Aesthetic Starbucks outlets in Singapore

There’s just something about relaxing and sipping on a drink in a cafe, reading a book or catching up with friends; and the ambience, for many of us, is what completes the experience.

Out of all the nearly 150 outlets in Singapore, it’s safe to say that all of them pass the vibe check with their classically green and dark-wood interiors. But, not all outlets are equal and if you’re looking for the best of the lot, here are 13 of their most aesthetic outlets that are worth travelling for:

1. Tekka Place – Decorated with barista artwork

unique outlets starbucks Tekka Place

Little India has many charms and 1 more to add to the list is Tekka Place’s Starbucks, which opened during Deepavali in 2020. It’s since flown under the radar, but for those now in the know, it’s a quiet outlet without the usual crowds. 

unique outlets starbucks singapore tekka place art

Although not the largest out there, this outlet has intriguing artworks hung along the walls – and the artist behind 3 of them is none other than their own barista, Sastitharan Subramaniam. And aside from having a wealth of hidden artistic talent as seen from his art pieces on display, Sasti also holds the title of Starbucks Regional Barista Champion of the region.

unique outlets starbucks singapore tekka place motifs

Look out for motifs featuring the Starbucks siren and the Sumatran tiger, a native animal to the area, where some of Starbucks’ coffee beans are harvested from.

For the ‘gram, there’s also a pretty pink wall to snap that mandatory Starbucks shot.

Address: 2 Serangoon Road, #01-06/07/08/29 Tekka Place, Singapore 218227
Opening hours: 8am-9pm, Daily
Contact: 6974 8079

2. VivoCity – New outlet with pastel pink wave designs

unique outlets starbucks singapore vivo city

Most of us head down to VivoCity for a shopping spree or as a pit-stop before entering Sentosa Island. If you’re a coffee-lover, another reason to pop by ASAP is their Starbucks outlet which, at this moment, is arguably the prettiest of the lot.

unique outlets starbucks singapore vivo interiorFun fact: Contrary to popular belief, the Starbucks logo is not a mermaid but rather, a siren – which has 2 tails! Spot them in these art pieces.

You may have realised by now that many of their outlets are decorated differently, but for those who love pastel hues, this one’s a winner with customised ocean-themed murals, a nod towards its proximity to the harbour. 

unique outlets starbucks singapore snacks drinksClockwise: Raspberry Meringue Tart, Caramel Frappuccino and Apple Tart.

To satiate that sweet tooth, dig into the freshly-baked pastries such as their Raspberry Meringue Tart ($6.20) and Apple Tart ($6.20). If these look unfamiliar, that’s because these pastries are exclusive to the Vivo and Jewel outlets for the time being. 

Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-43 Vivocity, Singapore 098585
Opening hours: SunThu 8am-10pm | Fri-Sat 8am10.30pm
Contact: 6376 9073

3. River Safari – Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking nature

There’s plenty to do in Mandai for a local touristy day-out – from exploring the Singapore Zoo to the Night Safari.

But first, coffee. 

unique outlets starbucks singapore River Safari

Save that morning cuppa for the Starbucks outlet right outside the entrance of River Safari, that’s shrouded in nature. Bringing to mind a rainforest resort, this outlet has gigantic windows lining 1 side of the cafe so you can get your caffeine fix with a view.

unique outlets starbucks singapore River Safari wall artThe high ceiling and huge wall art brought us into a tranquil headspace.

You don’t need a ticket to River Safari to enter – so even if you’re in the area visiting the Singapore Zoo or Night Safari, popping by is still an option.

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, River Safari, Singapore 729826
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 9.30am-6.30pm | Fri-Sat 9.30am-7pm
Contact: 6920 6061

4. Rochester Park – Pre-war colonial bungalow

unique outlets starbucks singapore Rochester ParkThis outlet lies within a lush pocket of greenery

Just a 6-minute walk from Buona Vista MRT is Starbucks at Rochester Park. At a glance, it’s easy to see why this has been nicknamed one of the most beautiful Starbucks outlets in Singapore. Other than being one of the few standalone outlets, its interior design also retains an old-world charm. 

unique outlets starbucks singapore Rochester Park sitting area

Retaining elements from its time as a pre-war colonial bungalow, you’ll find the second floor of this outlet oozing homey old-world vibes with its many low coffee tables; wide, plush seats; and black and white photographs adorning the walls – perfect for history buffs who are curious about the building’s past.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Rochester Park outdoor seats

Sip your favourite frappuccino in their air-conditioned space to escape the sweltering heat, or if the weather allows, enjoy your drink outdoors on the balcony.

