Cafes in Hualien, Taiwan 

Shiba Inu themed cafe in Hualien

Taiwan may be known for its night markets, shopping and outdoor activities. But if you frequently head there for holidays, you might be looking for new places to explore that aren’t in hotspots like Taipei and Taichung.

Enter Hualien, a laid-back county on the east coast of Taiwan that’s just a 2.5-hour train from Taipei. The area is most famous for Taroko National Park’s gorgeous mountainous landscape and Qixingtan pebble beach. But while you’re in between activities, it’ll be worth your while to grab a cuppa at one of the town’s many aesthetically-pleasing cafes.

Check out the ones we sussed out during our trip there below:

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1. Do-Zai Cafe & Bar – Shiba Inu themed cafe

Do-Zai Cafe & Bar Hualien

The moment we found out Do-Zai Cafe & Bar (斗。宅商社)  had a Shiba Inu-themed menu, we knew we had to pay this place a visit. You can’t find it on Google Maps unless you type in the cafe’s Chinese characters, but we discovered that it’s actually located within the compound of the local attraction, Hualien Railway Culture Park.

Shiba Inu Cafe in Hualien
When we were, there were 2 more doggos visiting the cafe, so it was super lively.

That’s not all – the cafe is also home to 2 adorable Shiba Inus, who serve as the inspiration for the cafe’s concept. They aren’t shy either – they’ll plop themselves next to you while you’re having a dish like a cheese burrito (NTD100,~$4.45) or a bacon, cheese and peanut butter toast (NTD95,~$4.25).

Do-Zai Cafe & Bar Hualien
The themed menu items are crafted to resemble the resident doggos

Star items of the menu include the Shiba Inu cheese and red bean buns (NTD80,~$3.55), and a chocolate lollipop (NTD60,~$2.65). We washed it down with a caramel latte (NTD160,~$7.15) topped with a Shiba marshmallow, and their popular Watermelon Mount Fuji Drink (NTD160,~$7.15) which is a fruity sweet and sour punch.

The cafe’s pretty cosy too. It’s housed in a traditional building that comes with wooden shutters, with a small potted tree in the middle.

Do-Zai Cafe & Bar Hualien

Address: No. 460號, Fujian Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Opening hours: Tues-Sun 2PM-12AM (Closed Mondays)
Telephone: +886 916 440 811

2. Soave Plan – coffee tailor-made to your preference

Soave Plan Hualien
Image credit: @belleyen__

Stark white walls, cacti and an old-school bicycle out front: these are the 3 ingredients that make Soave Plan an Instagrammer’s haven for photos. The cafe’s interior follows suit with its charming decor of trinkets like pottery, teacups, and dried twigs and florals.

Soave Plan Hualien interior

They have a simple menu where they tailor their coffee (from NTD80,~$3.55) to your preference, whether you prefer lighter or stronger coffee, with less or more milk. Tea-lovers can opt for Taiwanese teas like Lishan Mountain Tea (NTD200,~$8.90) and Jin Xuan Oolong Tea (NTD140,~$6.25)

Soave Plan desserts
Image credit: @travoodlife_hl

If it’s too late in the evening for caffeine, order a glass of milk with matcha or caramel (NTD120,~$5.35) for a nightcap. Pair these with their desserts like their popular Lemon Tart (NTD140,~$6.25), Caramel Pecan Pie (NTD110,~$4.90) and Caramel Almond Pie (NTD130,~$5.80).

Soave Plan Hualien

Address: 280號1樓970, Chenggong Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan
Opening hours: Fri-Wed 1:30PM-7:30PM (Closed Thursdays)

3. 回春 Vivify – have coffee surrounded by plants

Vivify Cafe Hualien
Image credit: @chenlalala.2019

If you love being surrounded by greenery but aren’t the outdoorsy type, head over to Vivify, where you’ll catch a glimpse of leaves from a multitude of potted plants no matter where you sit. Finding this cafe may be a challenge though, as it’s lays hidden on Guangfu Street. Just look out for their logo and follow the trail of ferns to find the cafe’s entrance.

