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Singapore to JB buses - Cover

9 Singapore-Johor Buses That Take You To CIQ, LEGOLAND & Desaru Coast 

How to get from Singapore to JB by bus

When it comes to JB, everyone talks about the glorious “3.5”, the malls, and KSL’s bak kut teh. Not enough people talk about how disorienting it can be to cross the customs, especially if you’re doing it for the first few times. Everyone’s moving everywhere, the numerous escalators start to look like morphing Hogwarts staircases, and there are so. many. friggin. buses.

Below, we decode the main Singapore to JB cross-border bus services so your next trip across the border can be an easy breezy one. All you need to do is hop on at a convenient pickup point in Singapore and drop off at your desired destination in Malaysia. Some of these even take you directly to places of attractions like LEGOLAND and KSL.

What do I need to know before taking a bus to JB?

Singapore to JB buses - checkpoint

Going to JB can be as easy as bringing you, your passport, and a handful of positive energy across the border. But of course there are some things you can look out for to make the trip as seamless as possible.

Apart from applying for the e-gates that everyone’s talking about, it’ll be a good idea to check for traffic jams ahead of time. While buses have a separate lane across the causeway, they still often face delays during peak hours. You can check our guide on the best time to go to JB for the lowdown.

If you’re doing this for the first time, here’s something that may relieve the anxiety. Taking these buses is easier than you’d imagine. It can be as simple as tapping your EZ-link card and hopping on board.

What bus services run between Singapore & Johor Bahru?

Singapore to JB buses - CW tickets

There are several bus services – Singapore and Malaysia operated – that shuttle between the 2 countries. You’ve got your trusty SBS and SMRT buses, the Malaysia-operated Causeway Link, and private shuttle buses operated by companies like Transtar and WTS.

Possibly the best thing about these cross border buses is that prices can be super affordable, starting from $1.09 via SBS. SMRT and Causeway Link are other wallet-friendly options. Pickups are also available all around the island at places like Expo MRT, Jurong East Venture Avenue, and Lavender MRT – albeit at higher cost as these routes are offered by private companies.

Bus service  Cost (SG to JB) How to pay
SMRT S$1.40 EZ-Link card
SBS S$1.09 – S$2.23 EZ-Link card
Causeway Link S$4.60 – S$4.80 Manjalink card, EZ-Link card, or cash
Transtar S$3 – S$15 Book online in advance.
WTS S$13 – S$24 Book online in advance.
Superior Coach S$12 – S$15 Book online in advance.

– Buses from Singapore to the JB CIQ – 

Here are the most useful ones that can take you from various parts of Singapore, to JB CIQ via Woodlands. From there, City Square Mall is right outside with lots of food and retail. Various Grab pickup points are also available for you to book a ride to other parts of JB.

1. From Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange to JB CIQ

SMRT Bus 950

Singapore to JB buses - bus 950
Image credit: Nicholas’ Bus Spotting

The trusty SMRT 950 is among one of the most widely-used buses that shuttle between Woodlands and JB CIQ. This bus departs from Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange, which is connected to the Woodlands MRT.

Stay on the bus for 6 stops and alight at Woodlands Checkpoint to clear the Singapore customs. Board the SMRT bus again, and you’ll arrive at the JB customs. Get your passport chopped and voila – you’re free to go eat all the lok lok you want.

Pay using: EZ-Link card or cash
Cost: S$1.40 by card and S$2.10 by cash for adults | S$0.64 by card and S$0.95 by cash for students

View the SMRT 950 route and schedule..

2. From Queens Street Bus Terminal to Larkin 

SBS Bus 170 

Singapore to JB buses - SBS
Image credit: Bus Interchange 

SBS 170 is also a nifty option if you’re coming from Central Singapore and don’t mind a longer bus journey with many stops in between. The bus departs from Queens Street Terminal and passes stops like Little India Station Exit A, Sixth Avenue Station, Beauty World Stn Exit B, and Opposite Kranji Station before reaching Woodlands Checkpoint, and thereafter JB CIQ.

P.S. If you choose to board at Opposite Kranji Station, the fare will only set you back $1.09 by EZ-Link card. This is also the cheapest way to cross the border.

