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Clubs in Taipei, Taiwan

8 Night Clubs in Taipei, Taiwan For A Night Out That Doesn’t Involve Night Markets 

Clubs in Taipei, Taiwan

Clubs in Taipei, Taiwan
Image credit: WAVE CLUB Taipei

Sun’s down, moon’s out in the city of Taipei. And you wonder what is there to do – other than visiting another night market, that is. For you young, wild and free souls out there, the city actually has a pretty insane – and underrated – nightlife scene with a whole bunch of exciting clubs. From the fancy to the affordable, here are Taipei’s 8 best clubs to hit up the next time you visit the city:

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Things to know before clubbing in Taipei

  1. Police raids are common in Taiwan’s clubs to check for IDs – don’t freak out when that happens!
  2. Bring along your passport, as some clubs do not accept foreign IDs
  3. Entry fees sometimes vary according to the time you enter – the earlier it is, the cheaper the price.
  4. Go for the affordable all-you-can-drink deals. They are available at some of the clubs below, and can help cut down your alcohol budget significantly.

1. Triangle – free drink with entry, and games like foosball and pong

Image credit: Triangle

A mish-mash between a bar and club, Triangle is a cosy space with a small dance floor and bar games like beer pong tables and foosball. Return nights here never get dull as they’ve got a schedule of different themed nights lined up, from KTV on Tuesdays to hip hop and 90s hits on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Image credit:
Taipei Expat

The club’s particularly popular among foreigners, making it a perfect spot to meet other fellow exchange students or tourists. Their affordable entrance fee of NT200 (S$9) also comes with a free drink.

Image credit:

Cover charge: around NT200 (~S$9)

Address: No.1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104, Taiwan
Opening hours: Tue & Thu 8PM-2AM | Wed, Fri & Sat 10PM-4AM
Telephone: +886 933 449 874

2. KLASH – free entry for ladies and guys on select days

Image credit: KLASH

KLASH, a cosy club with one dance floor, has a variety of R&B, mash-up and hip hop music. If you’re planning to head down, make sure to pick the right day as you might be able to snag  free entry – and this isn’t just for ladies! Guys get free entry too on Sundays.

Cover charge: 

  • Wed – NT400 (NT200 before 12AM) for guys | Free for ladies
  • Thu – NT550 (NT350 before 11PM) for guys | Free for ladies
  • Fri & Sat – NT700 (NT550 before 11PM)  for guys | NT400 (free before 11PM) for ladies
  • Sun – NT550 (free before 12AM) for guys | NT250 (free before 12AM for ladies)

Address: No. 22, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110, Taiwan
Opening hours: Wed – Sun 10PM-4AM
Telephone: +886 968 000 039

3. WAVE CLUB – entry + free-flow drinks from $9/person

Image credit:

Popular among locals and foreigners alike, WAVE CLUB has been consistently hailed as Taipei’s best and if you’ve only got a single night to spare, this is the one to go to. The music here is predominantly EDM, great for screaming your lungs out to.

Image credit:
WAVE Club Taipei

If you’ve got at a large group with you, make sure to book an All-You-Can-Drink Table for unlimited drinks with the gang at affordable prices. 

On Tuesday to Thursday and Sun, the prices are:

  • 8 people – NT2,000 (~S$90)
  • 12 people- NT2,500 (~S$112)

Which works out to be just S$9- S$11 per person for entry and free-flow drinks! 

Friday and Saturday prices are as follows:

  • 8 people – NT3,000 (~S$135) 
  • 12 people – NT3.500 (~S$157) 

Still super wallet-friendly at only S$13-S$17 per person, especially since entry for clubs in Taiwan can go up to the $30 range.

Cover charge: from NT400 (~S$18) for ladies | from NT700 (~S$31) for guys
Prices vary according to the day of the week – find out more on their Facebook page.

Address: Level 7, No.12, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 10PM-4AM
Telephone: +886 2 7737 9990

4. AI – free alcohol buffet for all students

Image credit:
AI Nightclub

AI is well-liked spot among exchange students because of it’s free all-you-can-drink nights for both local and foreign students on Thursdays and Sundays. The club also has a decently large dance floor and an elevated DJ booth backed with LED screens that has graced acts as large as W&W in 2019.

Image credit:
AI Nightclub

However, it tends to get too popular during nights with the student promo – meaning queues can get really long from as early as 10PM, and the dance floor can get a bit squeezy. 

Cover charge: around NT700 (~S$31) for ladies | NT1,000 (~S$45) for guys

Address: Level 7, No.12, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110, Taiwan
Opening hours: Wed , Thu & Sun 10PM-4AM | Fri & Sat 10PM-4.30AM
Telephone: +886 2 7737 9887

5. M Taipei – plays Latin music and opens till 5.30AM

M Taipei
Image credit:

At club M Taipei, the genre is neither the expected EDM nor hip hop. Instead you’ll be greeted with Latin music,which is an unusual but rather thrilling find if you’re open to some groovy reggaeton and salsa for a change. It also closes later than most clubs in town, at 5.30AM, there’s plenty of time to have fun before the lights come on.

Cover charge: around NT300 (~S$13)

Address: Level 3, No.456, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
Opening hours: Fri & Sat 11PM-5.30AM
Telephone: +886 9 3625 2044

6. OMNI – fancy club with lasers and fog machines

The mantra for nights out is often “go big or go home” and if big is what you’re gunning for, OMNI hits the spot. A fancy club with lasers, fog machine and a sound system that most visitors proclaim to be nothing short of uh-ma-zing, the club easily checks off as one of the best in the city.

Image credit:

As a testament to their popularity, famous international guest DJs like Hardwell and Skrillex have spun here. On a typical night, you can expect to hear the popular genres of EDM, trance and house style music.

If you’re ballin, there are entire “plane” full of booze you can order
Image: OMNI

While it’s on the pricier end, ladies can save some bucks with free entry on Ladies Night every Wednesday.

Cover charge: around NT800 (~S$36)

Address: Level 5, No.201, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Opening hours: Wed, Fri & Sat 10.30AM-4.30AM
Telephone: +886 983 803 388

7. G Star – gay club with free booze included with entry

G Star
Image credit:

Heat up the night at G Star, Taipei’s most prominent gay club. The 2-storey-high space is a happening one, with local guys often putting up sizzling performances such as K-Pop dance routines. 

Unlike most clubs, the entry fee for gents here is cheaper than that of ladies – understandably so. This covers 2 bottles of beer or 1 cocktail, giving you bang for your buck.

Cover charge: 

  • Sun, Mon, Tue & Thu – NT200 (~S$9) for guys | NT350 (~S$16) for ladies
  • Wed – NT350 (~S$16) for guys | NT500 (~S$22) for ladies
  • Fri & Sat – NT500 (~S$22) for guys | NT800 (~S$36) for ladies

Address: B1, No.23, Longjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104, Taiwan
Opening hours: 10PM-5AM, Daily
Telephone: +886 2 2721 8323

8. Chess – hip-hop music

Image credit:
Chess Taipei

EDM is the most popular club genre in Taipei’s clubs, but if you prefer to groove to the beats of hip hop music instead, head to Chess. A great pun on the term “chess club”, this club in the Xinyi district has a smaller dance floor than most, ideal for those looking to escape massive crowds.

Address: Level 9, No.12, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110, Taiwan
Opening hours: Wed – Sat 10.30PM-4.30AM
Telephone: +886 905 788 321

Nightlife in Taipei, Taiwan

The next time you head to Taiwan, save a night or two to visit these clubs. With plenty of great choices, super affordable entry fees on some nights and great alcohol buffets deals, you’re bound to have an amazing night out.

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