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9 Romantic Sakura Spots In Taiwan To Bypass The Price Hikes For Tokyo Tickets

Cherry blossoms spots in Taiwan

sakura hogwarts

Most of us are aware of sakura blooming in Japan or even Thailand, but it’s time to add Taiwan to your list. Here, the cherry blossom season starts in January and at some spots, runs all the way till April.

So before the flowers disappear, feed your wanderlust or start planning a romantic getaway with your boo – these 9 spots in Taiwan are sure to up the romance.


1. Alishan Forest Recreation Area


Image adapted from: My Postcard Page

If you want a taste of Harry Potter magic, hop aboard this steam train that resembles the Hogwarts Express and runs along the Alishan Railway.

The magic goes beyond the rails – you’ll be transported to a mystical pink wonderland as you admire the cherry blossoms in full bloom too!

Alishan hill view

Image credits: Dodur

The area is Alishan Forest Recreation Area, just a 2.5 hours trip out of Taichung city and home to lush greenery intertwined with pale pink cherry blossoms.

It’s one of the most popular places to go sakura hunting in Taiwan and only 160,000 visitors are allowed to visit in a day – so hurry down to get the best view!

Best time to visit: March and April
Admission: NT$200 (about SGD$9)

2.Wuling Farm

wuling farm cherry blossom season

Image credits: Taiwan News

If you’re headed to Taichung, don’t forget to check out the cherry blossoms in Wuling farm! Blooming from mid to late February, not many people know about these cherry blossoms so crowd avoiders can rejoice.

Blue back tit

Image credit: Blue Back Tit

Besides flowers, snap shots of cute birds within the farm, like the blue back tit. Else, stroll along a romantic pathway flanked with beautiful pink flowers and snuggle up to one another in the cold weather.

Note: Cars are not allowed into Wuling but you can catch a bus.

Best time to visit: Mid to late February
Admission: Peak-season: NT$160/pax | Off-season: NT$130/pax


3. Yangmingshan National park

YangMingShan hiking trail

Image credit: @eightgod

Situated along a mountainous terrain, the cherry blossoms of Yangmingshan National Park are not to be missed. With natural hot springs, sulfur lakes and Taiwan’s largest volcano, the Seven Star Mountain, Yangmingshan offers far more than an ordinary forest hike.

YangaMingShan nattional park cherry blossom

Image credit: @xkidultx 

From beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, maple leaves in autumn and hot sulfur springs in the winter, the place is a hotspot year round – and great if you want to get some shots for the ‘gram.

Best time to visit: Mid February – Mid March


4. North sea Jishi Temple: Secret forest

Taiwan cherry blossom North Jishi temple

Image credit: jiawei333

Many couples get their wedding shots in Taiwan and the North Sea Jishi Temple happens to be a popular spot. That’s because these sweet pale pink Yoshino cherry blossoms would make a lovely backdrop for any shoot.

Don’t forget to visit the statue of Jigong (The crazy monk) to pray for wealth and fortune while you’re there!

Best time to visit: March

Admission: Free

5. Wuji Tianyuan Temple

Wuji Tianyuan cherry blossom

Image credits: Wikipedia Commons

The pagoda-style Wuji Tianyuan temple attracts many tourists all year round, but the busiest time at the temple would be in mid-February to early March when the cherry blossoms framing the temple make for an excellent shot.

Wuji tianyuan cherry blossom

Image credit: @runbunctious

A 30 minute bus ride from Tamsui MRT station, this spot is one of the closest to Taipei city, making it perfect for a half-day excursion.

Best time to visit: Mid February to early March

Admission: Free

6. Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village

For those looking to admire cherry blossoms and learn about Taiwan at the same time, the Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village is a must-see. It’s the largest outdoor museum in Taiwan which displays traditional homes and architecture, making it a fun blast from the past.

Image credit: Taiwan News

Here, a cherry blossom festival is held from February to March. And during this season, elements of Japanese culture such as Taiko drums, Yukata robes and even rickshaws are used to replicate a Japanese village.

Amusement aisle cultural village taiwan

Scream your lungs out at the 85m free-fall drop ride!

Image credit: sunmoonlake

Thrill seekers will also be glad to note that there’s a theme park Amusement Aisle within the village itself. Here, you can have fun with a wild line-up of roller coasters, including Taiwan’s tallest free-fall drop ride which is a jaw-dropping 25 storeys high!


Image credit: @Taran_sun

The famous Sun Moon Lake is also a 30-minute drive away from the village. So, hop on a boat ride or book the shuttle boat service to tiny, uninhabited Lalu island or Ita Thao, the old aboriginal village of the Thao people.

Best time to visit: February to March
Admission: NT $850 (SGD 38) – for access to both the village and theme park
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 9.30AM – 4PM


7. Taipingshan National Forest Recreational Area

Taipingshan national forest cherry blossom

Image credit: Mafengwo

Looking straight out of a movie scene, Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area is perfect for taking a nice stroll with bae or biking under a sky of pink. Just remember to bundle up –  temperature can drop to about 20 degrees on Taiping mountain.

Best time to visit: Late March
Admission: Holiday: NT$150 | Non-holiday: NT$20

New Taipei City

8. Wulai Scenic Area

Wulai cherry blossom

Image credit: Camy

A 40 minute ride from Taipei City, the Wulai Scenic Area hosts multiple types of cherry blossoms.

The highlight of the Wulai scenic area is none other than the 90-degree waterfall. But, with a bit of luck and just the right timing, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the cherry blossoms as you stroll along the Xiao Wulai Skywalk.

Xiao wulai skywalk

Not for the faint-hearted, the skywalk is made of glass panels for a close-up view of the gushing water under your feet.

Image credits: Xiao Wulai

Best time to visit:  Late February to early March
Admission: NT$50 


9. Sheipa leisure farm

Hsinchu sheipa farm

Image credits: Kelvin Chan

The hills are alive with the sound of music. Nope, this is not a hilly European countryside but Sheipa Leisure Farm. Situated in Wufeng Township in Hsinchu, the farm lies at an altitude of 1,923 meters above sea level and is home to gorgeous cherry blossoms in March.

Sheipa farm cherry blossom

Image credits: Kelvin Chan

Sheipa Leisure farm

Image credit: @kelvinchanpotato

You can even book a room and watch the sun rise above misty mountains at Sheipa Leisure Farm!

Qingquan hot spring

Image credit: @c_y_shen

Tip: Within the farm, seek out the Qingquan Spring Hot Spring where you can sit back, relax and soak in the therapeutic mineral-rich water.

Admission for Hot Spring: Public pools: NT$150 | Indoor Onsen: NT$550 for 2

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megrhythm mask

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