Vivify Hualien hidden entrance
Hidden entrance to the cafe
Image adapted from: 陳勁宇 & @brian_yang7714

The cafe doubles up as a nursery and shop where you can grab light bites, buy plants, and get customised leather goods. 

Vivify Cafe beverages
Image adapted from: @thailovestoeat

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’ll want to try their variety of roasts from Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea, to name a few – each cup costs between NTD120 – NTD200 (~$5.35 – $8.90). They also serve desserts like cakes and brownies for TWD160 (~$7.15).

Vivify cafe Hualien
Look out for the cafe’s friendly resident doggo while you’re here
Image credit: @mariepone

Address: No. 91-1號, Guangfu Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Opening hours: 1:30PM-6:30PM, Daily
Telephone: +886 3 833 1303

4. Qiu Chao Cafe – elegant traditional interior

Qiu Chao Cafe exterior Hualien
The cafe is concealed by a manicured garden and a wooden fence

At first glance Qiu Chao Cafe looks like an old house that belongs to someone of high social stature. Head inside and you’ll see that the cafe’s interior is equally elegant. It’s filled with decorative trinkets, artwork, and books that line polished wooden shelves. 

Qiu Chao Cafe Hualien

They have a relatively small menu that only has beverages. You can get cafe staples like lattes and cappuccinos (NTD280,~$12.50) and drip coffees like Honey Iced Coffee (NTD230,~$10.25). On warmer days, head for their icy drinks like Passion Fruit Ice (NTD200,~$8.90) and Summer Spell (NTD200,~$8.90) that’s a sparkly citrus concoction.

Qiu Chao Cafe dessert
The Passion Fruit Ice is perfect for cooling off on a hot day

The prices are a little steeper than other cafes, but each drink comes with a free homemade dessert. Ours came with small slice of creamy cheesecake and mini chocolate lava cake. 

Qui Chao Cafe Hualien
Visitors are free to browse through the books

Address: No. 5, Huagang Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Opening hours: Tues-Sat 1:30PM-6:30PM (Closed Sundays & Mondays)
Telephone: +886 3 833 0880

5. 小巷茉莉 MôLi Café – garden-like cafe with fluffy souffle pancakes

Hidden behind a row of shop lots, MôLi Café along Sanmin Street can only be identified via its subtle signboard and pastel blue gate that looks like it leads into someone’s home.

MoLi cafe entrance
Image credit: @molicafe2017

Once inside, you’ll find yourself in a quaint cafe that overlooks a backyard filled with shrubs. There’s also a patio where you can fully enjoy a cool day under the sun. 

MoLi Cafe Hualien
Image credit: @deer_dove

Their fluffy souffles are a must-try, and you can choose from 3 different flavours: honey vanilla (NTD250,~$11.15), chocolate (NTD260,~$12), and matcha (NTD280,~12.50).

Matcha souffle at MoLi Cafe
The matcha souffle comes with whipped cream, ice cream, and red bean.
Image credit: @1.0.0.zx

You’ll also be able to find savoury Asian dishes like Thai pork rice (NTD220,~$9.80), and mapo tofu (NTD200,~$8.90). Wash these down with their organic teas (NTD150,~$6.70) that come in flavours like lavender and mint.

MoLi Cafe Hualien interior
Image credit: @teddy_liao__._

Address: No. 62號, Sanmin Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Opening hours: Tues-Sun 12PM-8:30PM (Closed Mondays)
Telephone: +886 3 833 3562

6. KŌHI 宅 – cosy living room-like cafe with cats

KOHI cafe Hualien

Nestled among shophouses on Chenggong Street, KŌHI is the epitome of cosy. Not only is its space snug, but it also looks like a living room that’s been well lived-in. Mismatched settees and casual tatami mats aside, it’s filled with shelves and ladders displaying random trinkets, books and magazines.  

