Best snacks in Daiso Singapore

daiso snacks
Daiso Singapore snacks

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we are in love with Daiso Singapore. We all know the $2 store is a haven for travel accessories, household items, stationery and pretty much everything else, but one corner needs a little more love – the snacks.

Next time you head down, why not stock your pantry with takoyaki snacks, brown sugar banana chips or caramel corn instead. We’ve ranked the best snacks in Daiso Singapore based on its uniqueness and overall “snackability”.

Disclaimer: Please stay safe, and stay distanced even as Singapore enters Phase 2.

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20. Animal shaped cookies

animal cookies - Daiso Singapore snacks

There’s no shame in reliving your childhood and eating animal shaped cookies. The light, buttery and slightly salty biscuits are not only a treat to enjoy, but also fun to eat. Talk about extra value on your snacks.

Each of the animal shapes even has the name of the animal on it. Aside from vanity purposes, the biscuits could also be a nice way to teach little children animal names – while also feeding them their snacks of course.

Uniqueness: 6/10
Snackability: 7/10

19. Premium Yan Yan (tiramisu, matcha, mixed berries)

yam yam

Yan Yan biscuits are everywhere, but Daiso has premium Yan Yan flavours that’ll tickle your taste buds. The iconic combination of a stick biscuit and some flavoured frosting gets even more unique with matcha, tiramisu and mixed berries & cheese variants. 

It’s $2 for 2, so you get double the Yan Yan. If you want to spin the wheel of fortune of Yan Yan flavours then by going to Daiso, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Uniqueness: 7/10
Snackability: 6/10

18. Black coffee/butterscotch candy


A packet of these candies acts as a pick-me-up when you get unbearably sleepy at work or school. Coffee lovers will appreciate the black coffee and cappuccino flavours, while others will certainly enjoy the sweet butterscotch flavour.

In fact, just keep a few candies lying around in your bag or purse because hey, you never know when you’re gonna need a sweet treat. $2 for 140g of candies, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Uniqueness: 6/10
Snackability: 7/10

17. Fried rice crackers (with horseradish flavour)

rice crackers

Every kid’s had rice crackers in their lunchbox or school bag at least once in his/her life. Stock up your supply of fried rice crackers at Daiso and try the one-of-a-kind horseradish flavour

The horseradish adds some interesting zest to the popular snack while the crisp, crunchy texture makes you want to savour each crumb.

Uniqueness: 7/10
Snackability: 7/10

16. Green soybeans chips

soybeans chips - Daiso Singapore snacks

Leave it Daiso to create green soybeans chips, a unique flavour that you’ve probably never heard of before. Although it’s still fried potatoes at the end of the day, the green soybean flavour makes you feel somewhat healthier as you snack on something that’s green. 

Just in case soybean wasn’t interesting enough, the chips also come in pepper, curry, onion and brown rice flavours as well. 

Uniqueness: 9/10
Snackability: 6/10

15. Meiji Chocorooms


The Meiji Chocorooms are simply adorable. This carefully constructed snack combining dark chocolate, milk and a crispy cracker in the shape of a mushroom is a bite-sized must-have. 

A $2 note will get you two packets, good for when you just want to sneak in a few bites.

Uniqueness: 7/10
Snackability: 7/10

14. Soy sauce flavour coated peanuts

soy sauce peanuts

Soy sauce is like that magical Asian elixir that just goes well with everything – including peanuts. These soy sauce flavour coated peanuts have a salty taste with a hint of sweetness and little twinkles of that yummy umami flavour here and there. 

So if you think normal peanuts are boring and bland, these ultra-crunchy ones will give your taste buds a run for their money.

Uniqueness: 7/10
Snackability: 7/10

13. Churro snack

churro snack

Churros are an absolute treat to enjoy, even in packaged snack form. Although the churro snack is not served hot and fresh, this pack from Daiso makes up for it by giving you a nice, crisp crunch. 

Each piece is coated with sugar and sweetness which will definitely keep you smiling after each bite.

Uniqueness: 7/10
Snackability: 7/10

12. Green tea cookies

green tea cookies - Daiso Singapore snacks

The delicious taste of Japanese matcha has delighted our taste buds ever since they were introduced. In this packet of green tea cookies, the cookie-filling is rich and creamy making it the perfect pantry snack if you’re starving but stuck in the office or school. 

Uniqueness: 7/10
Snackability: 8/10

11. Choco corn

choco corn

A lot of people like corn chips. Many people love chocolate. Based on this simple logic, it’s no wonder why the choco corn snack is such a favourite. 

Imagine corn kernels but fried into puffs, dipped into a chocolate fountain – then imagine taking a few bites of those. Each puff is airy and chocolatey and keeps you coming back for more. They even come in cute star shapes!

