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Best Toaster Ovens

10 Best Toaster Ovens In Singapore For Piping Hot Bread, Pizza Or Sandwiches

Best toaster ovens in Singapore

There are a few essential appliances that every kitchen should have, but humble and unassuming, toaster ovens are an often-overlooked tool that has their fair share of perks. Be it to toast bread in the morning or to heat up frozen nuggets, this small but mighty metal box is sure to get the job done for you.

If you’ve been stuck deciding what kind of oven toaster would best suit you, here’s a list of 9 best toaster ovens in Singapore you can get without burning a hole in your wallet.

Fun fact: Consuming up to 1400 watts of energy, toaster ovens let you save on power as compared to electric ovens that can use as much as 5000 watts.

1. Mini Toaster – dorm-friendly option with a hot plate

Best Toaster Ovens
Image credit: Lazada

With its small size and equally tiny price tag, the Mini Toaster is ideal for students living in dormitories and in university halls. 

Less than half the volume of an average oven toaster, this Mini Toaster helps you heat up a quick breakfast in the 1.5L main compartment so you’ll be out the door in no time. But it’s hot plate up top lets you zhng your instant noodle supper with fried eggs and other treats – letting you enjoy some creature comforts in your home away from home. 

Power: 220W
Capacity: 1.5L
Price: $28.00

Get the Mini Toaster

2. Panasonic NT-GT1 – with non-stick tray

Best Toaster Ovens
Image credits: Lazada

Most would agree that having to scrub bits of food off our baking trays is another hassle that we don’t need in our lives. 

Where your average toaster oven comes with a simple aluminium tray, the Panasonic NT-GT1 includes a non-stick baking tray that makes for easy cleanup. Temperature options are kept simple with low-medium-high markers for all of us cooking noobs out there who just want hot grub. 

Power: 1200W
Capacity: 9L
Price: $57.90

Get the Panasonic NT-GT1

3. Toyomi T01212 – double-decker racks to heat up more food

Best Toaster Ovens
Image credit: Carousell

Using a compact toaster is all fine and dandy until you have to make breakfast for the whole family on a Sunday morning. Since batches of toast can quickly get soggy when left out in the humid Singaporean weather, the double-decker racks of the Toyomi T0212 lets you serve twice the amount of food while taking up the same counter area as a regular toaster oven.

This one comes with 3 heating elements that you can turn on in different combinations, letting you use one or both racks at a time. 

Power: 1000W
Capacity: 12L
Price: $59.90

Get the Toyomi T01212

4. Iona GL103 – space-saving toaster for small kitchens

Best Toaster Ovens
Image credit: Lazada

If you are looking to save space on your kitchen counter, the small but powerful Iona GL103 would be ideal for you. Despite only being slightly taller than an average shoebox, it has a large 10L capacity – more than some bulkier toasters.

The size of this tiny powerhouse makes it ideal for stacking on top of other appliances as a storage hack to save even more space on your countertop. 

Power: 800W
Capacity: 10L
Price: $34.90

Get the Iona GL103

5. TOYOMI T0944 – stay-on function to keep food warm

Best Toaster Ovens
Image credit: Toyomi

The Toyomi T0944 is a compact toaster oven that allows you to fit up to 2 slices of bread on its 24CM long grill. It has a timer of up to 60 minutes for recipes that require a longer time in the oven such as bread and pies. 

With work piling up as we continue our WFH, all you OT warriors can now keep your leftovers warm with the nifty “stay-on” function that this toaster has. You can look forward to a nice warm plate of food right when you’ve finished sending that last email.

Power: 700W
Capacity: 9L
Price: $33.90

Get the Toyomi T0944

6. Aerogaz 11 Litre – sleek design

Best Toaster Ovens
Image credit: Lazada

Toaster ovens may sometimes come with a bad rap for being not very attractive. However, the Aerogaz 11 Litre Toaster Oven proves that we can get the best of both worlds even with a small budget.

Other than being able to carry out the basic functions of a toaster oven, the Aerogaz stands out from the pack with its tinted tempered glass window. The perfect addition to your minimalist or monochrome kitchen, the interior of this oven lights up during cooking, letting you check on your food. 

Power: 800W
Capacity: 11L
Price: $39.00

Get the Aerogaz 11 Litre Toaster Oven AZ-1100TO

7. Mayer 5.5L Toaster with Grill MMO105A – toaster oven with grill function

Best Toaster OvensImage credit: Courts

If you’re on the hunt for a toaster oven that is both multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing, the Mayer 5.5L toaster oven should check all the boxes on your list. Unlike other toasters that have front-opening doors, this flips open at the top, fully exposing your food for easy retrieval. Gone are the days where you have to gingerly inch your hand in, hoping for no burns.

The bold retro styling of the oven is sure to liven up any kitchen countertop too. What’s more – flipping the lid completely open allows you to use it as an open grill, letting you cook everything from satay, steak or even a DIY barbeque experience for friends and family.

Power: 1050W
Capacity: 5.5L
Price: $59.00

Get the Mayer 5.5L Toaster with Grill MMO105A here

8. Mistral 17L MO17D – large capacity

Best Toaster Ovens
Image credit: Carousell

As practical as toaster ovens are, they simply can’t replace the power and capacity of full-sized convection ovens. However, if you don’t have the space for a full-sized oven, the Mistral 17L Toaster Oven might be a good alternative for you.

At a whopping 17L, the Mistral MO17D is the largest toaster oven on this list. With the standard 60-minute timer, temperature adjustment and heat options, it can accommodate whole pizzas up to 10 inches in size – all for under $60.

Power: 1200W
Capacity: 17L
Price: $57.00

Get the Mistral 17L Toaster Oven MO17D here

9. Bonus: Recolte Delicate – insulated handles

Best Toaster OvensImage credit: Jongraphy

For those of us who’ve borne burns from toaster ovens as our mark of shame, the Recolte Delicate Slide Rack Oven is probably the one that’ll solve this problem. With insulated handles on the side that allow you to slide the tray out easily, it allows you to directly retrieve your food without fumbling for oven mitts.

This oven also has 4 burners for even cooking so you won’t have to scrap the burnt edges on your toast. Despite its large capacity of 21 litres, its narrow design helps it slip onto cramped countertops. For you to achieve your dream kitchen aesthetic, you can choose from either red, black or cream. 

Power: 650W
Capacity: 21L
Price: $118

Get the Recolte Delicate Slide Rack Oven here

10. Bonus: MY Collection 3-In-1 toaster oven – also with coffee-maker and frying pan

Best Toaster Ovens
Image Credit: Shopee

Toasters are an integral part of our breakfast prep, but the MY Collection 3-In-1 toaster oven takes it a step further by including a coffee machine and frying pan for an all-rounded breakfast experience. 

While it might seem more a novelty than a practical appliance, this option might be particularly useful for those in smaller households who rely on a few kitchen tools for basic meal prep. With this, you can kick-start your day with an egg, beans and toast, washed down with a rich cuppa. As a bonus, you can operate the coffee maker independently for a quick caffeine boost.

Power: 600W (Oven), 450W (Coffee maker)
Capacity: 9L (Oven), 600ml (Coffee maker)
Price: $68

Get the 3-in-1 toaster oven here

Best toaster ovens to get in Singapore

As this list goes to show, toaster ovens are a handy appliance to have at home. Other than heating up food, these devices have unique and versatile options that allow you to grill and even fry up your favourite dishes. 

From double-decker toaster ovens to multi-functional ones, there will definitely be a toaster oven out there to suit your needs. 

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Cover image adapted from Lazada, Yanko Design