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The highly-anticipated opening of Canberra Plaza means more food, shopping and activity options for Northies, and plenty of reason for everyone else to journey to the North. From a huge McDonald’s outlet with cafe-worthy aesthetics to a free-to-access Water Play Park, here’s a first look at what Canberra Plaza has to offer.

Who knows, you might very well be tempted to BTO in Sembawang just so you can live a stone’s throw away from this convenient one-stop mall and hangout spot.   

Canberra Plaza food – dining options including A&W & bubble tea

Whether you’re hankering for a feast or in need of a quick refuel, Canberra Plaza is home to numerous restaurants, cafes, snack and drink stalls, plus a sprawling halal food court.

a&w hotdogsImage credit: Eatbook

For over a decade, Singaporeans were left pining for A&W’s signature root beer floats, curly fries and hot dogs following their 2003 departure. 

a&w to open at canberra plaza singapore

Throughout this period, we could only satisfy our cravings across the causeway – which just so happens to be associated with the North due to Woodlands’ proximity to the JB border. But we’ve now come full circle, with an A&W branch (#01-04/26/27) opening at Canberra Plaza. 

yifang taiwan fruit tea at canberra plaza singapore

For bubble tea lovers in search of something new and different from run-of-the-mill chain brands, give YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea (#01-10 to 12) a try. This wildly popular BBT brand has a whopping 1,500+ outlets worldwide, including Australia, the United States, and even France.

drinking a cup from yifang taiwan fruit tea

They specialise in fruity concoctions made out of 100% real fruit jam made in Taiwan, so you can sip on natural sweetness and tang without any artificial flavouring.

cantine food court at canberra plaza singapore

When you’re dining out with family and friends, it can be tough to settle on just one cuisine. Head to Cantine food court (#01-21 to 23) and your new struggle will be that you’re spoilt for choice, with options spanning mala hotpot, ban mian fish soup, Western grill sets and chicken rice.

inside the cantine food court at canberra plaza singapore

The best part is, Cantine is a halal dining destination which means our Muslim friends will be able to savour good food without worrying about dietary restrictions.

mcdonald's at canberra plazaImage credit: McDonald’s Singapore

If you’re a purveyor of aesthetics, the Canberra Plaza McDonald’s (#01-01/02/03/28) looks more like an Instagram-worthy cafe than a typical burgers-and-fries joint. Decked out in cushy benches and bright splashes of colour, the expansive space is ideal for catching up with friends over a shared mountain of McNuggets.

Other dining options include international cuisine like Niigata Bento and Pho Street (#01-07) plus Nam Kee Pau and Hong Kong Egglet (#01-24/24A), Gerill Bab (#B1-K4/K5/K7) which serves up halal Korean grilled meat rice bowls, and Swee Heng 1989’s (#B1-11) selection of freshly baked buns, cakes and pastries.

Shopping – supermarket, pharmacy & lifestyle shopping

ntuc fairprice supermarket at canberra plaza

Situated at Basement 1 of Canberra Plaza is an NTUC FairPrice supermarket (#B1-03/04), where Northies can get all their grocery needs sorted. 

walking down an aisle of ntuc fairprice supermarket

From fresh local produce and exotic imported food to household items to keep your abode spick and span, you can expect to find competitive prices and frequent promos.

daiso at canberra plaza singapore

Bargain hunters will rejoice in the fact that there’s also a Daiso Japanese mart (#B1-01/02), with shelves upon shelves of $2 treasure finds

inside daiso at canberra plaza singapore

Fill your pantry up with Daiso snacks, or prepare some Daiso travel essentials ahead of time – with fingers crossed that we’ll get to venture overseas in 2021.

There’s also a Guardian pharmacy (#01-17/18) should you require toiletries, beauty products or over-the-counter meds. Visit Gadget Mix (#02-17) for tech staples such as USB cables, audio equipment and phone accessories, and SKP (#02-18) for stationery, toys and party essentials like balloons and goodie bags.

Beauty & wellness services plus fitness & enrichment centres

talent getting nails done at canberra plaza singapore

When it comes to swinging by beauty and wellness establishments to keep yourself looking and feeling good, Canberra Plaza has them all under one roof. 

nail selection

You’ll be able to patronise hair salons and barber shops, as well as nail parlours and even a massage joint to have you looking polished, poised and rejuvenated.

To keep your health in check as well, medical facilities such as MyDoc (#03-10/11) and Viva Medical (#02-14) will be at your service.

the eton academy outlet

Parents will be able to conveniently drop their littles ones off for tuition classes and enrichment sessions alike, with establishments like The Eton Academy (#03-09), The Ballet School (#03-01) and CMA Mental Arithmetics Centre (#03-13) lined up on Level 3.

Keep yourself in tip-top shape with a Gymmboxx (#03-04 to 07) membership. The spacious 5,000 square feet facility is open 24 hours, and offers personal training sessions so you can realise your new year’s resolution to get fit.

Water Play Park – free-to-access outdoor water playground

Note: As of 23rd December 2020, the Water Play Park is closed until further notice. Stay tuned to the Canberra Plaza Facebook page for more updates.

water play park at canberra plaza

The Northside is home to quite a few next-level playgrounds, and Canberra Plaza’s Water Play Park is the latest addition. 

The outdoor playspace situated on Level 3 is free to enter. All you have to do is ensure you pack a swimsuit, towel and dry clothes for your kiddos – because they’re about to have a splashin’ ball of a time.

Canberra Plaza opening – new mall connected to Canberra MRT

canberra plaza singapore exterior

As if you could ever run out of things to do in the North, the new opening of Canberra Plaza spells even more shopping, dining and activity options for islandwide visitors. Linked to Canberra MRT station, the mall is accessible to all, come rain or shine.

It also makes for a world of convenience for Northside-dwellers, who don’t need to venture too far for highly sought after food, retail therapy, and routine beauty sessions. The fitness and enrichment classes will come in handy for those practising an upcoming “new year, new me” mantra.

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