Address: 37 Rochester Drive, Singapore 138640
Opening hours: SunThu 7.30am-10pm | FriSat 7.30am11pm
Contact: 6910 1165

5. Katong Square – Pastel Peranakan-inspired designs

unique outlets starbucks singapore Katong SquareExterior of Katong Square Starbucks

Katong 86 is many things – it’s an ex-police station, conservation house and now, also home to the charming Katong Square Starbucks. Walk in and you’ll see arched doorways and Peranakan-inspired paintings adorning the walls, as homage to the Peranakan heritage of the area.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Katong Square interiorFun fact: The paintings here are done by local artist Danielle Tay.

While vivid Peranakan art might sound like a jarring addition to the usual chill vibes of most other outlets, the juxtaposition works like a dream here thanks to a tasteful pastel palette and light wood furnishings.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Katong Square pastel art

There’s a variety of seats to pick, from bar stools near the cashier to sofas and dining chairs lining the perimeter of the outlet’s interior and larger communal tables to accommodate larger groups. If you’re in luck, go for the roomy seats near their large windows to watch the world go by.

Address: 86 East Coast Road #01-02, Singapore 428788
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 8am-10pm | Fri-Sat 8am-11.30pm
Contact: 6974 7327

6. Tampines Mall – Revamped two-storey outlet with futuristic exterior

unique outlets starbucks singapore Tampines MallImage credit: Starbucks Singapore

Fellow Easties will know of the Tampines Mall Starbucks, snugly seated between Century Square and Tampines Mall. What used to be a dark, tight space has since been revamped into a futuristic piece of art with giant reflective glass panels all around – making it a highly coveted choice for a coffee break.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Tampines Mall stairwayThe stairway with murals of coffee plants.
Image credit: Starbucks Singapore 

You may be surprised to find that unlike the exterior, the interior is warm-hued with wood furnishings and nature-inspired designs all around. Head up the stairway to access the new and spacious second level that offers up plenty of cosy armchairs and bar seats to facilitate your catch-up seshs or work meetings.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Tampines Mall seatsImage credit: Starbucks Singapore 

Address: 4 Tampines Central 5, # 01-50, Singapore 529510
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 7.30am-10pm | FriSat 7.30am-12.30am
Contact: 6957 5801

7. Liat Towers – First Starbucks store in Singapore, revamped

unique outlets starbucks singapore Liat TowersImage credit: Starbucks Singapore

Ask your parents and they might know more about the Liat Towers’ Starbucks than us millennials do. Located along the bustling Orchard Road, this was the first-ever Starbucks in Singapore since 1996, and has been in existence longer than some of us! Not to worry though, as it certainly doesn’t look the least bit its age, since the store was renovated in 2019.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Liat Towers InteriorImage credit: Starbucks Singapore 

A handwritten name or note is always the cherry on top of every S-bux order, and here, you’ll find that personal touch immortalised in the form of a feature wall. You can’t miss the 100 barista-decorated cups located in the store, topped with a sign that says “1st Starbucks in Singapore” – in case anyone wants a photo memo.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Liat Towers Cup WallImage credit: Starbucks Singapore 

Address: 541 Orchard Road, Singapore 238881
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 7.30am-10.30pm | Fri 7.30am-12am | Sat 24/7 | Sun 12am-10.30pm
Contact: 6910 1087

8. Paya Lebar Quarter – Paya Lebar airbase-inspired

unique outlets starbucks singapore Paya Lebar QuarterImage credit: Starbucks Singapore 

A closer look at Paya Lebar Quarter’s Starbucks might show hints of industrial elements in the form of grey tiles behind the counter and shutter panels in the partition walls. The inspiration behind the outlet’s sleek yet utilitarian design was inspired by Paya Lebar airbase.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Paya Lebar Quarter low seatsImage credit: Starbucks Singapore 

Home to one of the few Starbucks Reserve outlets in Singapore, this branch also houses award-winning baristas. Be sure to order from the Reserve-exclusive menu, which contains many lesser-known treats such as Hazelnut Bianco Latte ($10.90) and The Lookout ($9.40) – a concoction of rich coffee, sweet demerara syrup, and a refreshing splash of sparkling water.

