24h gyms in Singapore

Working out is already exhausting, but it’s even more shag when you have to chiong back after work to squeeze in a workout just before the gym closes. To relieve you of this pressure, we’ve sourced out these 24-hour gyms all around the island to help you get your workout in any time you want – so you can take your time to have dinner first, or even drop by in the middle of the night during those days where you just can’t fall asleep.

Check out more gyms in Singapore below:

1. The Gym Pod

Exercising in a shipping container is what you’ll be doing at The Gym Pod, Singapore’s first container gym. The space may look small, but it holds quite a number of equipment such as a treadmill, smith machine, and a whole rack of dumbbells.

The Gym Pod, Gyms SingaporeImage credit: @thegympod

Crowd control won’t be an issue because at any given point, only 3 people are allowed in the gym* and bookings for various timeslots will have to be made in advance. Currently, there are six outlets, including one that’s a 2-minute walk from One-North MRT station, in close proximity with Timbre+, a basketball court, and soccer street court. Another gym is located at Alexandra Technopark with a bigger space and more equipment compared to the first outlet.

weights, Gyms SingaporeImage credit: The Gym Pod

Regulars can also check out their monthly plans ($9.90) which will give you access to advanced booking, rescheduling as well as discounted rates. Find out more here.

Monthly plans: $9.90 | Per entry: $2.50 (Off-peak), $3.50 (Peak period)

Address: View their full list of locations here.

2. Dennis Gym

Dennis GymImage credit: Dennis Gym

If you’re into powerlifting, check out Dennis Gym, which was opened by a former bodybuilder. There are 4 Dennis Gym outlets at Farrer Park, Tai Seng, Jurong, and Tampines, and all of them come complete with an extensive range of weights and stations specifically for powerlifting. This includes a squat rack, smith machines and bench press stations in addition to having an entire rack of barbells and dumbells.

Dennis Gym interior, Gyms SingaporeImage adapted from: Dennis Gym

The gym’s staff go the extra mile to plan a personalised routine for you if you’re not sure how to kick-start your fitness journey. They’re also more than willing to teach you how to use the gym’s machines so don’t be afraid to reach out to them.

Dennis Gym MachinesImage credit: Dennis Gym

The gym also offers up group kickboxing classes so if you’re one to bond with friends over a good workout, check it out.

Membership: From $64/month for a 12-month membership | Per entry: $7

Address: View their full list of gyms here.

3. Gymm Boxx

Gymm Boxx is a neighbourhood gym with branches in residential areas like Bedok, Bishan and Jurong. And out of this entire list, Gymm Boxx has the most pocket-friendly prices with walk-in fees starting from $8.

gymm boxx, Gyms SingaporeImage credit: @360activ

In terms of equipment, the gym has the standard racks for squatting and deadlifting as well as dumbells that go up to 50kg. Their toilets are relatively clean and lockers are available for you to place your belongings in.

gymm boxx machinesImage credit: @360activ

All youths under 21 and senior citizens get cheaper rates for their membership plans, so make sure to check that out if you fall into those categories.

P.S. Note that the 24/7 feature is for members only. Per entry users can enter from 5PM – 9PM, from Monday to Friday

Membership: From $65/month for a 12-month membership | Per entry: $16

Address: View their full list of outlets here.

4. 24x Fitness

Those who feel intimidated to enter the gym because you’re not sure how to use certain machines, don’t worry, at 24x Fitness, you’ll be given a thorough walk-through on how to use the equipment properly so you’ll get the most out of your workouts.

24x FitnessImage credit: 24xfitness SG

The gym has two outlets – one in Bugis and the other in Paya Lebar, and in both of ‘em, you’ll find a huge variety of equipment including the squat rack, pull-up bars, a Viper TRX station and battling ropes to melt away those underarm fats.

24xFitness, Gyms SingaporeImage credit: 24xfitness SG

As a new member, you’ll also be given a full body assessment where your heart rate, posture and current form for certain exercises like squats, will be monitored.

Membership: From $84 per month | Per entry: $25
24/7 entry is for members only. Non-members can visit the gym between 11AM-8PM, Daily.