KOHI cat cafe Hualien

Cat lovers will find themselves right at home here too. During our visit, we spotted at least 4 kitties quietly snoozing around the cafe. They happen to be the stars of the cafe’s social media accounts, so don’t be shy to snap photos of them.

KOHI Hualien desserts
Image credit: @miachingching

KŌHI specialises in coffee, and they have a rather extensive menu of exotic imported coffee (from NTD180,~$8) from countries like Honduras and Costa Rica. For a sweet accompaniment, choose between their Yellow Lemon Pie (NTD130,~$5.80) and Passion Fruit Light Cheese Cake (NTD130,~$5.80).

KOHI Hualien interior

Address: No. 298號, Chenggong Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 2PM-10PM (Closed Tuesdays)

7. Giocare 義式.手沖咖啡 – hidden pottery cafe

Giocare Cafe exterior
Image credit: @yangtao1130

Giocare may be difficult to spot if you aren’t looking out for it, since it blends into the residential neighbourhood on Shuren Street. Just look for house no.7 with a large wooden door and you’re all set.

Giocare Cafe Hualien
The cafe’s proud display of handmade pottery sits right in the middle of the courtyard
Image credit: @S810909

Perfect for those who love having their coffee amid fresh air, the cafe offers an entirely al-fresco experience. Hot summer days aren’t a concern here either, as the courtyard is shaded by trees while its stone and wood accents give it cool zen vibes. You’ll likely spot a couple of cats lounging around here too. 

Giocare Cafe Hualien
Image credit: @alvin.travelog

Their speciality coffees (from NTD70,~$3.10) are worth a try, as they have a range of lattes and off-beat variations like black sugar coffee. They feature daily desserts too, and one of their most popular is an almond-topped that’s drizzled in caramel.

Giocare cafe Hualien dessert
Image credit: @chienchien0108

Address: No. 7號, Shuren Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Opening hours: Fri-Tues 2PM-7PM (Closed Wednesdays & Thursdays)
Telephone: +886 980 917 424

8. 花蓮 1709 Café/ Bar – music cafe with open mic sessions

1709 Café/ Bar is a vibrant little establishment near Hualien Station, and you can easily spot it on Guolian 2nd Road thanks to the colourful wallpaper on its exterior. 

1209 Cafe/Bar Hualien

We dropped by on a sleepy afternoon, and as we were observing the guitars displayed in a corner, the cafe owners told us we were free to play them. After all, they hold open mics on weekends, as well as live performances each night from 8PM-10PM. They explained that the name 1709 means “drinking together” in Chinese (一起饮酒). 

1207 Cafe/Bar Hualien

Spend an evening here and you can either have a pint of beer (from NTD150,~$6.70) or wind down with a cup of coffee or tea (from NTD150,~$6.70). If you’re feeling peckish, head for their savoury Tuna Waffle With Corn And Baked Cheese (NTD350,~$15.60) or Grilled Chicken Wings (NTD250,~$11.15).

1709 Cafe/Bar Hualien

Address: No. 40號, Guolian 2nd Road, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Opening hours: 9AM-1AM, Daily
Telephone: +886 975 494 851

9. Caffe Fiore 珈琲花 – hidden in greenery

Caffe Fiore Hualien
Image credit: @superericstar

It may be located on a commercial street, but Caffe Fiore can easily be mistaken for someone’s home. Head to the intersection of Shanghai Street and Zhongxiao Street and you’ll spot this hard-to-miss wooden hut that’s covered with plants. 

Caffe Fiore Hualien
Image credit: @sarah_chenlalala

The cafe’s interior follows suit, with dated wooden panelled walls and a ceiling that’s decorated with dried flowers. The cafe’s packed with books too, and if you’re lucky, 1 of its 2 resident kitties will accompany you. 

Caffe Fiore Hualien
Image credit: @nieveshuang

Their beverages range around NTD150 (~$6.70) for a variety of matcha lattes, coffees, teas, and beer. These can be paired with a selection of cheesecakes (NTD130,~$5.80) that come in flavours like lychee and strawberry. 

