House cleaning services in Singapore

“I can’t wait to get home from work and clean my house,” said no one, ever. After all, putting in back-breaking hours to scrub and sweep your way to domestic perfection after a tiring day at work is no easy feat. 

Thankfully, we’re blessed with an abundance of house cleaning services in Singapore to ease the burden. If you’re looking for the perfect cleaning service for your specific needs, this list of house cleaning services in Singapore will have you covered:

For additional tips for keeping your home clean:

1. Helpling – lifestyle app for cleaning service

cleaning services - helplingHelpling is one of Singapore’s leading housekeeping and premium home services.
Image credit: Helpling

Giving our homes a regular spring clean is just part and parcel of adulting. But with the tight schedules that accompany most working professionals, we would rather spend our precious weekends with loved ones, instead of tirelessly going at our floors and sinks.

To help you free up more quality time for a social life, Helpling literally does the heavy-lifting for you. Boasting a user-friendly app interface, it’s a must-have for those who absolutely dread chores day.

They also have an instant booking function – all you have to do is fill in your postal code, choose a cleaning plan that ranges from weekly to monthly, pay, then wait for the experts to arrive and give your home a sparkly clean overhaul.

cleaning services in singapore - helpling appHelpling has a rating of 4.7/5 stars on Google
Image credit: @helplingsg

Their cleaners are also trained similarly to hotel housekeepers, so rest assured you’ll get a meticulous job well done and full-satisfaction guaranteed.

You don’t need to worry about administrative matters either. Dedicated account managers will be on hand, to handle everything from your billing to last minute changes in your bookings. Rates for the service are priced from $23/hour for one-off bookings with a minimum of 3 hours required, while recurring weekly and bi-weekly bookings will entitle you to a 14% discount.

They’ve also got an exclusive $20 off your first booking, and it will be automatically applied at the checkout page.

Fees: From $23/hour (minimum 3 hours required)
Weekend surcharge: $10/session
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Download the Helpling app, available for download from Google Play or App Store.

2. HomeFresh – cheapest fees from $18/hour

We’ll start with the cheapest – at $18/hour, HomeFresh has one of the most competitively priced services in the market. 

Helpling one of the cheapest cleaning services in Singapore.
There’s an additional fee if you need them to provide cleaning supplies

This low price applies if you book their services on weekdays and if you have brooms, mops and pails for them to use. HomeFresh charges an additional $2/hour for weekends and ad hoc sessions, along with an extra $20/session if you’re unable to supply cleaning equipment.

You can obtain a full quote for a cleaning session by leaving your details on their site.

Fees: From $18/hour (minimum 3 hours required)
Weekend surcharge: $2/hour

3. Sendhelper – affordable weekend cleaning with no surcharge

For some, being present at home during the cleaning process is ideal. Whether for supervision or for peace of mind, this effectively limits cleaning sessions to the weekends. Sendhelper’s affordable ad hoc and recurring prices don’t incur additional surcharges for weekends.

Sendhelper also has a mobile app to easily access cleaning services in Singapore.
Image credit: Sendhelper

For those who require assistance at home but can’t accommodate a full-time live-in helper, Sendhelper can also take care of cooking, laundry, taking care of seniors, and even provide servicing for your air conditioner!

Fees: from $20/hour
Weekend surcharge: Nil

Download the app from Google Play or App Store.

4. NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service – cheapest for long-term cleaning arrangements

If you prefer to keep to a regular cleaning schedule, NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service works out to be the cheapest of this list for long-term arrangements. 

The NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service in Singapore also provides ironing services.
Image credit: Liverpool Dubai
They can also iron up to 10 pieces of clothing each visit for the 4-hour monthly package

Their monthly fees for 4 monthly 4-hour cleaning sessions costs $280/month on weekdays, which amounts to just $17.50/hour. Their weekend services, on the other hand, amount to a reasonable $20.50/hour. NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service also provides ad hoc cleaning starting from $146 for a 3-hour session with 2 cleaners.

Fees: from $230/month or from $146 for an ad hoc session
Weekend surcharge: from $3/hour

5. – for those looking for painting and handyman services

After living in a space for several years, it’s normal to start witnessing some wear and tear in your home. While everyone has felt the pinch of Constant Dust Syndrome, sometimes we need a little more than just dusting, sweeping and mopping to get the job done. 

Enter and their array of services for a useful one-time professional cleaning service to thoroughly spruce your house up. 

For those with zero DIY skills, CleanAndFix also provides handyman services starting from $45/session that includes assembly and mounting of furniture, along with essential maintenance tasks like fixing your pipes and wires. is a cleaning service in Singapore that also provides handyman services.
They provide additional services such as painting and floor polishing
Image credit: Public Domain Pictures

From $780, you can even get a fresh coat of paint on the inside or outside of your home, and you can keep your parquet and marble surfaces shiny with their polishing service that starts from $600.

Fees: from $320/session (3 hours)
Weekend surcharge: Nil

6. Sureclean Pte Ltd – medical-grade disinfecting for families with kids

For those who’re in need of a cleanliness overhaul to protect the family against diseases like COVID-19 or even harmful mould, Sureclean provides a specialised disinfection service from $374.50/session (GST inclusive) to rid your home of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould.

