Multi-purpose appliances in Singapore

Multi-purpose appliances for your home
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It’s no secret that new homes are getting smaller and smaller – especially when it comes to BTO flats. So being smart about the appliances you buy is vital to maximising your limited space. 

One life hack to ensure you’ll be comfortable without compromising on your home needs: multi-purpose appliances. From robots that both sweep and mop, to steamers that also make yoghurt, you’ll be switching over to these appliances in no time. 

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1. Eliminate clutter with this device-charging light bulb

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Overloaded power sockets are as much a hazard as they are an eyesore. But sometimes it’s inevitable, especially when every family member is on their device 24/7. 

The PowerBulb by Mega Tiny Corp – a detachable bulb that has in-built USB ports – allows you to turn your lamps into charging areas, and is great for shared spaces.

Besides the fact that you’re preventing a fire hazard, it also comes in useful for your bedside when you’re reading a book or catching up on work. There are separate switches that control the light as well, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to charge when the bulb is off. 

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2. Do your laundry in just 45 minutes while saving water and energy

Bosch’s Serie | 8 ActiveOxygen
Image credit: Bosch

A washing machine is a staple in everyone’s home, and one that checks the boxes of saving water, time and energy is Bosch’s Serie | 8 ActiveOxygen. Its ActiveWater Plus technology optimises the amount of water to use for each load of laundry, so you won’t be wasting resources and surging your bills. 

Bosch’s Serie | 8 ActiveOxygen
Image credit: Bosch

Besides being eco-friendly, this washing machine also features Anti-Vibration sidewalls that give it greater stability so you won’t get shook by any whirring and rattling. For urgent washing of your favourite outfits, you can also make use of the SpeedPerfect function which does your laundry in 65% less time. Plus, the ActiveOxygen function enables the removal of up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria while still being gentle to your fabrics.

This even allows delicate articles of clothing like sports gear and lingerie to be cleaned thoroughly. Besides clearing dirt, there’s also the quick ActiveOxygen Refresh function to refresh brand new clothes from the store or to remove any unpleasant smell within 45 minutes.

3. Answer your calls and put on makeup using the same device

Frednology Allure Mirror
Image credit: @frednology

If Black Mirror and Sephora ever collaborated, the result might be the Frednology Allure Mirror. 

Girls will know the all-too-familiar scenario of having to pause doing their makeup to answer a call. Frednology knows this too, which is why their mirror invention doubles up as a smart tablet. You’ll get to gossip with your friends, play music or even browse your social media feed for #beautyinspo while getting ready.

Frednology Allure Mirror
Image credit: Frednology

It even comes with natural lighting technology to help you achieve your beauty best, and an Augmented Reality (AR) feature so you can preview different shades and colours of makeup on your face before making a purchase. 

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4. Cook in 14 different ways using one pressure cooker

Black HN10 Pressure Multi-Cooker
Image credit: Cuckoo

From making sushi rice to sautéing veggies, the Black HN10 Pressure Multi-Cooker by Cuckoo does so much more than just simply cook rice. You won’t have to get separate steamers and rice cookers, helping you save both money and kitchen counter space.

Black HN10 Pressure Multi-Cooker
You can do quick and easy meal preps like pasta dishes
Image credit: @cuckoo_sg

While you wait for your food to be ready, you can kick back and catch up on a book, since the voice notification function will serve as your reminder when your food is all done.

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5. Stay cool with a 2-in-1 air purifier and fan

Dyson Pure Cool Link TP03 Tower Purifier
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Having both a standing fan and purifier in your home takes up both floor and tabletop space. The Dyson Pure Cool Link TP03 Tower Purifier lets you have the best of both functions with just one device. 

The purifier section filters out dust and dirt particles in the air to give you better air quality while the fan function keeps you cool. The best part about it is that it’s bladeless too, which means cleaning isn’t a tedious affair that requires a great deal of patience and a brush anymore.

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6. Generate hot water when you use the aircon

With Singapore’s crazy hot weather, air conditioners are more of a need than a want. But they take up plenty of energy and contribute significantly to our monthly electricity bills. The Super Multi HW system by Daikin not only functions as an AC, but also as a water heater.

While the air-con is on blast, it also churns out waste heat which runs through a system connected to your home’s water heater. This reduces the electricity used for both processes, while still providing you cool comfort, shiok hot water and a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

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7. Relieve tense muscles in a massage chair sofa

Super Multi HW
Image credit: OSIM International Pte Ltd

The end of a long day at work calls for switching to “couch potato” mode – either by lounging on a sofa or booking a rejuvenating massage. But you can indulge in such luxury every day if you get the OSIM uDiva Classic – a triple-function sofa, lounger and massage chair. The retractable leg massager can also be stowed under the sofa to minimise the space occupied. 

Super Multi HW
Image credit: osim_sg

The chair is fitted with power-ball massage technology which tackles your neck and shoulders as well as the upper back and lumbar regions. You’ll stretch out both your back and your dollar with such a long-term investment.  

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Upgrade your home with the Bosch’s Serie | 8 ActiveOxygen Washer

Image credit: Bosch

The amount of space that home appliances can take up in a home is a serious factor house owners should take into account. But instead of downsizing your appliances, opt for multi-purpose ones that’ll save you the holy trinity of money, time and space. 

The Bosch’s Serie | 8 ActiveOxygen washing machine is one such appliance that will provide great convenience at home while serving multiple purposes – and is easy to use for all ages too.

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Shopping for new additions for your home doesn’t need to be a stressful process. By switching over to items and appliances that get the job done while saving both cost and time, it can be a joyous occasion instead. Start investing in appliances that make your life easier!

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