Address: 10 Paya Lebar Road #01-14 Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore 409057
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 7.30am-10pm | Fri-Sat 7.30am-10.30pm
Contact: 6974 1939

9. United Square – Bright glasshouse concept 

unique outlets starbucks singapore United SquareImage credit: Starbucks Singapore

We don’t always need our cafes to look 10/10, but when they do, the experience is made all the better. The main draw of United Square’s Starbucks is pretty obvious – it looks like a modish glasshouse, with floor-to-ceiling windows all around to allow plenty of natural light in. 

unique outlets starbucks singapore United Square interiorImage credit: Starbucks Singapore

The 360-degree glass windows could have you thinking you’re in MBS, whilst the interior screams MUJI with a touch of Starbucks Reserve sophistication. Wherever you set up camp to sip on your handcrafted brew, you’ll be promised an abundance of natural light in the day and a wondrous illuminated sight when night falls.

unique outlets starbucks singapore United Square natural lightingImage credit: Starbucks Singapore

Address: 101 Thomson Road, #01-01 United Square, Singapore 307591
Opening hours: 7.30am-10.30pm, Daily
Contact: 6910 1185

10. Jewel Changi Airport – Edgy interior and exclusive menu

unique outlets starbucks singapore Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport is home to many gems and one of the highlights that many of us gawked at when the mall first opened was Starbucks’ magnificent flagship store. Many of us have walked right by it, but few actually know of the outlet’s unique offerings beyond its eye-catching exterior.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Jewel Changi Airport 4 tap nitro

Don’t automatically order your go-to frappe on your next visit – try something from their exclusive 4-tap nitro coffee and tea menu instead. The tap churns out nitro-infused beverages that taste smooth and clean without the typical bitterness that comes along with coffees and teas. 

We recommend the Nitro Cold Brew (from $6.70) for anyone who needs 3 times the caffeine hit, or the Nitro Green Tea Latte ($8) for avid matcha fans.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Jewel Changi Airport mural

Enjoy your cuppa all in the stylish interior decked with a huge hand-chiselled mural of the Starbucks siren and feature walls with actual plants. What is not so noticeable, on the other hand, is the Art Room that’s filled with commissioned work and heritage pieces, hidden behind a nondescript frosted glass wall.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Jewel Changi Airport art roomThe Art Room also doubles up as a space for private meetings and coffee events

Address: 78 Airport Boulevard, #02-204, Singapore 819666
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-10pm | Sat-Sun 9am-10pm
Contact: 6910 1135

11. Chinatown Point – Inspired by Yunnan, China

unique outlets starbucks singapore chinatown point
Image credit: Starbucks via Google Maps

Think coffee plantations and Yunnan, China won’t be the first thing that comes to mind. But alongside well-known sources such as Brazil and Vietnam, Yunnan has plenty of coffee plantations up in the mountains as well, and Starbucks happens to be a major buyer of coffee from the area.

unique outlets starbucks singapore chinatown point mandarin wordsImage credit: Clayton Chua via Google Maps

You can find facts about this, along with Yunnan-inspired designs at Starbucks Chinatown Point. Look out for wallpapers with Yunnan-influenced art and prints of “星巴克” – AKA Starbucks in Mandarin – in the interior, which both pays recognition to the culture and reflects the Chinatown district it lies in.