You’ll feel safe knowing that they use the same kind of cleaning products that preschools in Singapore use to safeguard kids against Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. Each cleaning session will leave you with up to 30 days of protection from bacteria and viruses.

Sureclean is a cleaning service in Singapore that provides sanitisation services, including for your mattresses.
You can get your mattress cleaned too
Image credit: Sureclean

Sureclean also provides regular cleaning services that start from $400/session, and for an extra cost, you can also request for steam mopping to deal with stubborn stains and grime.

Fees: from $374.50/session (for 3.5 hours)
Weekend surcharge: Nil

7. Fresh Cleaning Pte Ltd – comprehensive one-off spring-cleaning with equipment provided

Fresh Cleaning is an ideal cleaning service in Singapore for those looking for spring cleaning with equipment provided.
Image adapted from: Fresh Cleaning, Fresh Cleaning

Many of us usually have plenty of heavy-weight chores to take care of by the time special occasions roll around. For those who’re planning for a thorough home spruce-up but lack the necessary tools and manpower to do it, head for Fresh Cleaning

Teams of 2-4 cleaners will be sent down to your house with the necessary equipment to deal with pent-up grime that has accumulated over the years.

If you discover a hive of wasps or a leaky tap in your house, Fresh Cleaning also offers handyman services to deal with these issues, along with other tasks like air conditioner servicing and steam cleaning.

For peace of mind, they allow for post-cleaning client inspections and provide additional cleaning at lowered prices to make sure your home is spotless.

Fees: from $158/session (for 3-8 hours)
Weekend surcharge: $5/hour per staff

8. Butler Singapore – housekeeping with premium butler services

We may not be Bruce Wayne, but most of us wouldn’t mind an Alfred Pennyworth to wait on our every beck and call. 

Butler Singapore offers not only cleaning services, but can chauffeur you around town.
Image adapted from: Butler

Butler makes this a reality by offering personalised premium services that include personal shopping, yacht chartering and even private chef services. At its core, Butler offers regular housekeeping that you even arrange for daily to turn your humble home into a luxury hotel.

If you’re ultra-rich, you can even get Butler to manage your art collection, yacht or multitude of properties – but if you don’t happen to own a private yacht, Butler also provides landscaping, handyman and pest control services.

Fees: from $330/month
Weekend surcharge: Nil

9. Blue Rabbit Home Services – irons and folds your clothes

Blue Rabbit Home Services sets itself apart in Singapore by offering not only cleaning but unlimited ironing and folding of laundry.Image credit: Sarah Brown 

While certainly not the only home cleaners to offer ironing services and folding of laundry, Blue Rabbit Home Services doesn’t charge extra for this service. There’s also no limit to the number of clothes they can help you iron and fold.

Instead, they include these in their regular services, meaning you no longer have to contend with the mountain of fabric building in the corner of your bedroom. Booking a cleaner is pretty simple too – just drop them a WhatsApp text to get started. 

Fees: from $20/hour
Weekend surcharge: from $5/hour

10. Home Cleanz – widest range of additional cleaning services

Home Cleanz offers one of the wider range of cleaning services in Singapore, including rug cleaning.
Home Cleanz offers services to clean and maintain all types of flooring – including rugs
Image credit:
Home Cleanz

Every few years, most of us are faced with extremely stubborn grime that the usual round of mopping and wiping cannot solve. If you’re looking for something more thorough, you may very well find something in the wide range of maintenance options offered by Home Cleanz might be the solution.

In addition to regular and one-off spring cleaning (from $300/session), Home Cleanz also deals with dirty windows, curtains (from $10/piece) and upholstery (from $70/piece). They also provide steam and jet cleaning options for a thorough sprucing of your home. 

As a bonus, they have carpet shampooing (from $250/session) services, marble polishing and parquet varnishing to keep your flooring pristine.

Fees: from $160 (bi-weekly)
Weekend surcharge: Nil

11. SGcleanXpert – responds within 24 hours for your urgent cleaning needs

For those who have been putting off cleaning only to leave it to the last minute, SGcleanXpert’s 24 hour-response guarantee might put you at ease.

SGcleanXpert offers a 24-hour response cleaning service in Singapore.
Image credit: SGcleanXpert

While most other services require 2 or more days’ notice to schedule a session, this 24-hour turnaround might also come in useful for after-party cleanups. Their services also cover hard-to-clean items like BBQ pits and carpets. 

For an added bonus, they also offer samak or sertu Islamic ritual cleaning that involves specialised cleaning products and methods.

Fees: from $400/session
Weekend surcharge: $80/session

House cleaning services in Singapore

House cleaning services are one of the most convenient, cost-effective ways to maintain the cleanliness of your home – especially for the busy Singaporean worker bee. Whether you need a deep clean or disinfection, urgent clean-up or help with putting up an IKEA shelf – there’s a service that’s just perfect for you.

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Original article published by Ian Ling on 26th March 2020. Last updated by Deborah Gan on 14th October 2020.