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9 Genius Cleaning Items From Ezbuy Under $10 To Make Your Life 100 Times Easier

Cleaning items on Ezbuy

I love cleaning my entire home!” – said nobody, ever. Even if you live in a studio apartment, clearing every nook and cranny of dust and grime is a feat not many of us can so often accomplish.  

But beyond traditional mops, brooms and buckets, there is a whole host of nifty gadgets that can make your chores incredibly easier. From tiny vacuum cleaners and balls of slime that can clean out your keyboard, we have compiled a list of 9 genius cleaning items from Ezbuy under $10 that can make your life a whole lot easier.

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1. Handheld electric scrubber brush ($9.90)

electric cleaning brush with a push of a button
Image Credit: Ezbuy

Removing stubborn stains on your sinks and tabletop surfaces can be tiring, considering the amount of strength you have to put in into scrubbing. With the handheld electric scrubber brush ($9.90), you can now sit back – though not literally – and let it do the work for you.

The powerful rotation of the battery-operated scrubber makes it proficient at removing dirt and stains. It allows you to save time and energy with just a push of a button, and being cordless, it prevents you from getting tangled in cumbersome wires.

On top of that, the scrubber brush comes with 3 interchangeable heads catered to different surfaces for maximum efficiency.

Price: $9.90
Cleans: Kitchen | Toilet 

Get Handheld electric scrubber brush

2. Handheld microfibre crevice duster (from $3.06)

crevice duster allows you to reach under beds and sofas easily
Image credit: Ezbuy

Bending at the lowest possible angle while trying to stuff your broom underneath your bed or sofa is as tough as it gets, and it does not do any good in removing trapped dust bunnies since brooms and dry mops are not slim enough to fit under certain beds and sofas. The handheld microfiber crevice duster (from $3.06) however, is the perfect solution for narrow crevices and hard-to-reach openings.

Its thin cleaning blade slips effortlessly into nooks and crannies, while the microfiber covering traps dust and hair strands well. The head of the duster is also flexible, no longer requiring you to bend in unforgivable angles.

Straining to dust high surfaces is also a thing of the past as its aluminium shaft extends up to 1.34M, allowing you to reach the top of kitchen cabinets and wardrobes to ensure that they are spick-and-span.

Price: From $3.06
Cleans: Kitchen | Toilet | Living room | Bedroom

Get Handheld crevice duster

3. Mini desktop vacuum cleaner (from $6.20)

mini desktop cleaner sucks in dirt and scraps
Image credit: Ezbuy

Crafty individuals or families with young children know how fine eraser dust and other stationary scraps can spread around the house in no time, and how difficult it is to get rid of them. Thankfully, the mini desktop vacuum cleaner (from $6.20) lets you effortlessly deal with this menace.

Compact and multicoloured, these mini gadgets serve as useful and aesthetically-pleasing additions to your desk. On top of getting rid of the dirt on your table, these desktop vacuum cleaners can also be used to suck crumbs and dust out from your keyboard as well.

Price: From $6.20
Cleans: Study area

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4. Portable mobile screen spray and wipe combo ($4.58)

portable mobile screen spray and wipe combo cleans fingerprints and oil stains on your screen
Image Credit: Ezbuy

Do away with the displeasing fingerprints and oil stains on your phones with the portable mobile screen spray and wipe combo ($4.58).

Though many of us use our T-shirts to wipe our screens, it can often make the problem worse. Not suited for thorough cleaning, the fabric might just spread these oil smudges, or can even cause unsightly scratches if grit gets in the way. Because of this problem, you will need a squirt of a disinfectant solution to properly do the trick.

For a convenient, all-in-one solution, this spray and wipe combo thoroughly rids your screen of smudges and grime in a lipstick-sized package. This nifty gadget is designed to accommodate their refills ($2.51 each), so it’s best to purchase a combo with an extra bottle ($5.48). 

