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Play @ Heights Park cover image

Play @ Heights Park Toa Payoh Playground: New & Free Trampoline Park, Splash Zones & Bike Track

Play @ Heights Park at Toa Payoh

Parents and kids alike love a good ol’ playground where the young ‘uns can run free while mum and dad have some off time. The latest addition to the list of new and free playgrounds in Singapore is Play @ Heights Park, which was recently unveiled in April 2022. 

With water play zones to sandpits and ziplines, this playground at Toa Payoh West is an epic level up from its former set of regular slides and spring rockers. While the playground is meant for kiddos and toddlers, we chucked aside our age for a sec and ventured over to have some fun ourselves.

Huge sandpits with zipline & swings 

Entering Play @ Heights Park from Toa Payoh Lorong 1, we spotted the large sandpit first. Kids can brandish their sandcastle toys and build masterpieces here without having to make a trip down to Sentosa’s beaches. 

Play @ Heights Park swing set

For some old-fashioned fun, hop on the swing set and give yourself a mini adrenaline rush while challenging your pals to see who can swing higher. Younger ones can have a go at the toddlers’ swing set too, where the seats are designed to be more secure.

zipline at Play @ Heights Park

But you can expect to hear the most squeals from the zipline. Visiting Westies would be reminded of the ones from West Coast Park’s Adventure Playground. There’s only 1 “flying fox” available here, so be prepared for a little queue.

Water play & splash zone

Play @ Heights Park

Play @ Heights Park has one unique zone that puts it in the S tier of public playgrounds: the water play area. It’s not just tiny wading pools or singular jet fountains; think Wild Wild Wet, but sized down to fit between a couple of HDBs in central Singapore. 

There are jet sprays and water guns for kids big or small to have a splash to cool off from the summer heat. Love getting dunked by the bucket splasher at Professor’s Playground? They have a mini version here too. 

water features at Play @ Heights Park

Winding along the water play area is a mini stream with water wheels for kids to turn and explore water movement. Both ends of the stream have a small wading pool too.

water zone

There’s a reason why we’ve called it the “splash zone” – while walking past the water play area itself, there’s a water jet sprinkling water into the middle of the walkway – so best have a brolly open or walk through the sandpit if you’re not keen on getting wet. Otherwise, cast your kicks aside and dive in. 

shower facilities

After the fun, there are rinsing cubicles just across the walkway for a convenient clean-up. Or to get even more soaked, whichever you wish.  

Play @ Heights Park bathroom facilities
The play park is chock-full of facilities that cater to the young and old, like gazebos to rest the weary legs after a romp.

Jump zone with 3 trampolines & exercise corners

trampolines at play @ heights park

Move aside, see-saws. Rising in popularity are trampoline installations at newer playgrounds. The jump zones here bear some similarity to trampoline parks like Jumprrocks @ KINEX, with 3 of these bouncy “bowls”.

Play @ Heights Park trampolines

Bigger kids and adults have 2 trampolines at either end of the zone to jump on for a quick cardio sesh. It’s also big enough to host a bunch of kiddos hopping about at one go.

The smaller trampoline in the centre is just the right size for toddlers to bounce with parents holding their hands.

fitness corner

If jumping up and down isn’t your idea of working out, scattered around Play @ Heights Park are several exercise corners. Next to the trampolines are machines suitable for the elderly to engage in low-impact activities and shake up their muscles. 

Play @ Heights Park fitness corner

For higher-intensity drills, look for the blue-grey and orange fitness corners, which you’ll find by the basketball court and behind the sandpit, respectively. They’re fitted with the standard pull-up bars, dip bars, and sit up boards.

Play @ Heights Park climbing net
The climbing net-wall installation reminded us of the Standard Obstacle Course that’s part of NS training. 

Kid-friendly bike park & toddler play zone

Children who think they’ve mastered their 2 or 3-wheelers are welcome to test their skills at the bike park. The track here is a level up from just charging straight on. Kids on their trikes and bikes can play F1 driver by navigating around humps and tight bends. 

Play @ Heights Park jogging track
Even if you’re not on wheels, the bike track makes for a good running course to race your pals.

There are even elevated curves and slanted humps while going around a bend, an added track variation for those zipping through the course like it’s Tokyo Drift or Initial D IRL. Of course, the track is open to anyone on wheels so adults or teens on skates can give the route a go. 

 toddler play zone.

Tots who are currently too small for trampolines or wheeling around can have their own fun at a dedicated play area. If you missed the spring rockers and a slide, it’s over at the toddler play zone

For those travelling here by MRT and entering from Toa Payoh Lorong 2, you’ll enter Play @ Heights Park from this alternative entrance and be greeted by the toddler play zone first.  

lily pad playground feature

Aside from the colourful rubber flooring, the zone also has features like a mini rope climb and lily pad jumping steps for the younger ones to work on their motor and sensory skills. 

Visit Play @ Heights Park for a family day out

Play @ Heights Park decorations
Keep a lookout for these cute pop-up standees installed around the playground. 

This new playground is an epic build featuring unique splash zones, exercise corners, and a kid-friendly bike park – all for free. It’s no surprise that residents and visitors of all ages will be gathering here to enjoy these snazzy facilities.

Play @ Heights Park treehouse zone

There’s a 5th zone that’s still in the works – a jungle treehouse-themed playground with winding slides and connecting bridges. Especially since the main bulk of the playground is still lacking slides and high elements of sorts, many will be looking forward to the opening of this treehouse play zone.

Play @ Heights Park Toa Payoh Playground

After a day’s work of scampering about, a 10-minute walk from Play @ Heights Park will take you to a horde of food options at Toa Payoh Central where you and the tots can refuel. Check out Eatbook’s guide to Toa Payoh food spots for grub to grab nearby.

Address: 144 Toa Payoh Lorong 2, Singapore 310144


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Photography by Brad Lee.