Deepavali snacks from home-based businesses

Besides the sight of dazzling light displays and getting fitted for traditional garb, one surefire sign that the Festival of Lights is around the corner is stocking up on Deepavali snacks. For families celebrating Deepavali – which falls on 4th November this year – these home-based businesses will allow you to snack to your heart’s content while supporting small-scale hustles.

Even if you don’t partake in the celebration, you can learn a little more about the culture and tradition through discovering unique new snacks. This list includes lesser-known and deeply authentic Indian tidbits such as mothagam dumplings and spongy dhokla pastries, as well as more familiar goodies such as crunchy murukku and even Deepavali-themed cupcakes.

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1. Murukku Mum – Vegan-friendly made-to-order murukku

Deepavali snacks - Murukku Mum
$20 for a jar or 40 pieces, $30 for a jar of 60 pieces.
Image credit: @murukkumum

One of the quintessential Indian snacks, murukku is a crunchy deep-fried cracker made from rice flour and lentil flour, and flavoured by spices such as cumin. The name comes from the Tamil word meaning “twisted”, a nod to the neatly coiled appearance which can have either a smooth or jagged edge based on the tip that the batter was piped from.

Because they’re so common, you’re bound to find murukku at pretty much every mama shop or supermarket in Singapore. But Murukku Mum whips up vegan-friendly versions that are nonetheless flavour-packed, despite not containing butter. The best part is that each jar is made-to-order, so you can savour utmost freshness and that satisfying crunchiness. 

Delivery fee: Islandwide delivery at $5 for 1 jar, $8 for 2 jars, free for 3 jars and above.

Order from Murukku Mum via Instagram.

2. Cakes & Bakes SG – Rare Indian sweets like mothagam dumplings

Mothagam Dumplings Indian Food
Image credit: Cakes & Bakes SG

Besides selling a host of baked treats from intricately-decorated tiered cakes to delicate brownies and tartlets, Cakes & Bakes SG also has rare traditional Indian sweets on its menu. Most Singaporeans not well-versed in Indian cuisine wouldn’t even have heard of these treats, and you’d struggle to find them outside of specialised eateries in Little India.

A must-try would be the mothagam ($10), which are steamed sweet dumplings filled with grated coconut. Also called modak in certain Indian regions, these cute nibbles are said to be the favourite food of the Indian deity, Ganesha, and so are often used as prayer offerings.

Kesari Indian Food
Image credit: Cakes & Bakes SG

Another delectable Deepavali snack you can try is kesari, which are sliced semolina flour and ghee cakes studded with raisins and cashews. This home-based business offers kesari in original (from $15) as well as pineapple (from $18), mango (from $22) and strawberry (from $24) flavours.

Delivery fee: $12-$20, depending on location.

Order from Cakes & Bakes SG via JotForm.

3. Pearls Delicacies – Snacks like maida puri crackers & spongy dhokla

Maida Puri Indian Crackers
Image credit: Pearls Delicacies

On the topic of lesser-known Deepavali snacks to expand your palate, Pearls Delicacies is a home-based business on Carousell serving up freshly made Indian tidbits.

If you’re searching for something crispy and crunchy that’s not the typical murukku, give their maida puri ($8.50) a try. They’re essentially flaky spiced crackers, with thinner layers that shatter gloriously in your mouth.

Dhokla Indian Food
L-R: Steamed dhokla, fried dhokla cubes.
Image credit: Pearls Delicacies

On the flipside, they also make dhokla ($7), which are spongy pastries made from ground chickpea or fermented lentil flour. This means it’s vegetarian-friendly, and packs a mean flavour punch when eaten with the complimentary green chutney they provide. They also have fried dhokla cubes ($7) which retain the soft sponginess within, with a golden brown crispy exterior.

Delivery fee: Pick-up from Bedok North only, delivery has to be self-arranged by buyer.

Order from Pearls Delicacies via Carousell.

