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Water sports centres in Singapore

Heading to the gym or going for a jog are some of the more common ways we keep fit, but why just stick to the land activities when Singapore is surrounded by plenty of sea? If you’re looking for something new and exciting for your weekend adrenaline fix, check out these 9 water sports centres in Singapore for something different, with sailing, kayaking and windsurfing courses – and even all in one:

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 – Kayaking –

OBS and Primary 5 adventure camps have given many of us a taste of kayaking – most of us had a good time, others were stuck in an oar-deal

If you’re in the former camp, hop onboard one of the 1-Star kayaking courses below to unlock more paddling opportunities.

 1-Star kayaking course requirement:

  • Swim 50M with a lifejacket

1. X’treme Kayaking – group classes available every weekend

X’treme Kayaking
Image credit: X’treme Kayaking

The more the merrier they say, so gather your friends to pick up a class at X’treme Kayaking. There are classes available every weekend as long as you have a group of 8-10 people*, a marvellous option for those who need a new activity for group cohesion.

No need to worry if you can’t hit those group quotas either. Individuals can still sign up at the same price of $80, although the dates available are more limited. To find out which dates are available, drop the school a call.

*Group size may be affected during Phase 3.

Sign up here.

Price: $80/pax
Duration of course: 12 hours 

X’treme Kayaking
Address: 43 Admiralty Road West Singapore 759962
Telephone: 9684 8468
X’treme Kayaking website

2. Kallang Water Sports Centre – backdrop of the Singapore skyline

water sports singapore - Kallang Water Sports Centre
Image credit:

Sign up for a class at the Kallang Water Sport Centre with the Singapore Canoe Federation. They’ve got courses held at the Kallang basin where you’ll be able to learn to paddle with a swell backdrop of the Singapore Flyer.

And they don’t just have 1-Star courses available – if you wish to pursue the sport further, 2- to 5-Star award courses are also listed to develop your kayaking skills further.

Sign up here.

Price: $80/pax
Duration of course: 8AM-2PM or 1PM-9PM on Sat & Sun

Kallang Water Sports Centre
Address: Kallang Water Sports Centre, 10 Stadium Lane, Singapore 397774
Telephone: 63446337

3. Singapore Sports Hub – 5-min walk from MRT 

Singapore Sports Hub
Image credit: @sgsportshub

Many water sports centres tend to be in rather ulu locations, but if you’re looking for classes easily accessible via public transport, the Singapore Sports Hub’s Water Sports Centre is just a short 5-minute walk from Stadium MRT – a plus point for those who don’t drive.

Prices for adults are $80/1-Star course that lasts 7 hours, while senior citizens and students get a discounted price of $64.

Singapore Sports Hub
Image credit: @sgsportshub

Note: Participants have to be 12 years old and above.

* Kayaking classes may be suspended during the pandemic – check out their website for updates.

Sign up here.

Price: $64 for children, students and senior citizens | $80 for adults
Duration of course: 9AM-4PM 

Singapore Sports Hub
Address: Water Sports Centre, 8 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397699
Telephone: 6653 8900
Singapore Sports Hub website

 – Sailing –

Sailing is a sea sport that many might have heard of, but few have likely dipped their toes into. For the uninitiated, you’ll be manoeuvring a small wind-powered boat complete with large sails, almost like a mini modern-day pirate ship. 

Below are a handful of options where you can get your Basic Sailing Course (BSC) certificate; to become a Jack Sparrow of the 21st century:

BSC requirements:

  • Swim 50M with a lifejacket
  • Participants typically have to be 14 years old and above

1. National Sailing Centre – training centre for the national team

water sports singapore - National Sailing Centre
Image credit:

The National Sailing Centre is where the Singapore National Team trains for their competitions and that’s a pretty good indicator that lessons are taken seriously around here. Their courses run from morning to evening over two weekends, so make sure to clear your calendar for it. 

Throughout the four days, you’ll learn about all sorts of basic sailing techniques, segmented into modules that cover both theory and practical. This includes things like how to rig a boat, tie useful knots and read the tide, wind and current.

Sign up here.

Price: $589.80/pax
Duration of course: 9.30AM-5.30PM over two weekends

National Sailing Centre
Address: National Sailing Centre, 1500 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 468963
Telephone: 6444 4555
National Sailing Centre website

2. Changi Sailing Club – post-course sessions available

Other than offering the fundamental BSC course, Changi Sailing Club also has follow-up Saturday training sessions that you can sign up for. Practice makes perfect and this recreational session is a great enrichment to keep you at the ropes until everything you’ve learnt during BSC becomes second nature.

