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9 Pay-Per-Use Gyms In Singapore From $2.50/Entry For Fitness Without Commitments To Pricey Packages

Affordable pay-per-use gyms in Singapore


container gym cover imageImage adapted from: @thegympod

Keeping up a consistent fitness regime in Singapore doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. While gyms often have expensive memberships that simply aren’t sustainable in the long run for some of us, there are gyms out there that offer per-entry schemes at affordable rates. 

And so we’ve compiled a list of 9 budget-friendly pay-per-use gyms, all giving you the space and equipment to work towards your fitness goals without burning a hole in your pocket. No longer will you be able to use “but gym membership very ex leh” as an excuse to stay away from exercise. 😉


1. Gymmboxx – 24-hour gym with well-maintained equipment


gymmboxx equipment showcaseImage credit: Gymmboxx Facebook

Similar to many big-name gyms, Gymmboxx provides users 24-hour access. The only difference lies in Gymmboxx’s pay-per-entry scheme, where you’ll be charged $8 for 3 hours – more than enough for a standard workout session. 

gymmboxx weight platesImage credit: @gymmboxx

Gymmboxx offers the standard cocktail of gym equipment, ranging from deadlift sets to bench presses and treadmills – all with stellar maintenance of the equipment. From experience, their weight plates feel like new – you won’t have to worry about questionable black residue flaking off and getting onto your skin and clothes.

Also, if you don’t find the glaring white lights of conventional gyms appealing, you’ll appreciate Gymmboxx’s classy red-and-black colour scheme that’s easy on the eyes.

Their 6 branches can be easily accessed in public spaces like shopping malls and Community Centres. Find a branch near you here.

Opening hours: 24 hours
Rates: $8 for 3 hours|


2. ActiveSG – with 26 branches across Singapore’s heartlands 


activesg overviewJurong East branch
Image credit: ActiveSG

ActiveSG offers the lowest per-entry rates yet, at $2.50 for Singaporeans and PRs. Students and senior citizens get to enjoy even lower rates at just $1.50. With at least 26 branches spread throughout Singapore, you’ll find that these gyms are easy to locate and access from wherever you live.

activesg dumbbellsImage credit: ActiveSG

As with any other gym, ActiveSG boasts an impressive collection of standard equipment like dumbbells and exercise bikes. Due to having to accommodate huge crowds daily, these gyms are quite spacious, giving you enough room to work out without uncomfortably bumping shoulders with anyone else.

theresa goh paralympian enabling villageEnabling Village is visited by Paralympic medalist Theresa Goh herself
Image credit: ActiveSG

Also of note is ActiveSG’s nod towards inclusivity through its Enabling Village branch, where people with physical disabilities and senior citizens are given priority access. 

Find an ActiveSG gym near you here.

Opening hours: 7AM-10PM (Mon/Wed/Fri) | 8:30AM-10PM (Tue/Thurs) | 8:30AM-8PM (Sat) | 9AM-8PM (Sun) | 9AM-5PM (PH)
Rates: Standard: $3.30 | Adult Singaporean citizens and PRs: $2.50 | Students and Senior Citizens: $1.50 


3. Gym Brigade – specialised powerlifting and deadlifting for serious bulkers


gym brigade overviewImage credit: @gymbrigade

Gym Brigade is the place for bulking enthusiasts, as it prides itself on being a specialist in powerlifting and deadlifting. Rates go as low as $3/entry for students, and from $8/entry for standard admission. Apart from the usual fare of chest presses, deadlift set, and plate weights, expect to find unorthodox equipment including logs, prowler sleds, and tyres.

gym log liftingLifting a gym log
Image credit: @gymbrigade

tyre & weight plate deadliftDeadlifting tyres and weight plates
Image credit: @gymbrigade

If you’re a beginner in the world of bulking up, don’t be intimidated by the bufflords who mill about this gym. Gym Brigade actively encourages a strong culture of camaraderie and mutual support, and you may find yourself becoming good bros with the people here.

prowler sled pushOperating a loaded prowler sled
Image credit: @gymbrigade

Address: 480 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534515


  • Off-Peak (10AM-3PM): $8 (adults) | $4 (NSFs & senior citizens) | $3 (students)
  • Peak (3PM-11PM): $10 (adults) | $6 (NSFs & senior citizens) | $5 (students)

Opening Hours: 10AM-11PM (Tue-Fri) | 10AM-8PM (Sat-Mon)
Telephone: 6282 2830



4. SAFRA EnergyOne – with IPPT training classes


energyone gym overviewImage credit:

As long as you’re a SAFRA member, the doors to their EnergyOne gyms will be open to you from $8.55/entry. If you’re not a SAFRA member, you can still access it, at rates starting from $12.85/entry during off-peak hours.

girl pleased with her weightImage credit: @shhermy

EnergyOne’s facilities are exceptional, boasting some of the best resistance training equipment and cardio machines, while also carrying standard fare like free weights and deadlift stations. You’ll find that these facilities can match up to, or even rival that of more “high-end” gyms.

guy loves flexingImage credit: @ssokywu

Also, good news for those of you struggling to pass the dreaded IPPT: EnergyOne conducts preparatory classes that will help you shave those few seconds off your 2.4 timing.

