Long weekend away from Singapore


Long weekends are exciting – everyone looks forward to those sweet days of relaxation and being free from work. But planning for those long weekends can be quite a horror, and overseas trips are always out of the question, due to jacked-up airfares and hotel expenses. 

However, don’t just settle for yet another subpar staycation during your next long weekend – we’ve done the homework for you and sussed out the best deals for an overseas trip to popular destinations! You won’t have to compromise on comfort if you go on a budget trip. Most of the hotels we’ve found are 4-starred, and prices are all inclusive of taxes. 

Here are the 10 best flight + hotel packages for your remaining long weekends!

Note: The discounted packages listed here are only available for booking from 27 June to 17 July 2016, so plan fast – your next vacation is a few clicks away. Prices listed are subject to availability.


National Day (6-9 August; Saturday-Tuesday)


The next long weekend isn’t too far away! Sacrifice one day of leave for 8th August, and you can treat yourself to a nice, 4-day long National Day break. Don’t worry about missing the National Day Parade – that’s what Toggle’s for, right?


1. Hong Kong ($426)


Package Details $426 per person with Visa (usual price $449 per person)
Airline: Philippine Airlines
Hotel: Rambler Garden Hotel (3.5 stars)

Long weekends are meant for pigging out, and there’s no better place than the land of dim sum to do just that. Rambler Garden Hotel is a mere 16 minute drive from Temple Street Night Market, where you can binge on every type of Hong Kong street food and dish you can think of.

Besides food, Temple Street Night Market is also known for its cultural atmosphere, with theatrical performances and operas happening throughout the night. Don’t be surprised to find a handful of fortune tellers along the streets, offering palm reading services for a small fee! 

If you’re not one for markets, Rambler Garden Hotel is a 9 minute drive away from Maritime Square, Hong Kong’s first ocean themed mall. There will be over 100 shops and restaurants to choose from, including familiar brands like ZARA and UNIQLO. 

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While you’re in Hong Kong, don’t forget to check out all the FREE things you can do, cafes you must try out, and discover the hipster side of Hong Kong!


2. Ho Chi Minh ($288)



Package Details  ($288 per person with Visa, usual price $303)
Airline: Jetstar
Hotel: The Alcove Library Hotel (4 stars)

Visit Vietnam’s coolest boutique hotel – from the entrance to the inside of the building, Alcove Library Hotel will not disappoint hipsters who call Tiong Bahru their spiritual home. Taking on a classy and monochrome concept, this could be the perfect photo shoot location for your Instagram feed.


A 15 minute drive away is Ben Thanh Market, the largest marketplace in central Ho Chi Minh City. Selling all sorts of products such as groceries, fashion, souvenirs, and street food, you won’t be going home empty handed. Don’t forget to haggle – this place is often flooded with tourists, resulting in hiked up prices.

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Other  flight + hotel bundles for this long weekend:
From $319 per person
From $319 per person
Phuket: From $262 per person
Penang: From $190 per person
Taipei: From $414 per person


Hari Raya Haji: (10-12 September; Saturday-Monday)


It’s the Muslim Festival of Sacrifice, so don’t sacrifice your time to Netflix and do something productive with it instead. While others are spending these three short days nua-ing at home, you can duck out of Singapore for some beach and vitamin D!


3. Bali ($380)



Package Details ($380 with Visa, usual price $400)
Airline: Air Asia
Hotel: Kampoeng Villa (5 stars)

Yes, this trip costs only $392, and you can score yourself a 5 star hotel – unbelievable but true. Complete with a private pool, LED TV, cable programming, deep soaking bathtubs, and iPod docking stations, Kampoeng Villa ensures that everything you need for an ultimate vacation is taken care of.

It’s also located near two beaches – Berawa Beach and Batu Belig Beach.  If you ever get sick of the private pool (who would?!), you can take the 15 minute drive down to any of these beaches. Alternatively, the villa offers various massage services and body treatments. Plus, if you think you’ve explored all there is to see in Bali, here are 50 more things you can check off your list!