Bugis outlet
Address: 112 Middle Rd, #02-00, Singapore 188970
Telephone: 9828 3461

Paya Lebar outlet
Address: 10 Eunos Road 8, #05-10 Singpost Building, Singapore 408600
Telephone: 8222 3888

5. Dynamic Fitness Gym

It’s always shiok to drink something cold (and preferably healthy) right after a sweaty workout. Instead of spending money on protein shakes and snacks, you can grab them for free at the refreshments bar at Dynamic Fitness Gym.

Dynamic Fitness Gym Image credit: @cehyong

The place also has numerous classes and equipment for you to have an all-rounded workout. This includes martial arts classes like muay thai as well as postnatal workouts specially designed to help moms regain their stamina and strength after childbirth.

snacks at Dynamic Fitness GymFree sandwiches and protein shakes
Image credit: Dynamic Fitness Gym

Membership: From $73 per month | Per entry: $15

Address: 48 Yio Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 545559
Telephone: 9233 2776

6. Platinum Fitness

We all understand how draining it is to work out after work, especially if your travelling time is longer than your training sesh. CBD folks who struggle with this, worry no more as Platinum Fitness in Tanjong Pagar is here for you.

Platinum Fitness, Gyms SingaporeImage credit: @vimandvigourpr

The place offers up top-notch amenities (read: Ashley & Co toiletries) at pocket-friendly prices. In terms of equipment, the gym has a variety of dumbbells and machines, which includes the Smith and lats pulldown machines.

Platinum Fitness weightsImage credit: @vimandvigourpr

Those wanting to go easy on themselves can head to the Functional Zone, a space with light weights, fitness balls and yoga mats. If you feel more motivated working out in a team, check out the gym’s super chiong HIIT group classes. This hour-long workout will require you to engage in full-body exercises like jump squats, burpees and sprints on TRX bikes.

Newbies, there are a series of perks in store for you- this includes a free gym session when you register your email address online.

Membership: From $109 per month for a 12-month membership | Per entry: NA.

Address: 6A Shenton Way, #B1-04/05 OUE Downtown, Singapore 068815
Telephone: 8445 5439

7. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is the largest gym chain in Singapore with all 65 outlets around the country operating round the clock.

Anytime Fitness gymImage credit: Anytime Fitness Sengkang Riverdale

The gym provides an assortment of weight-lifting machines, kettlebells and dumbbells. Shower facilities are available too. We recommend checking out their exercise classes, which are completely free for members. These include yoga, aerobics and HIIT lessons and can vary from area-specific to full-body workouts.

Anytime Fitness yoga classesImage credit: Anytime Fitness Toa Payoh

The best part is, if you’re a member, you’ll be able to access every outlet in Singapore and abroad. Yes, the gym has outlets globally so no matter where in the world you are, there’s no excuse to be nua.

Membership: From $95 per month | Per entry: $30

Address: View their full list of outlets here
Telephone: 6555 3400

8. The Gym

The Gym is located along East Coast Road, just a few minutes away from Katong Shopping Centre.

The Gym, Gyms SingaporeImage credit: THE GYM

This gym is pretty standard and comes with a well-organised space that contains equipment for strength, and endurance training. They do have the standard dumbbells, kettlebells, squat racks and smith machines, as well as ellipticals and treadmills for cardio. Personal training programmes are also available to give you extra help to hit your fitness goals.

The Gym interiorImage credit: THE GYM

The place also comes with showers and private lockers for you to keep your belongings in.

Membership: From $89 per month for a 12-month membership
*Only members are able to access the gym 24/7. They no longer offer passes for drop-in visitors.

Address: 42 East Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 428762
Telephone: 9173 3356

Late-night gyms in Singapore

Most gyms in Singapore aren’t open 24/7, which means that they tend to be especially crowded during peak hours since everyone’s trying to squeeze in some exercise before closing time. But this list of gyms that open all day, all night will give you some ease of mind of not having to jostle with the crowd.

Whether you’re a hardcore gym rat or a night owl who wants to go for an impromptu workout, these gyms are here to take your fitness goals up a notch.

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Original article published on 10th April 2019 . Last updated by Josiah Neo on 18th December 2020.
Cover image adapted from (L-R): The Gym Pod, Dennis Gym

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