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free netflix alternatives

7 Free Netflix Alternatives To Watch Korean, HK and Taiwanese Dramas Without Being A Pirate

Free Netflix alternatives for Asian dramas

free netflix alternativesFree Netflix alternatives
Images adapted from: TVB Drama Channel, KBS World, @descendantsofthesun.kbs, and tvN

Binging on Netflix dramas are one of the classic CB activities we’ve grown accustomed to these days. But when you’re one of those rare souls who don’t own a subscription, well… the FOMO level is off the charts.

Fortunately, there are tons of alternative websites you can visit to catch up on your favourite shows. As these free Netflix alternatives show, you can easily watch Asian dramas from Korea and HK without stooping to non-legal streaming sites.

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1. Viu – Korean dramas like Hotel del Luna

viu free netflix alternatives

K-drama lovers will find their second home over at Viu, where drama selection ranges from fluffy romances like When The Weather Is Fine to fast-paced dramas such as Money Game. Most of the shows here can be watched for free, although classics like Hotel del Luna are only available for Premium subscribers (from $7.98/month).

hotel del lunaHotel del Luna
Image credit: tvN

However, free members are still able to bookmark and download videos (limited to one video per device), although this will require you to have a registered account.

Number of shows: >1000 TV series and movies
Premium membership: $7.98/month – entitles you to unlimited downloads onto your devices, priority viewing, and access to premium content
Top free dramas to watch: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Meow, the Secret Boy, The Return of the Condor Heroes

Watch Viu here.

2. meWATCH – local and international Chinese dramas

meWATCHImage credit: meWATCH

We’ve got a bunch of ways to #supportlocal, but to bring this sentiment over to your watching experiences, give the homegrown meWATCH site a go. Aside from Asian content like Titoudao, A Better Tomorrow, and The Untamed, they also offer live streams of TV channels like Channel 8 and Channel U – perfect for watching on the go. 

titoudao free netflix alternativesTitoudao
Image credit: meWATCH

While most of their content is free, do note that some shows will require a meWATCH subscription to watch. But with rates from just $5.98/month, it’s cheaper compared to other rates on the market – so consider this if you want something more budget-friendly.

Number of shows: >1000 TV series and movies
Premium membership: $5.98/month – entitles you to ad-free access to premium content, as well as unlimited downloads of selected shows
Top free dramas to watch: Titoudao, The Untamed, A Better Tomorrow

Watch meWATCH here.

3. Viki – Asian shows from Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan

viki free netflix alternatives

For the most indecisive amongst us, Viki is another option to consider. Here you can find fan favourite dramas like Descendants of the Sun and Boys Over Flower, as well as a vast selection of content from China, Taiwan, and Japan.

descendants of the sunImage credit: @descendantsofthesun.kbs

No matter what language the drama is in, all shows will have built-in English subtitles that you can toggle on whenever you like. Most shows are free, but if you want to access exclusive content like behind-the-scenes snippets, you can pick up a Viki Pass that costs USD$4.99/month (~$6.80/month). 

Number of shows: >1000 TV series and movies
Premium membership: $6.80/month – entitles you to ad-free and HD quality, as well as early access to all shows
Top free dramas to watch: Descendants of the Sun, Boys Over Flower, Because of You

Watch Viki here.

4. V Live – home to Korean web dramas like XX and Best Mistake

vlive free netflix alternativesImage credit: V Live

If you’re new to the world of web dramas, they’re basically dramas with shorter episode lengths – think 20-30 minutes per episode. It’s perfect for those who find it hard to stick it through hour-long episodes.

To give these web dramas a shot, hit up V Live. More than just a live streaming platform for your favourite Korean idols, it’s also home to a huge range of web dramas you can watch for free. Start your journey with highly-rated web dramas like XX and Best Mistake.

Number of shows: >100 web dramas
Top free dramas to watch: XX, Best Mistake, Love Playlist

Watch VLive web dramas here

5. KBS World – organised into playlists for viewers’ convenience

kbs worldImage credit: KBS World

Finding a legit streaming site with English subs is one of the pains every K-drama fan would know. But unbeknownst to most, one need only turn to KBS World’s YouTube channel for a plethora of Korean dramas to binge on. 

healerImage credit: KBS World 

Here you’ll find hits like Full House and Healer with English subs already installed. Every series is organised into playlists, which guarantees a more seamless viewing experience.

Number of shows: >100 TV series and movies
Top free dramas to watch: Healer, Full House, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life

Watch KBS World here

6. CN Drama – popular dramas from mainland China

cn drama free netflix alternativesImage credit: CN Drama

English subs are our best friend, especially when we struggle with our mother tongues on a daily basis. Fortunately for the Chinese-speaking pals, you can find subbed dramas on YouTube over at CN Drama

Selections include the hottest dramas in mainland China such as My Mr.Mermaid and The Legend of Chusen, which teeter between modern day shows and historical dramas. All episodes are uploaded within hours of their release, so you won’t have to worry about any pesky spoilers while scrolling through your social media feeds.

Number of shows: >100 TV series and movies
Top free dramas to watch: My Mr.Mermaid, The Legend of Chusen, All is Well

Watch CN Drama here

7. TVB Drama Channel – old-school HK dramas in HD

tvb dramaImage credit: TVB Drama Channel 

HK drama lovers amongst us would swear by TVB dramas as their main source of content. And fortunately for them, the content from this very channel is readily available online over at their YouTube channel.

can't buy me loveCan’t Buy Me Love
Image credit: TVB Drama Channel

Dramas like Can’t Buy Me Love and A Step Into The Past are fondly remembered by 90s kids as the shows they’ve binge-watched during their childhood. And on this channel, you’ll be able to relieve those days by watching those same dramas in high quality for an optimum #throwback to the past. 

Number of shows: >100 TV series and movies
Top free dramas to watch: Can’t Buy Me Love, A Step Into The Past, The Legend of the Condor Heroes

Watch TVB Drama Channel here

Free alternatives to watch Asian shows other than Netflix

While everyone around us seems to have a Netflix subscription, you don’t actually need one to get by. As these free Netflix alternatives show, you can easily catch up on your favourite shows without forking out a single cent. 

And along the way, you might even find a new drama or TV series to stan

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