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10 Taiwan Adventures For Young-People That You Never Knew Were Possible

A Taiwan you’ve never seen


A Taiwan holiday seems to be every 20-something-year-old’s cup of (bubble) tea – and we’re not surprised! Their mind-blowing selection of tantalising street snacks from am to pm, Bangkok-worthy shopping game, and milk tea mania is reason enough.

And it doesn’t just end there. With so much natural beauty packed into its mountainous terrain, Taiwan is also an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true. So put down your typical itineraries – we’ve compiled 10 experiences better than releasing lanterns at Shifen Old Street to take your Taiwan adventure to the next level.


1. Paraglide off a mountain in Puli for 15 minutes



Holidays are all about chalking up new experiences, and what better way to do that than to leap off a cliff. Take to the skies and paraglide your way across Puli, Nantou County for a stunning aerial view of the mountain. Even if you’re new to paragliding, you’ll be in the safe hands of experienced instructors who will make make the whole experience a breeze.


The whole duration of the flight lasts for around 15 minutes, so you can choose to just lay back and soak in the ocean breeze, or go all out and ask your instructor to give you a 180-degree rollercoaster ride in the air – they’ll be more than glad to show you their acrobatic prowess.  

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2. Pilot over the East Rift Valley from an unenclosed cockpit




Taking in a gorgeous view from a lookout point is cool, but imagine flying yourself over the coast of Hualien City in a motor glider! Treat your eyes to a kaleidoscope of colours and a bird’s eye view of East Rift Valley’s flowing rivers, orchards, and paddy fields.

This is a motor glider Source

The best part about this is, you’ll get to fly this thing on your own – under the guidance of a senior instructor, of course.

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3. Spend a night in Taiwan’s edition of Madagascar



Their Congo Greenery Rooms boast the best view in the resort with room balconies overlooking the entire grounds Source

Imagine waking up in a safari tent in the middle of Kruger National Park – okay, this is not Africa, but it’s a safari-themed animal resort in Taiwan so convincing, it might as well be! Leofoo Resort is Asia’s only ecological resort, and your Madagascan escape just 30 minutes from Taoyuan International Airport.

The Ring-Tailed Lemurs here roam freely around the resort Source: @florent.tea

Unlike other captive animal displays, all the animals you’ll see at Leofoo Resort Guanshi are free-roaming. This is only possible because the resort has kept things as authentic as possible and modeled its grounds to resemble actual African nature reserves.

And if that isn’t enough, the resort offers a myriad of activities for you to get up close and personal with the animals. The braver souls out there can opt for the Beasts Encounter, an activity where you’ll get to rub shoulders with the carnivores.

You too can feel what it’s like being a ‘trapped’ in a cage Source

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4. Check off every water sport available at South Bay, Kenting



If you’re a lover of all things sun, sand, and sea – South Bay, Nanwan Beach in Kenting is calling your name. One for the thrill-seekers, battle the waves on a jet ski or cling for dear life on a banana boat – you’re bound to find a water sport that’ll pique your interest.

Nanwan beach is also perfect for the beach bums because they provide everything from beach chairs to parasols for you to get your sloth mode on. 

*BONUS* Blaze through Kenting on an ATV adventure

Daredevils shouldn’t miss out the chance the burn up Kenting’s dune-like landscape on an ATV! You can also expect more land-based activities from go-karting to horseback riding to fill your cup of crazy. Check out this guide to Kenting.

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5. Spot wild whales and dolphins off Gueishan Island


Source: @deardariaaa

Nobody thinks of Taiwan when you mention dolphin and whale watching, but if you set sail on the waters surrounding Gueishan or Turtle Island, there’s more than a 90% chance that you’ll get to see and interact with a good number of dolphins.


Whales are more elusive and harder to catch a glimpse off, but the dolphins almost never disappoint. Guides even set sail at 3 am each day to scout of the areas with the highest dolphin activity, so you know you’re in good hands. 


