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9 Coldest Places In Singapore To Escape To When The Weather Is Sibei Hot Outside

Coldest places in Singapore

Singapore’s weather has been nothing short of warm hot in the recent few months. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just taken a shower or just standing still – you’ll find beads of sweat dripping down your body in a matter of minutes these days. So, if you’re looking for a place to fight off the heat, we’ve collated the coldest places in Singapore to seek refuge.

1. Movie theatres

coldest places cinema

Ever gone on a movie date and Bae told you she’s cold? Yeah, it isn’t because she’s trying to get you to cuddle up with her. She’s probably actually freezing in her seat as movie theatres in Singapore are notoriously cold.

But in this weather where you’re sweating your pits off, tell her to bring a jacket next time, so you can enjoy the cold on your own. Don’t blame us if she gives you the cold shoulder though. Hey, you’re the one who’s looking up the coldest places in Singapore.

For an extra chilly experience, we recommend watching a horror movie. You’d definitely be guaranteed chills down your spine and your hair standing on end – is the movie theatre particularly cold or is there someone sitting next to you? We’re not going to tell you.

2. Changi Airport, Paragon & JCube Malls

coldest places the shoppes at marina
Air-conditioned comfort and a gondola boat ride? You’ll only find this at
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

There’s nothing quite like the relief of stepping out of the blazing sun into the icy blasts of air-conditioning of shopping malls in Singapore. And with 171 malls – and counting – dotting the island, it won’t be too hard to find one to loiter into for a solid minute of cold air.

coldest places forest valley at jewel changi
The Forest Valley at Jewel Changi is kept at 23˚C.

A majority of shopping malls keep their air-conditioners set to a breezy 23˚C to keep the place nice and cold. We’ve found that these ones in particular – Jewel Changi, Paragon, and JCube – are known to be extra cold.

Sure, there are a number of new malls in Singapore like One Holland Village that have gone the environmentally-friendly route that don’t fully air-condition the place. But even these are designed to allow wind and airflow so you’re not dripping in sweat as you shop.

3. Supermarket dairy aisle

coldest places supermarket dairy aisle

Here’s an alternative to the coldest shopping malls that’s probably just a couple of minutes from your home – the dairy aisle at the supermarket or grocery store. It sounds oddly specific but there’s a good reason for it: dairy products must be kept between 2˚C and 4˚C. Plus, the shelves are usually open, unlike freezers that have closed doors to keep the cold in.

If that doesn’t work, then there’s at least the frozen section that’s bound to have icy treats for sale. Ice cream cones and popsicles are sure to do the trick.

4. NLB libraries

coldest places NLB libraries

Maybe you favour TV shows on Netflix over picking up a book for entertainment these days. But it might be time to start reading again in this heat. Our NLB libraries aren’t just a great source for paperbacks, they’ve got deliciously cold air-conditioning too. If you’re planning to stay for an extended period of time, just remember to make a seat booking on the NLB website.

Pro-tip: The reference shelves might prove to be the coldest spots in the library. These books are often kept in the shade to prevent sun damage to these old books. They’re also much quieter; let’s be real, there really aren’t that many people looking up reference journals when the world’s knowledge is easily accessible through Google.

5. Cold room in flower wholesale centres

cold room in flower wholesale centres

There’s a reason why flowers like roses and tulips don’t grow naturally on this side of the planet – it’s just way too hot! But there’s a reason why they’re still so readily available for flower delivery in Singapore: cold rooms at flower shops.

This is where fresh cut flowers are stored so they don’t wilt in the sun. Temperatures here are kept around the 6˚C-10˚C range and it’s not uncommon to find workers decked out in winter parkas here.

6. Gardens by the Bay in the evenings

gardens by the bay
Image credit: Gardens by the Bay 

Where else can you find non-native flora in Singapore? At the Gardens by the Bay of course, which means these greenhouses are set to cooler temperatures to allow the floral displays of cherry blossoms and orchids to maintain lustre throughout the exhibition.

flower dome
Cloud Forest.

The Cloud Forest might feel cooler because of the mist coming from the indoor waterfall. But since most of the plants here are tropical, the temperature is set to 23˚C-25˚C. If you want it cooler, the Flower Dome has a lower temperature range of 12˚C-24˚C. Look out for exhibitions on delicate spring flowers like Tulipmania – that’s when temperatures drop to their lowest.

cloud forest
Flower Dome in the evening.

During the day, the Flower Dome can get pretty warm considering how it’s made of glass. Come in the evenings if you want to feel the chill.

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18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Opening Hours:
Wednesday 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM Show More Timings

7. Downtown Line especially the wee hours of the morning

coldest places mrt

Here’s an MRT design secret you probably didn’t know: the Downtown Line runs completely underground. In fact, Bencoolen MRT station is the deepest public place in Singapore – it’s 43m below street level. If you paid attention in science class, you know that this means it gets chilly down here.

Come in the wee hours of the morning if you really want your bones shivering and your teeth chattering. That first train at 5.30am when everyone else is asleep is the coldest.

8. The office

the office
Image credit: Uchify

They don’t call the corporate world cold for nothing. Offices are always frigid no matter how warm it is outside. It’s cold enough that I’ve seen colleagues of mine bring in thick sweaters and jackets that wouldn’t look out of place at a winter destination like Japan or Korea.

As to why offices are so cold, apparently, it helps keep people productive and focused. Colder temperatures became the norm after most workers in the past would wear 3-piece suits to the office. The air-conditioning was necessary to prevent unsightly pit stains.

Also, studies have shown that men prefer working in cooler temperatures like 18˚C, while women prefer warmer environments of 24˚C. If you find yourself drenched in sweat after heading out for lunch, hang out in departments that have more men – you’ll cool down that much faster.

9. Snow City

coldest places snow city

This one is pretty self explanatory. As a kid, this was the closest I got to experiencing winter during the school holidays. “Winter” and “Singapore” may not exist outside of daydreams, but it’s very real at Snow City.

The indoor snow centre is a literal winter wonderland with snowy slopes to slide down, ice sculptures to pose with, and even winter activities like a shooting arena in the cold and bumper cars on ice.

The temperatures are a freezing -5˚C to prevent anything from melting into a puddle, so winter jackets, pants, gloves, and boots are a must. Don’t worry, they’re available for free for ticketholders. But you can also turn to winter clothes shops to pick up the necessary.

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From $19/child | $26/adult
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21 Jurong Town Hall Road, Singapore 609433
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Escape the heat with these cold places

“If only Singapore had 4 seasons,” said every Singaporean who’s ever had to walk in the blazing sun to get lunch. It’s a wish we’ve frequently made ourselves but alas, it’s yet to come true. Nonetheless, with this list of coldest places in Singapore, at least there’s less suffering to be had under this heat.

Thankfully, almost everywhere we go is air-conditioned, even the buses we ride, so maybe we should be a little more grateful for these little luxuries we have.

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