Things to do in Toppen Shopping Centre

The year-end break is just round the corner, but if you’re too short on leaves to go for a long getaway, fret not, as there’s a new attraction right across the border to check out.

Just a 20-minute drive from the Woodlands causeway, is Toppen Shopping Centre, a sparkling new mall chock full of activities. From a free rooftop sports arena to a cinema with 5 different types of halls, here are some of the things you can look forward to:

–  Entertainment –

1. Seats with inbuilt speakers at TGV Cinemas

A JB trip often comprises shopping and food but their cinema scene is pretty nifty too, especially with the newest TGV Cinemas, with 5 different types of halls to choose from.

toppen JB - TGV - coca cola themed

Right at the entrance, you’ll be greeted by the retro Coca-Cola snack bar, with a power charging station to boost up your phone battery while waiting for the movie to start.

shopping malls JB - TGV cinema

toppen JB - flexihound

Perhaps the best hall to catch an action or horror movie in is the Flexound Hall (RM25 ~S$7.15), the first in Southeast Asia and the largest in the world, where there are speakers embedded into each seat for optimal sound quality.

We caught an action movie here and could feel the reverberations of each explosion in the movie. No one is going to go “wait, what did the guy just say?” here as the dialogue comes out nice and clear, straight to your ear.

shopping malls JB - cinema

For families with young ‘uns in tow, the Family Friendly hall is a perfect spot with seats like the huge Lounger (RM65 ~S$19) that can fit a family of 4. Linked to the back of the cinema is also a playroom for kids with restless feet to run around.

toppen JB - kid zone
Family Friendly kid’s playroom

toppen JB - bed chair cinemaInfinity Hall.

Other halls included in this cinema are the 5 regular Deluxe+ screens, premium Prestige hall, and large-screened Infinity hall which has 3 different types of seats and is powered by the latest 4K laser projector and the 57-channel Dolby Atmos sound system.

toppen JB - TGV entrance

Location: L.301
Opening hours: ~10.30am-12am, Daily. Varies depending on show times.

2. Explore the free for all Rooftop Active Zone

Bring along a set of sportswear as there’s a bunch of adrenaline-inducing facilities on the rooftop Active Zone. The good news is that everything here is free of charge – although you’ll need to put in a refundable deposit when you borrow some equipment.

Rock climbing

toppen JB - rooftop - rock climbing

9-6 peeps out there, take a break from climbing the corporate ladder and scale the high wall in Toppen’s Active Zone instead. Climbing in Singapore can get pretty expensive, ranging around the $30s per entry, so this is a fantastic opportunity to climb without having to watch your pennies.

toppen JB - rock climbing

There are 5 routes of varying difficulty to try out, from beginner-friendly flat walls to tougher inclined routes. Climbing gears like harnesses, shoes, and even chalk are provided, but you’ll need to bring along a pair of socks to use the climbing shoes.

toppen JB - rock wallThere’s also a bouldering wall available.

Deposit required: Harness and shoes – RM30 (~S$10), Helmet RM20 (~S$6.50), Chalk Bag RM10 (~S$3.30). Rates may vary.

Deposits will be refunded when the items are returned in the original condition at the end of the session! 

Skate Park

shopping malls JB - rooftop skate park

The skatepark, with graffiti spray painted along its walls, is where you can show off some of your skills, and pick up some tricks from fellow skaters. Skateboards and rollerblades aren’t available for rental so remember to bring your own along.

toppen JB - skate

Multi-purpose court

toppen JB - the topp - basketball
Open-air multi-purpose court

Let your inner Lebron James loose and shoot some hoops at the rooftop basketball court. The area can also be turned into a badminton or futsal court for a few bouts of friendly matches.

Rooftop Active Zone
Location: L3 Rooftop Active Zone
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily

3. Sing at Mini Studio karaoke from $1/pax per hour

toppen JB - karaoke studio

Leave your stresses behind at the Mini Studio karaoke, where you can bellow your lungs out in cosy wooden capsule rooms. We managed to find a good variety of English and Mandarin songs here, including the latest hits.

toppen JB - karaoke
There are 8 different language settings to choose from

toppen JB - ktv

There’s no need to worry about going embarrassingly off-tune in their Small Room (1-2pax), as the  microphones are linked to the provided headphones instead of loudspeakers. Prices start from a wallet-friendly RM13/hour (~S$5.10) for a Small Room.

Medium Rooms (RM23/hour, ~S$7) fit up to 4 people. Come with a larger group to enjoy even more economical prices from RM28/hour (~S$8) for a Big Room that fits up to 8 people – that’s just ~S$1/hour per person. 

