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HydroDash – A Guide To Singapore’s First Inflatable Water Park At Sentosa

HydroDash Sentosa Singapore

When it comes to things to do at Sentosa, people only ever remember the beach clubs and attractions like Universal Studios Singapore and the S.E.A Aquarium. But if the thrill seeker in you is looking for more to do at Sentosa’s Palawan Beach than sip wine and suntan, check out HydroDash Sentosa – Singapore’s first waterpark.

Is it worth visiting HydroDash Sentosa?

HydroDash Sentosa is a water park with 4 zones of water obstacles that are safe even for kids as young as 6 years old. Tickets are for 1 hour of access, which is enough to complete the courses a couple of times, even for little ones.

The water park is outdoors so come prepared with sunscreen slathered all over your body so you don’t get sunburnt. Don’t worry about the rain dampening your parade – you’re going to get wet anyway, so a few more droplets of water isn’t going to hurt. If there is lightning though, the session will be suspended until the warning passes.

Only those who purchase Inclement Weather Insurance will get a one-time reschedule to come back on another day.

What you need to know before visiting HydroDash Sentosa

There are lockers available at HydroDash to keep your personal belongings safe. Lockers are chargeable and not included in the price of the ticket. There are also lockers at Palawan Beach available.

It’s recommended that you change first before heading to HydroDash before your session. The nearest toilets to change in are the public ones at Palawan Beach.


Do you need to know how to swim for HydroDash Sentosa?

Even non-swimmers can enjoy HydroDash Sentosa, as it’s not a requirement to be able to swim to enter the water park. There is a short distance of about 20m you’ll have to swim to get to the obstacles but all visitors will be given a life jacket as a safety precaution. You’ll need to keep the jacket on at all times at the water park.

hydrodash sentosa - safety briefing

The staff will be there to go through a safety briefing of dos and don’ts for you to enjoy yourself without getting injured too.

Proper swimwear is required for you to enter the aquapark, so make sure that you’re dressed for the event – clothing with hard objects, buttons or zippers are not allowed. If you’re wearing a bikini, make sure that it’s secure – you wouldn’t want to expose yourself to an unfortunate audience. For guys, make sure your bottoms aren’t too tight or too baggy as well.

Besides not being allowed to bring hard or sharp objects like footwear, jewellery, and GoPro cameras into the course, you’re also not allowed to wear glasses. HydroDash Sentosa doesn’t recommend wearing contact lenses either, as these can fall out or tear as you slip and slide on the obstacles.

hydrodash sentosa - step up systems

If you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to get back up the floating platforms after falling into the water, there are Step-up Systems in place all around the installation that’ll save you the effort and time struggling to get up. If you’re too tired, the lifeguards around the course will be more than happy to give you a helping hand.

What challenges are there at HydroDash Sentosa?

hydrodash sentosa - zone 2
You’ll enter the course from Level 2 – the wavy-edged platform in the foreground. Zones 1, 3, and 4 are arranged clockwise from the left.

If you think it’s possible to complete the course without getting wet – think again. Before you even enter the course, you’ll have to jump into the water before climbing onto the platform. Don’t worry about the swim being too far – 2 strokes and you’ll reach the yellow platform. But you’ll definitely have to brace yourself for the cold water.

All the different zones can be accessed as loops from the main runway, although it’s free and easy from there. You’ll be able to roam safely around the course with lifeguards located throughout to keep an eye on everyone and for traffic control purposes.

Zone 1 – Kid-friendly zone

hydrodash sentosa - zone 1 kid friendly obstacle

For parents concerned about your young one getting flattened like prata by an adult on the course, this zone is designated exclusively for kids aged 6 and above.

They’ll have a whale of a time playing at this miniature obstacle course that’s fitted with a small slide and other wider obstacles that are appropriate for their height and size. They’ve got plenty of lifeguards on station there, but do take turns to keep an eye on them, so that you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the park too.

Do note that all kids must be accompanied by an adult in a 1:1 ratio. So if you have multiples, employ the help of your friends to babysit your lot when visiting HydroDash Sentosa.