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4. Bangkok($245)


Package Details ($245 per person with Visa, usual price $263)
Airline: Thai Airlines
Hotel: Metro Resort Pratunam (4 stars)

Take a break from the Orchard strip this weekend – Bangkok markets and malls are way more exciting, and everyone knows that the clothes there are crazy cheap. With Platinum Mall, Chatuchak Market and MBK, there’s no way you’re going back without a sack stuffed with new clothes.

Yes, a husky cafe exists in Bangkok! Source

No matter how many times you’ve been to Bangkok, it never fails to surprise. We’ve explored Bangkok and found 12 unlikely things you can find, so even Bangkok veterans will definitely find something new. 

Plus, you can’t forget all the food there is to eat in Bangkok! 

Check out our Bangkok shopping guide, and make sure to try all 50 famous Bangkok dishes and snacks before leaving.

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5. Penang ($224)



Package Details ($224 per person with Visa, usual price $236)
Airline: Malindo Air
Hotel: Bayview Hotel Georgetown Penang (4 stars)

Penang is one of the cheapest destinations for a short getaway trip. Plus, there are many activities you can occupy yourself with in Georgetown, the capital of Penang. Rent a vespa, visit the beaches, check out the Camera Museum, or simply roam around the streets to hunt for yummy food!


Take a 7 minute drive from the hotel to Penang’s famous heritage site, the Clan Jetties, if you want to get a spot with the best sunset view. It’ll be a unique experience, with sights you won’t get to see in modern Singapore. Otherwise, get your camera handy and visit these 26 instagrammable places in Penang!

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Other travel destinations for this long weekend:
Hong Kong: From $382 per person
Phuket: From $290 per person
Ho Chi Minh:  From $178 per person
Taipei: From $417 per person 


Christmas: (24-26 December; Saturday-Monday)


Struggling to find a present for yourself this Christmas? Search no more. Instead of indulging in the standard Christmas sales like everyone else, treat yourself to a short getaway! You deserve it after a hard year’s work. 

Besides, you might even catch the Christmas festivities in another country, which will be a unique experience for sure.


6. Taipei($419)


Package Details ($419 per person with Visa, usual price $441)
Airline: Vietnam Airlines
Hotel: Duke Hotel Taoyuan (3 stars)

Face it – we’ll never get a white Christmas here in sunny Singapore. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get a winter Christmas! Hop onto the plane to Taiwan, and you’ll get to experience this festive season in a cold and wintry land during December.

This December, you’re not just limiting yourself to Christmas fare – there are loads of Taiwanese street food and milk tea you can stuff yourself with at this market. Don’t forget to try their famous Chou Dou Fu – if you can even bear to go near it. 

Once you’ve finished conquering the markets, move on and check out our guide to MUST-TRY food around Taipei, or explore places in Taipei most tourists do not know about!

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7. Phuket ($289)



Package Details($289 per person with Visa, usual price $304)
Airline: Tigerair
Hotel: C&N Resort and Spa (4 stars)

Doesn’t matter what holiday it is, but if it’s a holiday, getting a nice spot at Siloso Beach will be a near impossible task. But don’t give up on your beach dreams just yet – Phuket will save your long weekend with resorts, beaches, and a super chill atmosphere.   

There are many things to do at Patong beach that can satisfy your craving for adrenaline such as ziplining, jet skiing, and parasailing. Phuket is also famous for its crazy nightlife, with parties and beach bars springing to life once the sun sets. If you’re looking for a destination to celebrate the end of the year with friends, this is one for you. 


The C&N Resort is also near Banzaan Fresh Market which resembles our hawker centres in Singapore – except that the prices are lower of course. They sell a variety of things, from clothes to fresh fruits and vegetables. Drop by for an authentic taste of local life in Phuket!

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Other travel destinations for this long weekend:
Bali: From $279 per person
Bangkok: From $247 per person
Hongkong: From $325 per person 
Penang: From $231 per person 
Ho Chi Minh: From $177 per person


Long weekends can be affordable


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