Most Romantic Restaurants in Singapore

“Romance is dead! So is chivalry! So is my goldfish!”

We claim that romance is dead and we are trapped in a city too soulless. I don’t think so. I think romance in Singapore is getting rife. And I thank the people who have dated me for proving that.

Having a romantic dinner also helps set the mood for the perfect night to come. Ask me at McDonald’s if I want to your girl and I’ll say hold up son. Ask me at Stuttgart Blackforest S-Cafe if I want to be yours forever and I will cry and propose to you instead.

To help those in need of romantic ideas for special occasions and anniversaries, we’ve put together a list of the most romantic restaurants in Singapore to make it easier for you to plan. We’ve also separated them into 3 categories. Romantic restaurants with great ambience, romantic restaurants with a view and also casual quirky hangouts (<$100 for two). Unlike the first two categories, in this last category your wallet will not be crying.

Romantic Restaurants with great ambience

These restaurants have splendid ambience with romantic vibes perfect for special romantic occasions.

1. White Rabbit @ Dempsey Hill


Can you see wedding balls already?

And while I’ve seen tons of aisle-walking in movies, I’ve never actually thought of dining in beautifully restored chapel. Harding Road is a little secluded so dinner would be peaceful and tranquil with long walks of promise after.

Cuisine: European | Price: $100+ per person
Address: 39C Harding Rd, s249541 | Reservations: 6473 9965
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2. Au Jardin


Nature lovers will enjoy dine against the backdrop of vines and vivid flowers.

Fantastically French, expect dishes you probably have never heard of so please do smart research prior to coming to impress your date and not go “what is this ah” to the waiter.

Couples can have a nice stroll along the Botanic Gardens after dinner.

Cuisine: French | Price: $200+ per person
Address: EJH Corner House, Botanical Gardens, Cluny Rd, s259569 | Reservations: 6466 8812
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3. Pollen


For those who have always wanted to visit Gardens by the Bay, well Pollen is right inside it. In the Flower Dome to be exact. Come here for a greenery tinted experience. If additional oxygen doesn’t make your date swoon, I don’t know what will. #lousygasjokes

Cuisine: Modern European / Mediterranean | Price: $150+ per person
Address: #01-09, Flower Dome, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, s018953 | Reservations: 6604 9988
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4. Tamarind Hill


I think this is the perfect Bali-esque restaurant.

It feels so tranquil and easy, like any moment you’d expect hula dancers to walk gracefully past you. I love food and I love sights and this place has both of that. Have a slow dinner then spend time afterwards in the glow of this place as you see your partner in renewed, loving light.

Cuisine: Traditional & Contemporary | Price: $100+ per person
Address: 30 Labrador Villa Rd, s119189 | Reservations:  6278 6364
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5. Song of India

This is a place we checked out recently, set in get this – a historic bungalow off Scotts Road! So its good for couples looking for a restaurant who want to still be somewhere in the city.

The food here is a lot more fusion than normal Indian food, which can be a great thing if you’re looking to indulge in something different and exotic. Also check out Averlynn’s Song of India review.

Cuisine: Modern Indian | Price: $100+ per person
Address: 33 Scotts Road, s228226 | Reservations: 6836 0055
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6. Senso Ristorante & Bar


Bold as brass, this place is upscale Spanish sexy. In our recent interview with Song of India’s Chef Mural, he picked it as his favourite restaurant to go to. And with such a classy interior, it was hard for us not to feature it.

It serves a mean steak and has a smattering of wine offers. And let’s not forget its along the upbeat Club Street, so expect lots of bar-exploring and street beauty after dinner along Ann Siang Hill and Chinatown!

Your dinner will only be the beginning of the night.

Cuisine: Italian | Price: $100+ per person
Address: 21 Club St, s069410 | Reservations:  6224 3534
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7. Roast @ One Rochester


Almost obscured by the mini canopy, Roast promises the perfect dinner getaway.

Have your meal in gentle flora and fauna in the ambiance promised by Rochester Park, which is like a mini Dempsey Hill at Bourna Vista. Take a walk in the gardens around after in the evening glow to catch up and fall in love again.

Cuisine: Western| Price: $50+ per person
Address: Rochester Dr, s138637 | Reservations:  6773 0070
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8. Alkaff Mansion Ristorante


Grand and proud, this 2-storey historic building promises to impress your date. It is drop dead gorgeous and just a stone’s throw away from Sentosa. 

Cuisine: Italian | Price: $150+ per person
Address: 10 Telok Blangah Green, s109178 | Reservations: 6510 3068
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9. Catalunya


Located exquisitely in a dome floating over Marina Bay, the ambience here is stunning. The food is extremely good but also in served in small portions which makes it overpriced.

