10 Gifts Girls Actually Want on V-Day


Everyone wants to make their girl feel amazing and loved on valentine’s day. But sometimes, Valentine’s day ends up turning out just “okay”, just “average”, or the worst just “like any other day”.

So although everyday can be valentine’s day with your loved one, it is always nice to commemorate her presence in your life with a little bit more interest on this special day. That is why we’ve decided to compile this list of things that girls actually (secretly) love to receive on valentine’s day.

Use one of these gifts to your advantage and have your girl swooning!


1. Make her smell fabulous




Guys, if you didn’t know, here’s a fun fact: Women out perform men in tests on odour sensitivity. In layman terms, it just means that girls are more sensitive to smell than you guys! 

We girls are OBSESSED with smelling good; we want someone to walk by and think “oh, she smells good”. However, before you run off and get your girl any perfume you think smells nice, make sure you do some research on the scent she likes – girls are picky on what they wear.

If you do manage to get lucky and get her one she falls in love with, you’re bound to score bonus points. If you’re stuck for ideas, Victoria’s Secret offers nicely gift wrapped scents for your valentine.


2. Give her all the make up her heart desires



As part of looking pretty, girls love to put on some make up. What about getting her the ultimate makeup set? Or with the help of some of your other girl friends, make a mini travel make-up essential kit for her. What girl wouldn’t appreciate that?

In fact, getting a girl the ultimate makeup set from Sephora just means only a chance to use all the colours and doll herself up for hours just for your next date. 


3. Surprise her with Roses



Too old-schooled and cliche for you guys? Still remember this phrase, “My love is like a red, red rose”, guys? That’s right, let her know how you feel with those flowers!

Flowers never go out of style – the fact that they’re an age-old tradition makes it more obvious that your girlfriends will be looking forward to getting on valentine’s day. Don’t just stick by the boring old one red rose – your girls want more than that.

Express how you feel towards her with the number of roses you buy. You can spice and sweeten up your valentine’s day with the help of this website we found.


4. Seal your love in a handwritten letter



There is nothing better than sending heartfelt wishes and feelings to the person to love. Girls love the emotional – who says guys can’t be sensitive and impassioned too? Don’t make excuses that you can’t write or that your handwriting is ugly – for all you know, your girlfriend may just adore your handwriting.

It can be a poem, it can be a song, it can be anything you want to say about how you’ve been loving her long. Just be sure to be expressive and honest about it!

So… Ready, get set, Pens on the paper!


5. Feed her love



Girl cannot resist gorgeous looking cookies or cupcakes especially if they are made by you.

That’s right – it’s time to learn how to operate your kitchen and whip up some of those delicious food goodness. They say “Food is the way to a (wo)man’s heart” – don’t pass up this chance to surprise her with heart-shaped cookies, chocolate-coated strawberries, or even cupcakes with heart shaped icing. Give her something her tastebuds can’t resist! If you decide that those take up too much time then maybe you can try my personal guilty pleasure: Chocolate Coated strawberries.

Not only are they easy to make and so very delectable when tasted. with those bright red, luscious outer of theirs, they are just the thing for a perfect, romantic valentine’s day. You can check out this easy recipe to get started.


6. Give her something to cuddle



Girls love something to cuddle when they’re asleep at night – especially when they’re missing you. Give her something she can cuddle when she’s alone at night. This way, a little, soft furry friend may help her think about you before she falls to sleep. After all, you bought this for her. Inception planted!


7. Help her Accessorise!



Girls just love to dress up – and they love to accessorise! It’s all part of the package – what goes with that gorgeous outfit that she has on? Only a chic bracelet and some lovely coloured hairties!

If your girl is still into the charm bracelet trend then maybe a charm for her charm bracelet would be a nice addition to her collection! Get some charms for her charm bracelet from Pandora. 


8. Send her on a shopping spree



No guys, this doesn’t mean a huge wardrobe make-over and a sad wallet. There’s still a saving grace – Gift cards. That’s right, instead of making the choice of clothes and worry about size, let her enjoy herself shopping for all the things she likes!  


9. Chocolates



If you can’t cook, there’s always chocolates which most girls are bound to love. Get some nicely giftwrapped chocolates in the shape of a heart shape or with the words “I Love You” scrawled across from Godiva. If not, if you want to be original and customise your feelings for her in the form of chocolate then you can customise your own chocolates locally from chocolate graphics.


10. A Nice Dinner



Somehow along the influence of movies and shows, we girls have been given the idea of an ideal date – and that usually ends with a nice, romantic dinner at the end of the day. There is nothing better than quality time at the end of the day where both of you can sit down and talk about all the sweet memories that you have or are going to experience.

The dinner doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate, as long as you show her that you care and you love her – that will be good enough for her.


Ending Note


As the guide comes to an end, it is important to take note the gift ideas above should be taken with a pinch of salt. While these things are a general consensus of what girls like to receive, it is always more meaningful to tweak these gift ideas into something special that the two of you will remember and share.

Remember that these gifts are expressions of your love – use them to your advantage and not think that they are replacements of love, quality time, and effort that you will have to give.

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