Opening hours: 10am-12pm, Daily
Location: L3.12

4. Get refreshed at the outdoor playground & splash park

toppen JB - rooftop water playground

If walking around the huge mall has gotten the kids tired, let them freshen up at the outdoor playground, where there are water fountains, slides, bridges, and a giant splash bucket. Eateries like Molten Chocolate Cafe surround the playground so parents can grab a cuppa nearby and relax while the kids run free.

5. Explore the Rooftop Garden

toppen JB - roof garden

At dusk, a great place to catch the sunset is the Rooftop Garden. Filled with lush greens, neon lights, and an unobstructed view of the area around, the sprawling space is great for post-dinner walks and HTHTs.

shopping malls JB - outdoor gardenGrab a shot or two for the ‘Gram at their wooden gazebos framed with vines and neon strips.

6. Shop for home furnishing at the integrated IKEA

toppen JB - ikea entrance

The existing IKEA Tebrau is also now connected to Toppen via an air-conditioned link, so you can pop by to bag some savings on your furniture buys. As the largest IKEA in Malaysia, this one is a lot bigger than the one at Tampines with 54 showrooms for inspiration for your dream room.

toppen JB - IKEA

toppen JB - IKEA dining

Unlike in Singapore, you won’t have to rush in to fight for seats either as their spacious cafeteria has plenty of room for everyone.

Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily

–  Food –

A trip to JB is incomplete without a food feast. And with so much to do and see while you’re here, you’re better off fueling up at one of Toppen’s many restaurants and cafes. Here are some things that are on the menu:

7. Indulge in local food at Food Empire

toppen JB - mall

Featuring an array of local food, Food Empire is an air-conditioned, comfortable food court for grabbing a hearty meal.

toppen JB - local food

Seafood lovers can’t miss out on the Nasi Goreng Stulang store, a branch off the popular joint near the second link frequent JB-goers might know about. The seafood here is brought in fresh daily, cooked on a sizzling iron griddle, and charged by weight so you can order however much you want.

toppen JB - hawker food

A must-try is the Pari, or stingray, which is tender and sweet, and topped with a coat of spicy sambal. The Udang also blew us away as well with large and juicy prawns grilled with curry.

toppen JB - IKEA foodClassic Kolo Mee and Mancai Mihun.

For Malaysian favourites, head to Sarawak Taste for lip-smacking fare like their Kolo Mee, available in classic, laksa broth, or with toppings like fried chicken and seafood. A dish hardly found in Singapore that you might want to try as well, is the Mancai Mihun, a light bee hoon dish with eggs and mancai, also known as sweet leaf.

Location: L3.26
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily

8. Feast on “Korea’s best fried chicken” at KyoChon

toppen JB - kyochon foodChi-ken not say no to this.

Dubbed as Korea’s best fried chicken, KyoChon has a branch in JB at Toppen with the same menu as the OG one in Seoul. 

toppen JB - fried chickenHoney fried chicken.

K-fried chicken fans are in for a treat with flavours like Soy Garlic (RM24.90/8 pieces, ~S$7.10), Honey (RM27.90/8 pieces, ~S$8) and Red Pepper (RM24.90/8 pieces, ~S$7.10). If you can’t decide, the Honey is a killer, with a sweet sauce complementing the juicy chicken meat, and a thicker batter than the rest, providing a satisfyingly crispy bite.

Boneless chicken is also available for those who prefer biting into sizable chunks of meat without worrying about well, the bones.

toppen JB - kyochon

Location: L1.101
Opening hours: 10am-10am, Daily

9. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Molten Chocolate Cafe

toppen JB - molten chocolate cafe

Any plans for a diet will be gone with the wind when you step into Molten Chocolate Cafe. Their menu comprises a variety of lavish chocolatey dishes from Molten Sizzling Pancake (RM30.74, ~S$8.80) to Fettuccine Crepe (RM35, ~S$10)– both a feast for the tastebuds and the eyes.

toppen JB - molten chocolate - hot chocolate

No drink is more perfect for a rainy December than a cup of Belgium Hot Chocolate (RM16.82, ~S$4.82), which comes with an intricate floral-like art on top. 

Location: L3.28
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily

Things to do in JB

toppen JB - aerial mall shotImage adapted from: Toppen

JB has always been the enthralling answer to all our weekend what-should-we-dos, but now there’s another reason to visit. With the easily accessible Toppen Shopping Centre, complete with its plethora of activities to try out, and nummy grub to munch on, there’s no need to look any further for your next getaway!

Find out more about Toppen Shopping Centre here


Address: Toppen Shopping Centre, No. 33, Jalan Harmonium, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily
Contact: +607 277 3188 

This post was brought to you by Toppen Shopping Centre.
Photography by Lery Villanueva.
Originally published on 6th December 2019. Last updated by Kezia Tan on 30th October 2023.

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