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Most of us aren’t strangers to waking up to aches and pains all over our body – be it from skipping warm-ups before exercise or sleeping in a bad position. If constant stretches aren’t helping to get these stubborn knots out, here are 8 best foam rollers in Singapore you can get to ease the tension in your muscles.

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1. Smooth EVA roller – for yoga exercises

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Image credit: Mama Fit

If you’re looking for a roller that will be good for both simple yoga stretches and to roll out muscle aches, the Smooth EVA roller should do the trick. Unlike many of the common ones we see that have ridges on them, this provides a smooth surface area for you to balance on. This is also ideal for beginners who are looking for a foam roller with less pressure as well.

This roller comes in lengths of 30CM, 45CM and 60CM and in a variety of colours for you to choose based on your preference.

Price: From $6.11
Get the Smooth EVA roller 

2. Decathlon Peanut Shape foam roller – for easing backaches

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Image credit: Decathlon

For hard-to-reach spots like your lower back and calves, a long foam roller wouldn’t be the best tool for the job. The Decathlon Peanut Shape foam roller solves this problem with its compact peanut shape which allows you to apply focussed pressure easily on these areas. 

Price: $5
Get the Decathlon Peanut Shape foam roller

3. Massage roller tool – for calves and neck

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Image credit: Shopee

Cylindrical foam rollers are good for targeting specific muscle groups, but require you to balance your body for effective relief. With this massage roller tool, you won’t have to rely on your balancing skills to apply pressure on your muscles. 

This massage roller tool comes with 2 handles attached to the side for better control of the force you apply, making it suitable for your legs and neck.

Price: $20.50
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4. Foam roller bar – for targeting specific muscle knots

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Image credit: Need For Run

A good foam roller will have the right ridges and shapes to work out the knots in your muscles, and this foam roller bar does exactly that. The ridges will allow you to apply more focused pressure on your muscles just from simply rolling it under your muscles, leaving you feeling like you just walked out of a legit massage session.

It comes in 4 different colours for you to choose from and 2 different kinds of ridges – crescent and conventional – for you to pick from depending on the amount of pressure you want.

Price: $14.99
Get the Foam roller bar

5. Roller stick – for applying greater pressure

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Image credit: Lazada

It’s always more shiok when someone helps to roll your muscles out for you, especially in areas like your calves where it’s hard to get stubborn knots out. This Roller stick allows you to specifically target your leg muscles using your upper body strength with grips attached to both sides of the stick.

Besides using it as a tool to stretch out sore muscles, you can also use this before and after your workout session to train your flexibility and increase blood circulation. It is both portable and waterproof, making it a good tool to have in your gym bag to use whenever you need it.

Price: $14.99
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6. Camel Yoga Wheel – for back stretches to increase flexibility

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Image credit: Yoga with Kassandra

Those of us who work in the office would know of the backaches that stem from hunching over a desk everyday. To ease the tension in your back, the Camel Yoga Wheel provides support for you to stretch out your back. Not only can it support up to 150KG, it is also made of sweat- resistant material to ensure that you don’t slip when using it.

This handy wheel will also make a good tool if you’re looking for something that’ll help you improve your back flexibility for yoga exercises as well.

Price: $23
Get the Camel Yoga Wheel

7. Trigger point T-roller – for hard-to-reach spots

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Image credit: My Peak Condition

When you get knots in spots like your neck, chest and upper arms, a regular cylindrical foam roller isn’t the best tool for the job. The unique wheel-like shape of the Trigger point T-roller helps to solve this problem as it targets knots in hard-to-reach areas like the back of your neck.

The protrusion in the handle allows users to simulate and feel the pressure of a professional deep tissue massage more accurately as well. Given its compact size, you can just throw it in your work or gym bag to use whenever you need.

Price: $42.95
Get the Trigger point T-roller

8. Electric massage foam roller – vibrates for deep muscle stimulation

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Image credit: Lazada

We all know the wonders of a good massage chair – its firm yet gentle vibrations not only get rid of the tension in your muscles, but can even make you fall asleep. With this Electric massage foam roller, you’ll be getting these functions at a fraction of the price of a massage chair. 

Unlike your regular foam rollers with ridges, this takes it to the next level using vibrations to loosen tight muscles. With a battery life of 2-4 hours and 5 different vibration intensities, it’ll provide some much-needed relief

Price: $39.99
Get the Electric massage foam roller

Foam rollers to get rid of muscle discomfort

Athletes aren’t the only ones who experience muscle aches – hunching over a laptop all day can also cause knots and pains.  With a handy foam roller at home, you can easily rub, roll and massage those nagging aches and pains away.

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