Price: $4.58 for single spray and wipe combo
Cleans: Smartphones | Tablets | Laptops

Get Portable mobile screen spray and wipe combo

5. Automatic Liquid-Dispensing Cleaning Brush ($4.32)

liquid dispensing brush conveniently dispense washing detergent
Image Credit: Ezbuy

Dealing with an endless pile of dishes isn’t an easy chore, but wait till you meet an extra oily, grimy pan along the way that’s extra tough to scrub. Instead of furiously reapplying detergent, the automatic liquid-dispensing cleaning brush ($4.32) can be your 2-in-1 solution.

On top of that, it also comes with a mini holder for you to dry your brush since moist sponges and brushes serve as perfect breeding grounds for nasty germs. Simply latch onto it and allow the excess water to drip onto the collection tray.

Price: $4.32
Cleans: Kitchen | Dishes

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6. Keyboard cleaning slime ($1.20)

keyboard slime allows you to reach corners and tiny openings to remove dust
The flexibility of slime ball allows for reaching into tiny openings
Image Credit: Ezbuy

Who would have known that slime could be used as a cleaning tool as well? More than just a chemistry experiment and a widespread trend of the past, this keyboard cleaning slime ($1.20) takes it up a notch as it can remove dust from hard-to-reach spaces like between your keyboard keys and car air-conditioning vents.

Extremely malleable, this slime ball can transform into any shape to fit into small areas. Though its ability to stick is off the charts, you do not have to worry about leftover residue on the surface that you are cleaning due to its high viscosity.

Price: $1.20
Cleans: Electronics | Car 

Get Keyboard cleaning slime

7. Multipurpose glass cleaner with wiper and spray ($6.40)

multipurpose glass cleaner is fit with a spray and a wiper
Image Credit: Ezbuy

Juggling between your wiper, scraper and the window cleaning spray requires expert-level cleaning XP, but the multipurpose glass cleaner with wiper and spray makes this a one-handed task for mere mortals like you and me.

It has 3 functions bundled into 1 gadget, so you no longer need to fumble with your one-too-few hands. This genius tool is equipped with a terry cloth for a gentle yet thorough cleaning, while the mist spray prevents splashes and drips.

Price: $6.40
Cleans: Windowpanes | Mirrors

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8. Dual rotating brushes broom ($8.63)

dual rotating brushes broom gets double teh cleaning done
Image credit: Amazon

2 is better than 1, especially in a broom when there is double the efficiency. The dual rotating brushes broom ($8.63) uses a pair of spinning brushes to sweep in dust and dirt into the collection tray, rendering an additional dustpan unnecessary.

Its 2-in-1 ergonomic design along with the extendable and 360-degree rotatable handle makes it extremely easy to operate, letting you single-handedly swipe mounds of dust and dirt away, for a quick spruce-up. 

Price: $8.63
Cleans: Floor

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9. Silicon cleaning gloves ($3.40)

cleaning gloves reduces the contact between sensitive skin and harsh chemicals
Image Credit: Ezbuy

Harsh chemicals on your bare hands can be a problem especially for individuals who have sensitive skin. The innovative silicon cleaning gloves ($3.40) eradicates the problem by offering protection for your delicate skin while providing built-in scouring pads for a turbocharged dishwashing session.

Attached to the palm of each glove are sponges that help to remove tough grime on your dirty plates, and it also lathers well for deep cleaning. Its flexibility is also a bonus, letting you tackle the stubborn stains on small utensils and fixtures. 

Price: $3.40
Cleans: Kitchen | Dishes

Get silicon cleaning gloves

Nifty and affordable cleaning items on Ezbuy

It is time to augment your trusty old sponges and brooms with these genius cleaning items from Ezbuy. By combining functions, they are sure to help save a great deal of effort and strain – ideal for busy Singaporeans who are expert multitaskers. 

From compact tools like the mini desktop vacuum cleaner to unique takes on common tools like the cleaning gloves, these cleaning items from Ezbuy will help you achieve a spotless house with minimal effort.

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