Still, you and your date could feed each other little bites while watching the tour boats go by or the water ripple, all under its warm glow of the place. Highly recommend to take a river taxi afterwards across Marina Bay to the MBS side get that romantic night breeze on a boat. It’s just a few dollars and you don’t have to go anywhere, take a round trip back to where you started!

Cuisine: Spanish | Price: $200+ per person
Address: 82 Collyer Quay, The Fullerton Pavilion | Reservations: 6534 0886
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10. Prive Grill / Waterfront Bar


There are a few options here including the Grill and Waterfront Bar. I went to the cafe instead around the same area. It was a rainy day and the air looked gloomier than usual and it felt lovely to be having hot tea while waiting the clouds gather and bitch about which area to flood next.

There are yachts and a sea view and for those who are truly romantic, go charter a yacht and sail your girl to other shores. Just remember your passport please.

A beautiful view and a lovely place for the seabreeze-lovin’ lovers.

Cuisine: Fusion (French / American) | Price: $100+ per person
Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, s098382 | Reservations: 6776 0777
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11. Flutes

I hope that went well

A place lovely beyond measure, this place is perfect for dinner after exploring the Singapore museum.  It has a classy historic theme similar to Raffles Hotel but its smack right in the museum. Spend the day basking in the many exhibits of the museum and come for a lovely, equally exquisite dinner here afterwards.

Back when we just started our instagram! Sir Stamford Raffles is hungry.

Cuisine: International | Price: $150+ per person
Address: 93 Stamford Rd, s178897 | Reservations: 6338 8770
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Romantic Restaurants with a view

If it’s a view you’re after, these restaurants provide the visual feast your eyes desire and that feeling of being on top of the world.

12. Stellar / 1-Altitude

There’s 1-Altitude Rooftop bar and Stellar here.

I found myself here courtesy of Cosmo Magazine (contests are legit! who knew) with a bunch of friends I love more than life and it was beautiful. The view is amazing 63 stories up. The way Marina Bay shines in different colours and the way Singapore suddenly looks so tiny next to your stunning date.

I was date-less but ah a girl can dream. Come here for a view to stun and you could dance the night away together afterwards!

Cuisine: International | Price: $150+ per person
Address: 1 Raffles Place, s048616 | Reservations: 6438 0410
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13. Ku De Ta


Have dinner while looking at the little dots of people below you and soaking in the exquisite glow of the city at night. Then go inside afterwards for heart-pumping music and enough alcohol to have you reaching for that eluded kiss.

Not a place for the faint hearted- come only to dance and get ready to get wild with your partner!

Cuisine: Modern Asian | Price: $100+ per person
Address: 1 Bayfront Avenue, MBS SkyPark, s018971 | Reservations: 6688 7688
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14. Sky on 57


Helmed by Chef Justin Quek, this restaurant is located right next to the infinity pool. This place could serve Pringles but with a view this phenomenal, even that would taste like Lightly Toasted Potato Flakes with Salt Grazed Icings.

Cuisine: Franco Asian Cuisine | Price: $150+ per person
Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, s018956 | Reservations: 6688 8868
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15. Sky Dining


You don’t know it, but in my head I’m already thinking of marrying you.

You are not only sky dining here – a new level by any standards – but with their floral cabin option you’re surrounded by floral and fauna. Any girl in her right mind will have trouble holding back herself from you. Pick her a flower from the vines and she’ll faint right there and waste all your food.

Cuisine: International | Price: $160+ per person (Normal Cabin)
Address: 109 Mt Faber Rd, s099203 | Reservations: 6377 9688
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16. Ocean Restaurant


Strange as it is to eat seafood while watching dolphins swim (probably horrified) by, it is a drop-dead gorgeous place to dine. It’s also helmed by celebrity iron chef Cat Cora.

And if you can’t impress your date, the fishes will try on your behalf. Bonus point for you either way! Immerse yourself in the sights after meal while you two catch up over little bites.

Cuisine: Mediterranean / American Seafood | Price: $100+ per person
Address: 22 Sentosa Gateway | Reservations: 6577 6688
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Romantic Spots for something casual

If you don’t exactly want to murder your wallet, these places are still quirky enough to provide you a different experience on your special day.

17. Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe


I rode past here while on a friend’s bike and I was possessed by it. Because of its long name, I couldn’t recall the name of this place the next day. After sobbing and desperate research, I found it again.