On top getting whisked away on a boat around the cliffs out at sea, the whale and dolphin-watching tours are likely to include some down time on the shore as well! Dolphinately an activity worth checking out. 

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6. Ride a horse into the sunset along Tamsui Beach



Finding an endless stretch of empty beach during dusk is as rare as winning the grand prize when you play TOTO. So it might surprise you that such a beach actually does exist, and in Taiwan no less.


Tamsui Beach might be Taiwan’s cleanest, quietest, and dare I say – most romantic beach. 

A popular venue for horseback riding, you’ll be able to put on all the charm without worrying about prying eyes as you ride off into the sunset.

Note: Just say clear of the sea when you’re there. We hear the waters are bursting with strong currents and riptides. 

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*BONUS* Spend a night at the fanciest horse B&B




If you’d like to spend a little more time with the horses, stay at the Tamsui Horse B&B, which is just a 5-minute horse ride away. There, you’ll learn more about how to care for your favourite furry friend, understand their habits, as well as pick up the basics of horseback riding.


7. Explore Taiwan’s lost city of Atlantis before it gets popular


Source: @kaihong916

Before the photos went viral on the internet, the Penghu Blue-Hole was so elusive that even the residents there barely knew of it. A result of natural erosion of its basalt rock columns over time, if the ‘Lost’ City of Atlantis had a physical entrance, this would be it.


The top portion of the formation has caved in, allowing sunlight to fall through, illuminating the cave and reflecting the blue hue of the ocean on its walls. You’ll best catch this gem in its full splendour when you take a boat out at midday. 

Don’t forget to geotag your Instagram photos because not many people have been able to properly capture the unreal beauty of this spectacle on camera.

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8. Check hot air ballooning off your bucket list



I’ve only got the Pixar movie ‘Up’ to blame for my obsession with hot air balloons. And in East Rift Valley, Taitung County, the Taiwanese sure take the phrase “the sky’s the limit” seriously. Choose between an anchored or a free flying hot air balloon ride, and feast your eyes upon a view of Taiwan’s mountains and patchwork rivers, with the other balloons in the sky adding regular pops of colour.

Source: @sally_tjoea

Drop by in July to August to see some of the most novel hot air balloons take to the skies at the country’s largest summer events – the Taiwan International Balloon Festival.

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9. Snap your own Windows Wallpaper in a sea of lilies


Source: @paulalinyi


Forget the lalang fields in punggol – here’s a whole mountain full of lilies. In Taimali in Taitung, day lilies bloom from August to October, transforming the whole city into a floral fantasy. An 8-hour drive from the city, this is the perfect excuse for you to push for that Taiwanese countryside road trip, and check off all those picturesque pit stops along the way.

Do be sure to drop by the Ching Shan Farm to give the local daylily-infused cuisine, from broth to buns a try. Read more about Taiwan’s Daylily bloom here!

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Source: @vip841121

Alternatively, while you’re in Taitung, head down to Waterfront Park to see their international landmark. You’ll pass by other public art installations there, and take a quick bike ride in Taitung Forest Park before ending off the day at the Tiehua Music Village. You might catch a performance or two there, as it is a well known platform for musicians and artists to perform live. 

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10. Forget you’re in Taiwan at an unreal tea plantation


Source: @nokkuchan

And just because you’re packing in all the action, doesn’t mean you can’t spend a little time with your head in the clouds – literally. Take a day off to give the Yong’an Mountain Trail a go. High up in the misty mountains, a postcard-worthy view is not the only thing you’ll be treated to. 

Taiwan’s Thousand Island Lake is a result of water collection from the Feitsui Reservoir and Beishi River that curves along the mountains, creating the illusion of many lakes. It is a sight so breathtaking, it looks like high level CGI on a green screen.

Source: @roxannerayy

When you’re done snapping photos, head to the Ba Gua Tea Fields (八卦茶園), Taiwan’s largest tea plantation for some tea appreciation and a hot cuppa. 

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