Find an EnergyOne gym near you here

Opening Hours:

  • Off-peak periods: 6:30AM-5PM (Mon-FrI) | 7AM-1PM (Sat) | 1PM-7PM (Sun/PH)
  • Peak periods: 5PM-10:30PM (Mon-Fri) | 1PM-8PM (Sat) | 9AM-1PM (Sun/PH)


  • Off-peak hours: $8.55 (SAFRA members) | $12.85 (guests)
  • Peak hours: $13.90 (SAFRA members) | $21.40 (guests)



5. HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz – spacious workout area with steam room


fitness workz gym studioStudio gym at Sembawang
Image credit: HomeTeamNS

HomeTeamNS’ Fitness Workz gyms have low rates starting from $5.35/entry for those with HomeTeamNS memberships. And even if you’re a member of the public, beginning rates are still pretty reasonable at $8.60/entry, not unlike those offered by standard per-entry gyms.

fitness workz equipmentImage credit: @fitnessworkz

Fitness Workz gyms are amongst some of the largest, able to fit an entire row of treadmills while leaving behind enough space for other equipment like punching bags and free weights.

fitness workz battle ropesImage credit: HomeTeamNS

If you’re in the Bukit Batok area, you’ll find that the branch here comes outfitted with steam rooms – perfect for relieving those sore muscles after a good workout.

Balestier branch
Address: HomeTeamNS Balestier Level 2, 31 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329979
Opening hours: Mon-Fri : 7AM-10PM | Sat-Sun: 8:30AM-8PM | PH: 9AM-6PM 

Bukit Batok branch
Address: HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok, Level 3, 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Singapore 659003
Opening hours: Mon-Fri : 7AM-10PM | Sat-Sun: 8:30AM-8PM | PH: 9AM-6PM

Sembawang branch
Address: HomeTeamNS Sembawang, Level 1, 301 Canberra Road, Singapore 759774
Opening hours: 9AM-9PM


  • HomeTeamNS men: $5.35/entry (all-day)
  • SAFRA members: $5.35/entry (off-peak), $8.60/entry (peak)
  • Guests: $8.60/entry (off-peak), $10.70/entry (peak)

Telephone: 6705 9473



6. The Gym Pod – private workouts in SG’s first container gym 


gym pod containerImage credit: @thegympod

The Gym Pod presents a concept like no other gym. Built into a container, its design is in itself unconventional. But what makes it even more unique is its usage concept. 

As the gym is pretty small and can only accommodate up to 3 people at any one time, gym sessions are entirely private. And to secure a session, you have to book in advance – rates begin from $7/hr, and you’ll be given a unique code that can only be used by you to access the gym.

gym pod squat trainingImage credit: @thegympod

Equipment-wise, The Gym Pod presents a no-nonsense cocktail of standard gym fare, including deadlift stations, free weights, and treadmills. The best part? All are free to use with no annoying waiting times within your chosen time slot.

gym pod free hangImage credit: @thegympod

If you’re interested in trying out The Gym Pod’s concept, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re offering a free 1-hour trial session.

Address: JTC Launchpad @ Ayer Rajah
Opening Hours: 24h
Rates: $7/hr


7. The Gym – different zones to target muscle groups


the gym equipment overviewImage credit: The Gym

The Gym is, as its name suggests, just a gym. No frills, no nonsense, it carries the standard range of gym equipment on top of more specialised equipment like kettle bells and ellipticals. It also comes with private toilets and showers that both members and walk-in users can enjoy. Walk-in rates start from $10/entry, and can be enjoyed on weekdays from 1PM onwards.

the gym dumbbellsImage credit: The Gym

You’ll also appreciate The Gym’s meticulous organisation of its equipment by zones – cardio, free weights, and functional training. This will prove helpful when you’re looking to target very specific muscle groups.

Address: 42 East Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 428762
Opening hours: 24 hours
Telephone: 9173 3356


  • Off-peak (weekdays, 1PM-5PM): $10/entry 
  • Peak (weekdays, 5PM-8PM): $12/entry 



8. Extreme Fitness –  low rates for both per-entry and membership schemes


extreme fitness dumbbell work itImage credit: Extreme Fitness

Offering a low rate of $3.50/entry, Extreme Fitness provides users with the standard arsenal of gym equipment, ranging from free weights to leg presses. They don’t scrimp on the maintenance of their equipment either, ensuring that everything is kept in pristine condition.

extreme fitness bosu ball work itImage credit: Extreme Fitness Facebook

On top of this, Extreme Fitness also offers a membership scheme that beats the exorbitant packages that big-name gyms are infamous for. For a 1-month membership, you only need to pay $60, which translates into just $2/day.

Address: 12 West Coast Walk, Singapore 127157
Opening hours: 9AM-11PM daily
Telephone: 8522 6746
Rates: $3.50/entry


9. Bouncing Kids – for those with young children 


bouncing kids free weightsImage credit: Bouncing Kids

Don’t let the name of this place fool you, for it is a gym built for adults – only it’s located in Bouncing Kids, an indoor playground for children. 

bouncing kids equipmentImage credit: Bouncing Kids

The per-entry rate is $8, and you’ll be granted access to a basic collection of gym equipment that allows you to work out while your kids are having fun in the care of Bouncing Kids’ staff.

Address: Blk 206, Hougang Street 21, #01-K2, Singapore 530206
Opening Hours: 8AM-10PM daily
Telephone: 6285 3595
Rates: $8/entry


Cheap per-entry gyms in Singapore


Going to the gym regularly doesn’t mean you need to take up a membership that eats into your monthly budget – now you can embark on your journey towards health and fitness without worrying about spending too much.

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