This bus continues all the way down to Larkin Terminal in Johor where you can buses to get to other cities and towns in Malaysia.

Pay by: EZ-Link card or cash
Cost: S$2.23 by card and S$3.00 by cash for adults | S$0.70 by card or S$1.15 by cash for students from Queens Street Bus Terminal

View the SBS 170 route and schedule.

Causeway Link CW2

A faster alternative to 170 is CW2 operated by Causeway Link. This bus also departs from Queens Street Terminal but goes directly to Woodlands Checkpoint with no additional stops in between. Do note that prices are slightly higher at S$4.80/pax.

Pay by: Manjalink card, EZ-Link card, or cash
Cost (Singapore to JB): S$4.80
Cost (JB to Singapore): RM4.80 (~S$1.40)

View the CW2 route and schedule.

3. From Newton Circus to JB CIQ

Causeway Link CW5 

causeway link
Image credit: Causeway Link

Also operated by Causeway Link, CW2 departs from Newton Circus. Good news for those who live along the Red or Downtown Line, this is just across the road from Newton MRT. The bus comes about once every 45 minutes so it’ll be a good idea to bring along some entertainment like a Kindle for the wait.

Pay by: Manjalink card, EZ-Link card, Visa card or cash
Cost (Singapore to JB): S$4.60
Cost (JB to Singapore): RM4.60 (~S$1.30)

View the CW5 route and schedule

4. From Resorts World Sentosa to JB CIQ

Transtar TS8

Singapore to JB buses - USS

Transtar’s TS8 works a treat for tourists and folks living closer to the South of Singapore, as it begins its route from Resorts World Sentosa. There are 8 buses daily each way, with stops at Opp Outram Park Station, Opp Great World City, and Raffles Town club in between. You can board at any of these stops to get to JB as well.

They don’t provide change for cash payment so be sure to bring along the exact amount, or use an EZ-Link card instead. Unlike Causeway Link buses, kids under 7 years old also get to travel at half price.

Pay by: EZ-Link card or cash. Alternatively, make your bookings on 3rd party booking sites like Klook
Cost (Singapore to JB): S$8 for adults | S$4 for children under 7 years old
Cost (Singapore to JB): RM10 (~S$2.85) for adults | RM5 (~S$1.42) for children under 7 years old

View the TS8 routes and schedule.

5. Marsiling Station to JB CIQ

Transtar Cross Border via Grab

Singapore to JB buses - Transtar marsiling

Budget travellers, if you’re not willing to fork out 8 bucks, can consider taking a Transtar Cross Border bus from Marsiling MRT Station. Tickets are priced much lower at S$3. You can book your seats via Grab by using the “Bus & Ferry” booking feature on the application.

Pay by: Booking in advance on Grab. Alternatively, you can pay directly with cash or EZ-Link card when boarding.
Cost (Singapore to JB): S$3
Cost (JB to Singapore): S$3.75

Read our full guide on getting from Singapore to JB via Grab.

6. Changi Airport T1 & T4 to Johor CIQ

Transtar TS1 

Singapore to JB buses - transtar
Image credit: Land Transport Guru

Easties, we have an option for you too. If you happen to stay close to the airport, Transtar TS1 departs from Changi Airport Terminal 1 Arrival Hall CoachBay Lot B/C 6 times a day. The bus will pass Terminal 4 and Expo MRT so you can choose to board at these convenient locations as well.

P.S. All the Transtar Cross Border bus tickets here come with 1 hand carry bag and 1 luggage per rider. Extra luggage may be subjected to additional charges.

Pay by: Online booking on Transtar, EZ-Link card, or cash.
No change is provided for cash payment.
Cost (Singapore to JB): S$11 for adults | S$5.50 for children under 7 years old.
Cost (JB to Singapore): RM13 (~S$3.70) for adults | RM6.5 (~S$1.85) for children under 7 years old

View TS1 routes and schedule.

– Buses from Singapore to JB malls, hotels & attractions – 

If a trip with practically zero transport planning sounds good to you, book these coaches and buses that take you directly to places of attraction in JB and back to Singapore. You literally just need to appear with your passport and get ready to have fun.

