Netflix hacks at home

There’s always room for some classic Netflix binge-watching in our lives, and more so nowadays with Covid-19 keeping us indoors. What many don’t know about, however, are Netflix hacks to optimise and enhance your viewing experience.

Ranging from a hidden category code system to being able to watch shows sideways, your couch potato life will be both easier and more enjoyable.

1. Use Netflix’s hidden category codes to find shows you really like

netflix hacks

Netflix is known for its massive library of movies, TV series and documentaries that, fun fact, total to more than 140 million hours in content. However, with great choice comes great burden as you might get a headache over choosing what to watch next.

Thankfully, Netflix has a very unique way of categorising its titles that you can access via a “secret menu” of sorts. On top of the typical Drama, Action or Comedy genres you see on the main page, there are many detailed sub-genres such as Vampire Horror Movies, Classic War Movies and Quirky Romance that are bound to surprise you with a new flick.

Asian Action Films sub-genre

To access these sub-genres, simply key in a code behind the URL code here) and make life easier for your indecisive brain. Some noteworthy codes include ‘11559’ for uplifting Stand-Up Comedy or ‘29764’ for thought-provoking, indie Arthouse Films. 

Check out the full list of hidden category codes

2. Rotate your videos with Netflix Flip to watch sideways in bed

netflix flip

A dream come true for those who want to continue watching but enjoy the comfort of that soft, fluffy pillow on the side of their head, Netflix Flip lets you rotate your videos sideways. A simple yet incredibly useful concept, none of the screen gets cut off when you flip and you can even zoom in or out.

netflix flip

No longer do you have to precariously balance your laptop or phone on its edges while praying it doesn’t topple over. Just be sure not to get too comfy in your position that you doze off during every show!

Get Netflix Flip as a Chrome extension.

3. Binge-watch as you multitask with Helium browser on Macbook

heliumHelium on the Mac App Store

For all those rocking MacBooks, the Helium app allows you to pin videos to your screen in a dream come true for avid multitaskers. Enjoy some Rick and Morty via a little pop-up in the corner as you surf the web or hack away at those excel sheets.


Better yet, you can even adjust the translucency of the pop-up window to make it more “see-through” and even click on objects behind it. While we certainly don’t encourage such distractions from your HBL or WFH all the time, a little guilty indulgence every now and then during your downtime won’t cause too much harm.

Get the Helium app here.

4. Stream in high quality by typing 4K or UltraHD into the search box

4K netflix hacks
4K Netflix shows with an Apple TV

One reason why we love going to the cinema is because of the high-quality resolution on the big screen. But with the latest technology and Netflix’s Premium subscription with UltraHD streaming, we can bring that cinema screen back home.

Provided that you have a suitable TV and streaming-box, such as an Apple TV, search “4K” or “UltraHD” and watch blockbusters like The Irishman or Mad Max: Fury Road in their full glory. Doubling the pixel count goes a long way in producing a sharper, crisper image that makes your living room feel like a home theatre. Throw in a bowl of popcorn and you’re all set!.

5. Watch Netflix together with friends on Rave 

rave netflix

In this temporary era of social distancing, being able to connect with our friends via any medium is a blessing. With Rave, you can sync Netflix shows with your other half or a group of friends and watch together from the convenience of your phone or tablet.

With a chat located conveniently underneath the video, it’s easily accessible and not too distracting for when you want to discuss the show. As the group collectively types “OMG” at the latest Riverdale plot twist or Crash Landing On You reveal, it’ll be as if you’re all together in person.

Download Rave here.

6. Keep track of your Netflix shows & progress on Simkl Lists

simkl lists netflix hacks
Organise your Netflix shows on your iPhone

Simkl Lists is an app that helps you chart out your Netflix “masterplan”. With an unforeseen extended amount of time now for us to finally start on those shows we’ve been wanting to watch, this app helps keep track of them for you. You’ll be able to mark what you’ve watched down to the minute, and it’ll even send you reminders of the next episode in the series.

The app also sends notifications for upcoming movies, series or episodes when they’re released. You’ve probably tried using a work organisation app at least once, so it’s only fair that Netflix gets equal priority too.

Download Simkl Lists here.

Try these Netflix hacks at home

netflix hacks

With these hidden ways to enjoy Netflix,  we hope that as you stay at home,  your streaming experience will be elevated!

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Photography by Clement Sim.
Originally published on 4th May 2020. Last updated by Josiah Neo on 22nd July 2021.