I had the best blackforest cake of my life and the prettiest backdrop photo ever (see below!). The place gave us two polaroids, one to keep and one to put on their board. We took both and re-pinned someone else’s polaroid. I am sorry Stuttgart. This is just a nice casual place to chill at.

Wine lovers will appreciate the wine collection on display here!

Cuisine: Swabian (German) | Price: $50+ per person
Address: 141 Middle Rd, s188976 | Reservations: 6336 8675
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18. Club Cin Cin


This place at the iFly rooftop overlooks Sentosa just by the balcony and to be honest, the food wouldn’t matter after a while – you’ll end up excitedly pointing to the Songs of the Seas lights and the nightly Sentosa fireworks. And when all that’s over, you two could retreat into the bar and ponder how person can look so beautiful even as an Avatar.

For the couples who are too chic for just dinner.

Cuisine: Western  | Price: $50+
Address: 43 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, s099010 | Reservations: 6571 0000
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19. Rock Pool Bar @ Hard Rock Hotel


Not particularly a restaurant but equally deserving to be on the list, this bar allows you to swim gracefully as you nibble on snacks and drink ice-cold champagnes. If you have a body you think is a shame to be hidden under clothes, then this is the perfect excuse. Come here to bare your bod and get classy tipsy.

Undress to impress. Definitely for the beach-addicted couples here to flex.

Cuisine: Western | Price: $50+ per person
Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa, s098269 | Reservations: 6577 8888
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20. Mambo Beach Club


This place overlooks Siloso Beach and honestly, I have never felt more in love with my date until we left the live set that plays on weekends and settled ourselves into a beach chair for one watching stars.

But ah we can’t eat love so this place offers easy BBQ and grilled food. Not impressive food, but comfortable food. The beach would’ve won your date over. Now its time to be cosy and comfortable with each other.

Cuisine: Western | Price: $50+ per person
Address: 40 Siloso Beach Walk, s098996 | Reservations: 6276 6270
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21. Indochine Bianca


Who needs Stonehenge when you can dine with their fancier counterparts? I adore Indochine for their extravagant interiors and great effort into vamping up the place. This is no exception. Expect tasteful dishes against alluring music to toast over champagne glasses.

Such a lovely place to be fed and a little loved up at. This is for the couples who drink alcohol like its water and who dance like kings and queens. No good time without alcohol!

Cuisine: Western | Price: $50+ per person
Address: 47C Club Street s069424 | Reservations: 6323 1043
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22. Pasar Bella


Not so much a restaurant but a “Farmers’ Market” with a fascinating display of food and cafes. This place will leave your date wondering if he packed enough because for a minute, you’d swear you were in Portugal.

The delights of the sights and the aroma of the varying foods will have your date so happy, you’d probably be able to sneak a kiss or two. So very beautiful and picture perfect.


Cuisine: European / Seafood | Price: $50+ per person
Address: 200 Turf Club Rd, s287994 | Reservations: 6887 0077
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23. Wheeler’s Yard


Alright let’s move on from the views and the beach and get down to the sexy. This is actually a workshop space that sells bikes. I love a man with a motorbike. Or a man with a car. As long as he goes at the speed that would make Vin Diesel cry. Cue the latest hipster spot and we have Wheeler’s Yard.

It is on my die-die-must-go list and rightly so. If your girl doesn’t love the bicycle chic and the garage vibe of the whole place, move over. They serve mean food and sexy coffee up till 6pm.

Cuisine: Western / Cafe food | Price: $20+ per person
Address: 28 Lor Ampas, s328781 | Reservations: 6254 9128
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Map of these Restaurants and More TSL Reviews

While the places we’ve listed here have great ambience and views for a romantic dinner, not all have been getting good reviews for their food. In fact, a few of them are really average. Our main consideration for this list was the ambience and view that these restaurants provided.

And that’s why you should be reading our member reviews first. Also, here’s a map to make finding these restaurants easily!

{module mapvalentinesdinner2014}

{module reviewsvalentinedinner2014}

Know a romantic restaurant in Singapore?

There you have it, 23 of the most romantic restaurants in Singapore. By this time, your wallet should be backing into a little corner and crying “no no no please” so go pick it up and start sighing already.

But remember always that money comes back and moments don’t. Moments worth crystallizing and moments beyond value. These are the dates your lover will remember and these are the places you will forever smile fondly upon memory.

Remember, if you want to go to one of these beautiful restaurants it doesn’t hurt to share this article on your facebook page so your partner gets the hint!

Have fun on your date!

Disclosure: Besides our instagram pictures, most of these pictures were taken from the restaurant’s respective pages.

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