Address: 133 New Bridge Road, #01-08, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Opening hours: 7.30am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 6974 3723

12. Bird Paradise – Glasshouse vibes with rural Japan feels

unique outlets starbucks singapore bird paradise
Image credit: Starbucks Singapore

Nature lovers and eco-warriors will adore the Starbucks at Bird Paradise. This coffee house not only serves brews and snacks, but also has eco-friendly practices in place, including the use of reclaimed wood throughout the entire outlet. So you don’t have to feel guilty about grabbing your 2nd cup of coffee for the day. 

unique outlets starbucks singapore bird paradise interior
Image credit: Starbucks Singapore

The rustic wooden structure blends harmoniously with its natural surroundings. See if you can spot whimsical drawings on the floor-to-ceiling glass doors featuring plants and various feathered friends.

unique outlets starbucks singapore bird paradise outdoor seat
Image credit: Starbucks Singapore

The outdoor seating is great for anyone looking to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Parents can sit back and sip on their iced lattes while their children have a blast at the nearby playground.

Address: 20 Mandai Road, #02-05, Singapore 729825
Opening hours: 9am-9pm, Daily
Contact: 6025 1675

13. Jurong Lake Gardens – Pet-friendly with waterfront views

unique outlets starbucks singapore jurong lake gardens
Image credit: @starbuckssg via Instagram

Westies can flex that they have one of the chio-est Starbucks in Singapore since the opening of Jurong Lake Gardens’ Starbucks. Situated along Jurong Park connector, the coffee house has bicycle parking just outside, making it a convenient pit-spot for those who are on a cycling adventure.

unique outlets starbucks singapore pet friendly
Image credit: @starbuckssg via Instagram

You can bring your furry companions to this pet-friendly Starbucks and enjoy the serene waterfront views while listening to the birds chirping in this natural setting. The baristas may even surprise your pets with some treats.

unique outlets starbucks singapore jurong lake gardens interior
Image credit: @starbuckssg via Instagram

Singapore’s weather can be unbearable, which makes air-conditioned environments a necessity. Here, you can still enjoy the outdoor views from the comfort of the indoors, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Address: 106 Yuan Ching Road, Jurong Lake Gardens, #01-01 Lakeside House, Singapore 619616
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 8am-10pm | Fri-Sun 8am-11pm
Contact: 6910 1219

(Closed) One Fullerton – Waterfront location facing Marina Bay

unique outlets starbucks singapore One FullertonImage credit: Starbucks Singapore

Making full use of its surroundings, One Fullerton’s outlet has outdoor sheltered seats right next to the bay to enjoy the panoramic views with your cuppa joe. If your choice Starbucks drink is a hot one, you can enjoy it from the comforts of their air-conditioned interior without having to miss out on the view thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows all around.

Come during sunset to catch the iconic silhouette of the Marina Bay Sands and ArtScience Museum against a backdrop of a pastel pink sky – if the sky’s clear!

Redeem a free Starbucks glass for their 24th Anniversary

Note: The following promotion has ended and is currently unavailable.

Singapore’s tropical climate can be tiring, particularly when every day is hot and humid. If you’re looking to escape the heat after spending time outdoors, Starbucks offers a comfortable refuge. No two are the same and you’ll be able to spot locality-inspired designs at many of the outlets – some obscure, others distinct.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Rochester ParkStarbucks Rochester Park.

It’s been 27 years since Starbucks’ first outlet opened. To commemorate the occasion, Starbucks is now giving away a free limited-edition Starbucks glass* with purchase of any Venti-sized drink at all of the above stores.

unique outlets starbucks singapore cup

All you have to do is post a picture or video – old or freshly taken – on your Instagram account tagging @starbuckssg or adding the hashtag #starbuckssg. Show it to the barista before purchasing your drink and you’ll get your freebie from 14th December 2020 onwards, while stocks last.

unique outlets starbucks singapore Jewel
Starbucks Reserve at Jewel Changi

If there’s anything that we flock to Starbucks for other than the lifestyle, it’s the uber-cute mugs and tumblers. Be sure to redeem these before they run out!

Find out more about Starbucks Singapore here

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Photography by Edmund Wong.
Cover image adapted from: Starbucks Singapore, @starbuckssg via Instagram
Originally published on 12th December 2020. Last updated by Pat Yuan Teng on 12th May 2023.
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