4. DZ Vadai Kadai – Mini vadai platters with free assorted chutney

Mini Vadai Platters - Deepavali snacks
Image credit: @gillzthrillz

Vadai are savoury fritters enjoyed in all sorts of variations, from patty-like to donut-shaped. While most Singaporeans would be familiar with the sizeable ones speckled in green chilli or sporting a whole prawn, DZ Vadai Kadai offers platters of mini vadai which are perfect for parties and gatherings.

Choose between methu vadai ($9) which are made from black lentils, or masala vadai ($10) which are further flavoured by ground spices. Each platter comes with 12 mini fritters and two different types of complimentary chutney.

Delivery fee: $5-$10, depending on location.

Order from DZ Vadai Kadai via Instagram.

5. DS Dessertaliciouz – Cookie platters & sweet urundai balls

Cookie Platter - Deepavali snacks
Image credit: DS Dessertaliciouz

Across pretty much all cultures in Singapore, snack platters are a staple during special occasions because they provide variety and easy sharing. 

DS Dessertaliciouz has your open house sorted with a selection of cookie platters ($18), comprising crowd pleasers like Nutella tarts, red velvet cookies, pistachio cookies, honey cornflakes and even pineapple tarts. There are over 20 varieties to choose from, and you can mix and match your six favourite types.

Urandai Laddu Indian Food
Image credit: DS Dessertaliciouz

For a Deepavali snack that’s more traditional, this home-based business also sells party-friendly urandai ($15). They’re multigrain laddu balls, and if you’re not familiar with laddu, think of them as bite-sized, sphere-shaped sweet treats made from semolina or gram flour.

Delivery fee: $10 per location, free delivery for purchases above $250.

Order from DS Dessertaliciouz via Carousell.

6. Merliz Bites – Intricate achu murukku & pakoda spiced fritters

Achu Murukku - Deepavali snacks
$18 for 50 pieces of green bean achu murukku
Image credit:

For those who are fans of crispy snacks but want something a little more unique and unconventional, achu murukku would be right up your alley.

Also known as rose cookies or kuih rose, these beautifully moulded crackers are made from rice flour. Merliz Bites’ rendition in particular features green bean in the recipe, lending a subtly sweet and nutty flavour to each bite.

For something on the savoury side, opt for their jars of pakoda ($17), which are gram flour fritters flavoured with onion and a mix of herbs and spices.

Delivery fee: Message via Carousell or Instagram for price quote depending on location.

Order from Merliz Bites via Carousell.

7. Bon Bon Crafted Cakes – Deepavali design cupcakes & cake toppers

Deepavali Cupcakes Decorated Fondant Icing
Image for reference only, design subject to customisation.
Image credit: Bon Bon Crafted Cakes

To match your party food to the festive house decor, go for a batch of cupcakes or cake toppers from Bon Bon Crafted Cakes sporting special Deepavali designs. Prices start from $5 for a batch of 12 fondant cake toppers, which you can customise to your liking from the colour palette to an assortment of Deepavali motifs.

Take note that this would get you the toppers only, if you fancy yourself a bit of a home baker and wish to whip up your own tray of cupcakes or two. Otherwise, additional prices apply if you’d rather get ready-decorated cupcakes. Flavours include vanilla and chocolate, and there are even eggless options for vegan folks. 

Delivery fee: Pick-up from Eastpoint Mall at Simei, message via Carousell or WhatsApp (8138 5888) for delivery price quote depending on location.

Order from Bon Bon Crafted Cakes via Carousell.

Celebrate the Festival of Light with traditional Deepavali snacks

No celebration is complete without a smorgasbord of snacks, calories be damned. When it comes to Deepavali snacks for open houses and gatherings with the fam, there is an abundance of both sweet and savoury options to choose from, ranging from traditional to those with a modern twist.

Even beyond Deepavali, these Indian delicacies can be enjoyed any time the cravings hit, and can spice up your usual snacking choices if you’re sick of the usual potato chips and candy bars. 

And if you’re looking to save some money while supporting local homegrown businesses at the same time, these home-based businesses charge affordable rates for their freshly prepared offerings, made with love.

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Cover image adapted from (L-R): @murukkumum, Cakes & Bakes SG, Bon Bon Crafted Cakes