Changi Sailing ClubImage credit: @aya.a.233

After mastering a dinghy, you can also delve further into the world of sailing with their keelboat competency crew courses which will train you up for sailing larger boats.

water sports singapore - Changi Sailing Club
Water sports aside, CSC is also a quaint seaside spot to spend the evening.
Image credit: @yuji_coffeecups

Sign up here.

Price: $385.20 for CSC members | $524.30 for public
Duration of course: 10AM-5PM over two weekends

Changi Sailing Club
Address: 32 Netheravon Road, Singapore 508508
Telephone: 6545 2876
Changi Sailing Club website

3. SAF Yacht Club – shorter courses 

Weekends are precious and if you’d like to get your certificate in a shorter period of time, opt for SAF Yacht Club’s courses which run over three days on the weekends instead of the usual four.

SAF Yacht Club
Image credit:
SAF Yacht Club

Athletically-challenged people don’t have to worry as much here. The conditions are beginner-friendly as the sailing centre is located at the straits between Singapore and Malaysia where the waters are calm and wind is mild, making it a lot easier to control your boat.

Sign up here.

Price: $192.60 for SAFYC members | $374.50 for public
Duration of course: Over two Saturdays and one Sunday from 9.30AM-5.30PM

SAF Yacht Club
Address: 43 Admiralty Road West, Singapore 759962
Telephone: 6758 3359
SAF Yacht Club website

 – Windsurfing –

If “fast and furious” is your middle name, windsurfing is your game. This thrilling sport is something every adrenaline junkie needs to add to their bucket list.

1. Aloha – windsurf at East Coast

water sports singapore - Aloha
Image credit:

Aloha is one of the few sea sports centres that offers windsurfing courses and it’s where you can take your first step towards gliding over the waters like a pro. 

If you want speed, this windy centre at East Coast Park is your best option, with gusts that will take you whizzing along the water surface. Speed adrenaline without the fear of traffic police? Yes please. 

Sign up here.

Price: $280/pax
Duration of course: 4 hours

Address: 1212 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449886
Telephone: 6241 9212
Aloha website

 – Multi-courses –

1. Constant Wind – pick up a variety of water sports in the East

water sports singapore - Constant Wind
Image adapted from: @artoflettinggo_____, @artfeellife

Situated at NSRCC in Changi, Constant Wind is a one-stop spot to pick up a wide variety of water sports like sailing, windsurfing, stand up paddling and even kite surfing. It’s going to be hard to pick which course to start with but one thing’s for sure – weekends will no longer just be restricted to MacRitchie or your nearest park.

Price:  $420/pax
Duration of course: three sessions of 4 hours each
Sign up here.

Price: $360/pax
Duration of course: four sessions of 3 hours each
Sign up here.

Constant Wind
Address: 11 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499740
Telephone: 6445 5108
Constant Wind website

2. PAssion WaVe – six sports centres islandwide

water sports singapore - PAssion WaVe
Image credit: @pafrenz

Formerly known as Water-Venture, PAssion WaVe has not just one, but six water sport centres scattered around the island in areas like Pasir Ris, Sembawang and Marina Bay so their courses are accessible for everyone. 

With great prices going on discounts on OnePA and subsidised rates for students and senior citizens, this is a great place to pick up new skills while still getting your weekly dose of Vitamin D.

Price: $72/pax on onePA for members | $80/pax for non-members
Duration of course: 10AM-5PM over two Sats

Price: $302/pax on onePA for members | $335/pax for non members
Duration of course: 10AM-5PM over three Suns

Price: from $92/pax on onePA for members | $102/pax for non-members
Duration of course: 10AM-5PM on Sat

PAssion WaVe website

Check out our list of more things to do Passion WaVe centres as well as perks you can get with your PAssion card.

BONUS: University Clubs

 University Clubs
Image credit:

University kids, you’re in luck. To reduce the price pinch for students, plenty of school clubs offer these water sports at a discounted price. NTU for example, had sailing courses at $200, so make sure to check them out before you graduate.

Find out more about the sailings clubs of NTU, NUS and SMU.

Water sports in Singapore

Regardless of whether you’re looking for an escape from drowning in work, or something fresh and exciting for your next weekend out, sign up for one of these water sports courses for a sure-fire way to feel rejuvenated after.

With your new certs, you’ll also be able to unlock a whole realm of new activities you can do beyond our shores.

Cover image adapted from: @sgsportshub, @alohaseasportcentre, @artoflettinggo_____

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