’ll draw moisture away to guarantee a good grip. It’s also fuss-free to maintain, only requiring a good wipe down after use. 

Thickness: 4.2MM
Length: 189CM
Material: Rubber and polyurethane leather

Price: $133
Get the Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

7. Liforme White Magic Travel Mat – metallic-gold printed alignment guides

Liforme White Magic Travel MatImage credit: Liforme

With guidelines printed with durable metallic gold ink, the Liforme White Magic travel mat is an instant eye-pleaser that looks fit for royalty. This mat is made from eco-friendly materials like natural rubber, which is biodegradable within five years after it reaches the landfills. Plus, 5% from the sale of each mat is donated to support Friends of the Earth’s sustainability campaigns. 

You can bundle it with a matching yoga pad ($103, £55.00) that can be stacked on top of your mat for extra cushion and support. 

Thickness: 2MM
Length: 180CM
Material: Natural rubber & eco-polyurethane 

Price: from $217 (£115)
Get the Liforme white magic travel mat

8. Watsons Yoga Mat – wallet-friendly with net carrying bag

An option from Watsons with included bagImage credit: Watsons

For a budget-friendly option at bargain-basement prices, Watson’s Yoga Mat goes at just $12.90 (U.P. $19.90). This is perfect for beginner yogis who might not want to splurge on higher-end mats as you’re still trying things out. 

The mat offers adequate cushioning and comes with a net carrying bag for portability. Made with durable PVC material, this makes a value-for money investment for the long run. 

Thickness: 8MM
Length: 173CM
Material: PVC

Price: $12.90 (U.P. $19.90)
Get the Watsons Yoga Mat

9. Milliot & Co Yoga Mat – with abstract prints

Milliot & CoImage credit: Milliot & Co

For a yoga mat that can double up as home decor, check out Milliot & Co Yoga Mats that come in a myriad of quirky abstract prints from doodle faces to rainbow prints that are an instant mood-lifter. Matching beauty with function, this mat also has a textured surface for added grip. 

Thickness: 3.5MM
Length: 183CM
Material: Rubber

Price: from $57.86
Get the Milliot & Co Yoga Mat

Bonus: Iuga yoga towel – with corner pockets to secure onto a mat

 Iuga yoga towelEach purchase comes with a matching hand towel
Image credit: Amazon

If your yoga practice or exercise routine mainly occurs at studios or gyms, a yoga towel can come in handy. Apart from ensuring hygiene by avoiding direct contact with shared mats, it also does double duty for you to wipe off your dripping sweat. Plus, it saves you the extra step of wiping down your yoga mat – just throw it into the washing machine to keep it clean. 

Made of pure microfiber, the Iuga yoga towel is extra thick and highly absorbent. Designed with corner pockets, simply slip them over a mat and it won’t budge throughout your routine. 

Length: 180CM
Material: Microfiber

Price: from $48
Get the Iuga hand towel

How to clean, care and store yoga mats

Cleaning yoga matsImage credit: Decathlon 

As a general rule, you should wipe your mat with a damp cloth after each use to keep it odour-free. For a more thorough cleaning, make your own solution by combining a 50/50 mix of water and apple cider vinegar and spray it onto your mat once a week to avoid bacterial buildup. Air dry them fully before storing them again. 

Yoga mat holderYoga mat holder
Image credit: Etsy

To store, keep yoga mats away from direct sunlight to prevent its colour from fading. You can either roll it up or use a yoga mat hanger or holder

For most mats, it is not recommended to wash them with soap or put them in a washing machine. However, each yoga mat is uniquely designed, so look out for specific instructions on how to maintain them. 

Getting a yoga mat in Singapore

Even as we chaturanga our way back to yoga studios or continue with home workouts, investing in a quality yoga mat goes a long way in giving you the best grip and cushioning for your routine. It’s also a great way to stay safe and at the top of your hygiene.  

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Cover image adapted from (L-R): Decathlon, Manduka, Vivre Activewear