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Fill A Box Of Snacks For $10 At This Mart In Chinatown To Lessen Food Waste

MoNo SG at Chinatown

Open up the pantry in any Asian household and you’re likely to find spices and condiments older than some of the people reading this. You know better than to throw them out, even if they’re technically expired, for fear of being berated by your mom.

But mom does have a point – these sauces and canned goods still work way past their prime. If that’s something you can get behind then MoNo SG might be your next go-to place for sundries. Don’t worry, nothing they sell is expired but they’ve got a shorter shelf life than what you’ll find in supermarkets. In exchange these goods have been heavily discounted.Here’s how it works:

How does MoNo SG work?

Head in and you’ll see a bunch of empty boxes with a range of prices on them like $10-$15 or $20-$25. That’s basically how much you’re expected to donate for the box of goodies you receive. You’re always welcome to give more and there’s no pressure if you’re only able to give the minimum amount stated on your box.

mono sg - all you can fill box
Image credit: MoNo SG via Google Maps

Then you’re free to roam the shelves picking out the snacks and drinks you want. Just make sure all items fit squarely within the box. If you’re an avid Tetris player, this should be no sweat for you. Otherwise, feel free to grab a bigger box to fit all your goodies inside.

What can I buy at MoNo SG?

mono sg - discounted snacks
Image credit: @mono.foods via Instagram

As for what you can get, the items change regularly, depending on the stock MoNo SG gets from their distributors or donors. Items they’ve stocked in the past include organic yoghurt, dried soba noodles, granola, gummies, and soft drinks. On occasion, they’ve even brought in bottles of wine and stout, as well as collagen supplements for healthy hair and nails.

mono sg - dried food alcohol yoghurt
Image adapted from: MoNo SG Telegram Channel

It might be a gamble going down and not finding anything you want, so MoNo SG has conveniently set up the MoNo SG Telegram Channel, where they post pictures of what you can grab that week. Naturally, it’s a game of fastest fingers first, so if you see something you want, make a beeline to their retail store.

Are the goods sold at MoNo SG safe for consumption?

A box of goodies for just $10 sounds like a deal too good to be true. And really, there isn’t much of a catch, other than the fact that all of these items are closing in on their “best before” date. See, many such products are thrown out by supermarkets and grocery stores, which contributes to food waste. MoNo SG takes over such stock and sells them at hefty discounts to the public.

mono sg - canned food
Canned luncheon meat can last months after their expiration date.
Image credit: Eatbook

Don’t think for a second that just because the goods are near expiring that they’re any less consumable. In fact, these dates are mere suggestions from manufacturers that you’re getting the best quality when you’re eating these products. The shelf-stable food, like dried pasta, spices, and canned goods still taste fine for months and even years past these dates.

mono sg - look smell taste test
If it looks alright, smells alright, and tastes alright – it’s safe to consume.

Of course, don’t just rely on what we or even MoNo SG has to say about this; you can always do the Look-Smell-Taste test before consuming anything. Check that the food looks alright in terms of colour and texture, take a good whiff too to make sure it doesn’t smell bad, and take a nibble to see if it tastes off. If in doubt, throw it out.

Buy cheap snacks & stop food waste at MoNo SG

We Singaporeans love a good deal, and when it comes to MoNo SG, that’s a given when items are up to 90% off. Even better when the deal involves helping to save the earth without having to lift a finger. Talk about a bargain.

We get it if some of you are still iffy about getting products so close to their best before dates. You can read up on the MoNo SG FAQ page that explains why it’s totally okay to consume such goods. Even if you don’t make it down to their store in Chinatown, you can still implement these practices at home, so you’re spending less on replacing perfectly usable items.

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Cover image adapted from: MoNo SG via Google Maps, @mono.foods via Instagram