Zone 2 – Monkey bar & target wheel

hydrodash sentosa - zone 2 target wheel

To start off easy, head off to Zone 2 where most of the obstacles involve climbing and a bit of balance like the monkey bars and a target wheel. With a bit of luck, you might even make it out without falling into the water.

hydrodash sentosa - zone 2 monkey bar

See who can make it across the Monkey Bars the fastest, or play a game of tag with friends around the target wheel: you lose if you’re it – or if you tumble unceremoniously into the water.

Zone 3 – Trampoline & jump-off platforms

hydrodash sentosa - zone 3 jump off platform

Make your way down to Zone 3 where the 3m-tall Springboard awaits you. Given how easy the climb up is as compared to the other obstacles in the course, you’ll almost think that it’s no biggie – until you reach the top. Wait too long and the cheeky lifeguard may just shake you off!

If you aren’t as daring, you can also choose to hop off the lower platform or even from the semi-circle steps on the side for a smaller splashdown.

hydrodash sentosa - zone 3 trampoline

If you’d like a break from the constant falling into the water, check out the Trampoline at the far left of the course where you can do somersault stunts or just bounce to your heart’s content.

Zone 4 – Obstacle course with swings & slides

hydrodash sentosa - zone 4 highroller bridge
Of all the people that tried, only this kid could cross the HighRoller bridge successfully

Expect to fall in the water many, many times at Zone 4 with its challenging obstacle courses. Some of these obstacles may seem unassuming, but you’ll be surprised by how many times you’ll be sent flying into the water.

Try to make your way across the Swing like Tarzan without hitting the water, or across the unsupported HighRoller bridge without hitting the water or sliding back down. Getting across successfully doesn’t require only balance, but also strength and agility.

hydrodash sentosa - zone 4 cliff

Obstacles like the Cliff can seem pretty easy at first glance, you just need to grab onto the handles and inch your feet across. But try this with your feet slipping and sliding all over the place – you’ll probably find yourself hanging on for dear life with half your body in the water.

hydrodash sentosa - zone 4 action tower
Climb up the Action Tower via the ramp with the aid of knotted ropes – it’s far harder than it looks when your feet keep slipping!

One of the highlights of this course would be the Action Tower. Clamber up with the aid of the knotted ropes, or put your bouldering skills to the challenge by attempting the sheer overhang from the water. Be rewarded with an exhilarating slide down – but don’t forget to hold your nose, else you’ll get saltwater shooting up your nostrils!

hydrodash sentosa - zone 4 action tower slide

Fulfil your Wipeout dream at HydroDash Sentosa

hydrodash sentosa - platform

Most of us would have seen snippets of people slipping and sliding off huge obstacles on the American game show “Wipeout”. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a contestant, head down to HydroDash to get an idea and a healthy dose of fun.

To prevent disappointment, book your tickets online before heading down and arrive 30 minutes early for your safety briefing. It’ll be an exhilarating experience under the sun, so don’t forget to slap on some sun-block and do your warm-ups and stretches before starting your play!

How to get to HydroDash Sentosa?

HydroDash Sentosa is located within The Palawan @ Sentosa. The nearest MRT station would be HarbourFront MRT station on the Circle Line. From there, you can take either the free Sentosa Shuttle Bus Service or Sentosa Express ($4/pax) to get to Sentosa island. For both services, alight at Beach station. Palawan Beach is just a couple of minutes walk from there.

If you’re already on Sentosa, make use of the free Sentosa Beach Shuttle that loops around the island. You can get off at any of the following stops to reach Palawan Beach: Palawan West, Opp Palawan Kidz City, or Palawan Kidz City to easily access The Palawan @ Sentosa.

Those who plan to drive should take note of the entry fees to Sentosa that range from $2-$6, depending on when you enter. The fee is applicable for those who take a taxi or private hire car into Sentosa as well. For parking, the nearest lots to The Palawan @ Sentosa are the ones at the Beach Station Carpark. Rates are $1.20/hour from 7am-5pm, and $2.40/entry from 5.01pm-6.59am.

Admission Fee
1-hour admission: $22/pax
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Photography by Nadia Loewito.
Originally published on 1st October 2020. Last updated by Raewyn Koh on 12th March 2024.

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