Caffe Fiore cakes and coffee
Image credit: @gd8652518

Address: No. 79號, Zhongxiao Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Opening hours: Thur-Tues 1:30PM-9PM (Closed Wednesdays)
Telephone: +886 3 832 5172

10. 奇幻地咖啡館 Wonderland Cafe – pancakes and brunch dishes 

Wonderland Cafe Hualien pancakes
Pancakes with ham and salad (NTD240/~$10.70)
Image credit: @ryeelidz

Those with an appetite would find Wonderland Cafe worth a visit. They have a rather diverse menu filled with beverages, mains and desserts so you can get a complete meal here.

Wonderland Cafe Hualien pasta
Image credit: @wonderland.tw_cafe

Fill up on dishes like pasta (from NTD180,~$8) and savoury pancakes (from NTD200,~$8.90), and scour their dessert (from NTD100,~$4.45) counter that displays delicious-looking parfaits, pies and cakes topped with fresh fruit. 

Wonderland Cafe Hualien dessert
Image credit: @hoony_yellowkies_

Try to chope a spot near the cafe’s whimsical centrepiece of dried lavender hanging from the ceiling. This area has a communal table and classic tile motifs on the ground, which serves as the perfect setup for that golden IG shot. 

Wonderland Cafe Hualien interior
Image credit: @mili88_34

Address: 597號2樓, Heping Road, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Opening hours: Fri-Tues 9AM-6PM (Closed Wednesdays & Thursdays)
Telephone: +886 3 832 1883

11. Edison Coffee – bachelor pad vibes

Edison Coffee Hualien

Edison Coffee (艾迪生咖啡館) oozes bachelor pad vibes, with its dark walls, Union Jack table, and shelves that display superhero figurines, books, and alcohol. Drop by for a tea break and your drinks will usually be prepared by the owner himself, Edison. He can usually be spotted behind the counter chatting with his customers. 

Edison Coffee Hualien
Pictured: Hualien Black Tea & Matcha Latte

The cafe has a decent range of coffees, from regular Americanos (NTD130,~$5.80) and Hazelnut Lattes (NTD160,~$7.15) to liqueur coffees like Cointreau Coffee Latte and Bailey’s Coffee Latte (both NTD170,~$7.55). They also offer some local teas like Hualien Black Tea and Hsinchu Oriental Beauty Tea (both NTD150,~$6.70).

Edison Coffee Hualien

Check out their dessert menu too – they have New York cheesecake (NTD100/~$4.45) and waffles (about NTD60,~$2.65) to go with the beverages.

Address: No. 12, Xuanyuan Road, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Opening hours: Fri-Wed 12PM-9PM (Closed Thursdays)
Telephone: +886 3 831 0003

12. Ngchus Cafe Cake – tarts in all sorts of flavours

Ngchus Cafe Cake desserts
Image credit: @ngchus_cafe

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll want to stop by Ngchus Cafe Cake on Jianzhong Street to sample their menu of desserts. Their tarts are a speciality here, and you’ll be able to feast of decadent flavours like lemon meringue, walnut and apple yoghurt. Each slice costs just NTD100(~$4.45), and you can even get an entire pie for NTD750 (~$33.45).

They sometimes offer seasonal desserts as well, like their lychee tart that goes for NTD140/slice (~$6.25).

Ngchus Cafe Cake Hualien
Image adapted from: @ngchus_cafe

Dessert aside, the cafe’s cosy interior is worth a mention too. Their colour scheme is grey, paired with driftwood panels and hanging ferns that give it a breezy atmosphere. Be sure to look out for the cafe’s resident cats too!

Ngchus Cafe Cake desserts
Image credit: @ting.02.17

Address: No. 11號, Jianzhong Street, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan 970
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10AM-6PM (Closed Mondays)
Telephone: +886 3 833 0902

Hualien cafes

If you can appreciate some quiet time on your vacays, mark Hualien down for your next trip. This underrated city has its fair share of night markets and outdoor activities, but with so many chio cafes with speciality coffees and delicious desserts, it’s definitely worth a visit.

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