Uniqueness: 8/10
Snackability: 7/10

10. Tiramisu twist cookie

tiramisu twist cookie

Right off the bat, the tiramisu twist cookies look appealing with the chocolate and cream swirls. Mixed together you have coffee, cream and some hearty chocolate that creates a flurry of flavour.

When you’re in need for a quick-fix of tiramisu, these $2 packets are a wonder. 

Uniqueness: 7/10
Snackability: 8/10 

9. Choco flakes

choco flakes

Forget cocoa puffs, these choco flakes are vying to be Asia’s next top chocolate. With a generous and thick coating of chocolate over every individual flake, you’ll be getting a lot of smooth, milky, chocolatey goodness in every bite. 

The resealable bag makes this snack ultra-portable and convenient as you don’t have to finish them all in one go. No one said you couldn’t have a cereal-like snack after breakfast.

Uniqueness: 7/10
Snackability: 8/10

8. Potato ring snack

potato ring snack - Daiso Singapore snacks

Sorry potato chips but there’s a new kid on the block – potato rings just called. You won’t make a big mess chomping down on these bite-sized ringed-snacks and they’ll give you plenty of potato flavour all the same. 

Lightly salted, crispy, euphoric crunches, what’s not to love?

Uniqueness: 7/10
Snackability: 8/10

7. Meltykiss


Just the name Meltykiss alone should be enough of a description for this treat. The chocolates are soft, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth, while also being very addictive, just like a kiss.

There are a variety of flavours including hazelnut, fruity strawberry and green tea, that tastes real and non-artificial. If you can’t decide which to pick, might as well get all of them since you’ll probably finish each box in less than an hour.

Uniqueness: 8/10
Snackability: 8/10

6. Peeled roasted chestnuts

peeled roasted chestnuts

Fun fact: these peeled roasted chestnuts are so popular in Japan that one packet is sold every 10 seconds. If you’re a fan of chestnuts but can’t seem to find the unicorn-like local pushcart sellers, then the $2 packets at Daiso are nut something you want to miss out on.

It’s a healthier choice for a snack that will still bring you all that roasted goodness.

Uniqueness: 8/10
Snackability: 8/10

5. Crispy noodle snack with yakisoba flavour

yakisoba snack

For those who don’t know, yakisoba is a Japanese noodle stir-fry with sweet and savoury flavours. Just think about all those delicious tastes, but in a crispy, highly-addictive snack you can bring around.

After trying the crispy noodle snack with yakisoba flavour, you won’t want to go back to the basic flavours of mamee monster noodles anymore. Enjoy every single bite with the most satisfying, ASMR-like crunch sound.

Uniqueness: 9/10
: 8/10

4. Corn potage snack

corn potage

Imagine MOS Burger’s hearty corn soup – but in a chip version. The corn potage snack has the distinct, sweet aroma of corn combined with a tinge of saltiness, while the puffiness of it all makes each bite feel light. To top it off, little freckles of green parsley are sprinkled on top of each chip.

Uniqueness: 9/10
Snackability: 9/10

3. Brown sugar banana chips

brown sugar banana chips - Daiso Singapore snacks

Dried fruits are always a delight, and these brown sugar banana chips are no exception. The banana taste is strong and distinct while the brown sugar gives it highlights of sweetness. The opposite of an actual banana, the crunchy texture of this snack will keep you coming back for more.

The brown sugar and banana blend together so well you’ll be reaching for a pack of these over the normal banana chip version.

Uniqueness: 9/10
Snackability: 9/10

2. Takoyaki snack

takoyaki snack

You’ve probably either heard of or religiously eaten the popular Japanese takoyaki, a ball-shaped, octopus-filled, flavour-laden snack. Thankfully for us, Daiso has a takoyaki snack.

Opening the packet alone gives you a good whiff of the rich, savoury flavour that’s about to come. Takoyaki fans will not be disappointed with every single crunch, and the fact that they can bring this around everywhere instead of having to buy takoyaki balls every time. I guess you could say that these octopus-flavoured goodies are a catch.

Uniqueness: 10/10
Snackability: 9/10

1. Caramel corn

caramel corn !

Arguably one of the most popular and well-loved snacks in Daiso, the caramel corn snack reigns supreme. The corn chips have the most delicate touch of caramel, giving it just the right amount of sweetness. Every bite is airy and light – like a corn cloud raining caramel on your tongue.

With a generous portion inside, you’ll want to bring a packet around everywhere you go. For seasoned caramel-corn-eaters, there’s a roasted nut flavour to zest-up your taste buds.

Uniqueness: 9/10
Snackability: 10/10

Best snacks to buy in Daiso Singapore

daiso snacks singapore

The next time you’re going on a snack run, you’ll know where to go and what to get. With such a huge selection of goodies that constantly get updated with new flavours or new snacks altogether, Daiso Singapore will keep your snack-munching habits happy.