7. Suntec City or Jurong East to LEGOLAND

WTS Travel coach

Singapore to JB buses - Legoland
Image credit: @bom_mariano

WTS Travel offers a direct route from Suntec or Jurong East Venture Avenue to LEGOLAND Malaysia, with tickets for S$13 – pretty worth it considering you just need to show up with your passport and hop on board. They operate daily on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays with the first bus leaving at 9am.

Singapore to JB buses - WTS travel
Image credit: BusOnlineTicket

Pay by: Online booking on 3rd party platforms like Klook and BusOnlineTicket.
Cost: S$13. Fares are the same both ways.

View WTS Travel coach route and schedule.

Superior Coach 

Superior coach
Image credit: Easybook

Superior Coach also takes you to LEGOLAND, but has pickups from Jurong East Venture Avenue Bay 5 and Lavender MRT Station Exit B instead. Similarly to WTS, the bus also operates every day of the week except Mondays and Wednesdays.

Pay by: Online booking on 3rd party platforms like BusOnlineTicket
Cost: $12 for pickups from Jurong East Venture Avenue | $15 for pickups from Lavender MRT. Fares are the same both ways.

8. Suntec City or Jurong East to Desaru 

WTS Travel Desaru Coach

Desaru Coast Waterpark

Ah, the land of water coasters, gorgeous beach resorts, and floofy ostriches. Desaru is a getaway far away from the hubbub and Batamfast ferries aren’t the only way to get there. You can also take a WTS Travel coach directly to Desaru from Singapore for a small fraction of the price, at $24 each way. FYI, ferry tickets are $70 each.

The bus departs from Suntec City once daily at 9am and drops you off at either Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark, Anantara Desaru Coast, or Four Points by Sheraton Desaru. TL;DR: it brings you right at the gates of Desaru Coast’s key destinations.

You can also choose to board the same bus at Jurong East Venture Avenue at 9.30am.

Pay by: Online booking on BusOnlineTicket.
Cost: $24 on weekdays | $27 on weekends. Fares are the same both ways.

9. Changi Airport T1 to JB KSL Resort

Transtar Cross Border via Grab 

Singapore to JB buses - KSL
Image credit: Wikipedia

If you love doing your nails, eating ba kut teh, and getting affordable massages, there’s a Transtar Cross Border bus that takes you directly to JB KSL Resort from Changi Airport Terminal 1. The catch? It’s one of the more expensive routes on this list at S$15/pax but could be worth it if your priority is convenience.

Bookings for this route seem to be available only via Grab, and the 40-seater bus departs twice daily, at 8.15am and 2.15pm. To return to Singapore, there are also 2 buses available daily, which depart from JB KSL resort at 10.10am and 4.10pm.

Pay by: Booking online in advance on Grab.
Cost: S$15. Fares are the same both ways.

Bonus: Singapore to Johor Premium Outlets


Singapore to JB buses - Johor Premium Outlets

You say factory outlet, I say take my money. Johor Premium Outlets would be no stranger to all those who indulge in a little retail therapy once in a while. PSA – you can get there somewhat directly from Singapore if you don’t mind doing a transfer at JB Sentral.

Take any bus of your choice to Woodlands Checkpoint and cross the border. From JB Sentral, hop on board JP01 that’ll take you all the way to the luxury shopping haven. You can even choose to hop off enroute to explore other places of attraction as the bus also passes Danga Bay and Paradigm Mall.

Pay by: Cash
Cost: RM4.50 (~S$1.28)

View the JP01 route and schedule.

Going on a weekend trip from Singapore to JB by bus

There are so many different ways to go to JB and deciding on which to go for can be a bit of a toughie. Cross border shuttles are a personal favourite as they offer the flexibility perfect for last-minute travellers plus have pickups at various points around Singapore. For instance, there’s no way you can hop on a KTM shuttle train at the eleventh hour. But these buses? They got your back.

If you’re the average Singaporean who goes to JB every other month or so, try out the various cross border transport to decide which works best for you. Each attempt is sure to be an adventure.

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Cover image adapted from: @bom_mariano