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21 SG WhatsApp Channels To Follow & Share With Family Group Chats Instead Of Good Morning Messages

WhatsApp Channels – Broadcast feature in the app 

Keeping up with new social media platforms has been a whole different ball game lately. While TikTok can be considered one of the most popular platforms now, there are also newer ones such as Lemon8 and Threads. Now, WhatsApp Channels has entered the chat.

What are WhatsApp Channels? 

It’s a broadcast feature that’s similar to Telegram Channels, announced in June 2023. You can follow channels from publications, businesses, and government agencies to keep up with their latest updates. When it was first launched, the feature was available in only Singapore and Colombia. However, it’s now been rolled up globally to over 150 countries.

Where to find WhatsApp Channels? 

Here’s how to start using it: all you have to do is head to the “Updates” tab when you open the app. From there, click on the “Find Channels” button – or the “+” icon at the top right hand corner of your screen. Simply search for the channel you’re looking for, hit follow, and et voila. 

We’ve rounded up some Singapore-based ones you should follow and send to your family group chats – to break up your uncle’s boomer “good morning” photos. Simply add them via the links below:

1. SG Travel Promos

Satisfy your wanderlust without going broke

singapore whatsapp channels - sg travel promos

It’s official, Singaporeans have the strongest passport in the world. While you’re ticking off all your bucketlist destinations, you don’t have to go broke doing it. SG Travel Promos’ channel will hook you up with the latest lobangs like promotional fares to your favourite destinations – and useful info about travel scams you should know about.

Follow SG Travel Promos’ channel

2. Must Share News 

Current affairs for the younger generation 

singapore whatsapp channels - ms news

When it comes to TSL’s sister sites, Must Share News is that smart older sibling who’s working a stable government job, but is lowkey chaotic. For news, deep dives, and even hilarious memes on current affairs in Singapore, let this be your go-to resource.

Follow MS News’ channel

3. Food From The Heart 

Volunteering ops to help the less fortunate 

singapore whatsapp channels - sg food from the heart

Want to do some good so you can balance out your karma after catching up on the latest political gossip as if it’s the latest season of Single’s Inferno? Food From The Heart has got call outs where you can sign up to volunteer and help the less fortunate in Singapore.

Follow Food From The Heart’s channel

4. SG Weekend Plans 

Ideas for what to do during your free time 

singapore whatsapp channels - sg weekend plans

“Singapore is boring,” says no one ever, especially if they’re following SG Weekend Plans. From free concerts to the lowdown on new shopping malls in Singapore, this channel will make sure you’re not just spending your weekends at home watching Netflix.

Follow SG Weekend Plans’ channel

5. SG New Movies & Shows 

For film buffs & concert-goers 

singapore whatsapp channels - new movies and shows

Are you team Oppenheimer, Barbie, or both – watched in a particular order in IMAX? Whether you’re a casual movie goer or film buff, SG New Movies & Show needs to be on your Whatsapp Channels follow list. They’ve got updates on upcoming concerts in Singapore, too – so you’ll be the first to know of any new tours.

Follow SG New Movies & Shows’ channel

6. SG Giveaway & Freebies 

Lobangs galore 

Who doesn’t like free stuff? If hunting for lobangs is your passion, hit follow on SG Giveaway & Freebies’ Whatsapp channel. Trust us, you’ll be the first to know of any hot deals.

Follow SG Giveaways & Freebies’ channel

7. SG Cab Promos 

Deals for those allergic to public transport 

We all have that one friend who takes Grab or Gojek to go, literally everywhere. Or perhaps, you are that friend. Because we all need to survive inflation, follow SG Cab Promos, which shares deals and discount codes to help you shave a few dollars off your total fare.

Follow SG Cab Promos’ channel

8. SG Student Promos 

Put your MOE cards to good use

The best part about being a student is getting to enjoy discounts literally everywhere. If you want to keep yourself updated on the latest ones – from $0.60 milk tea to student meal at Sushi Tei, SG Student Promos‘ channel will have you sorted.

Follow SG Student Promos’ channel.

9. SG Food Deals 

Promotions like 1-for-1 burgers

Food lobangs are the best kind of lobangs – and at SG Food Deals‘ channel, you can eat your heart out without going broke. 1-for-1 burgers? Count us in.

Follow SG Food Deals’ channel.

10. SG Fitness & Health

Deals on activewear & sports events

Calling all fitspo queens and kings – run, don’t walk to SG Fitness & Health’s WhatsApp channel for the latest events and promos. Hey, you can clock in physical activity on your fitness tracker while you’re at it.

Follow SG Fitness & Health’s channel.

11. SG Budget Babes 

Bougie on a budget

She’s everything, he’s just Ken. If you’re on a personal mission to become “That Girl”, SG Budget Babes‘ channel has all the tips you need to pamper yourself while still sticking to your monthly budget. You can thank us later.

Follow SG Budget Babes’ channel

12. SG Tech & Games 

Free steam games & demos

Fellow gamers, you’re in good company at SG Tech & Games‘ channel. You’ll get first dibs on gaming news, whether it’s about free new games Steam is giving away or a free demo of Spells & Secrets.

Follow SG Tech & Games’ channel

13. SG Adulting 101 

TED Talk recommendations

Nobody said adulting was easy. But it’s SG Adulting 101 to the rescue, with TED Talks recommendations and info on courses that you can sign up for to upskill yourself.

Follow SG Adulting 101‘s channel.

14. TheSmartLocal 

Coolest new spots & latest lifestyle happenings

Over at TheSmartLocal’s WhatsApp channel, stay updated on the latest and most exciting things to do in Singapore. If you want to share hilarious Spotify Singapore regions playlists with your gang, simply copy and paste the post on WhatsApp to send in your group chats.

Follow TheSmartLocal’s channel

15. Eatbook 

All-in-one resource for foodies in SG

There are 2 types of people in the world: those who live to eat to live, and foodies who live to eat. If you’re part of the latter, you need Eatbook in your arsenal. Follow their channel to be the first to know about new Instagrammable cafes, the best hidden gems at hawker centres, and food deals.

Follow Eatbook’s channel.

16. Zula 

Women-centric perspectives & beauty tips 

We love reading inspirational and relatable perspectives from everyday Singaporean women – and Zula is coming in clutch with articles on women empowerment, beauty tips, and the hottest new shopping spots for girlies in Singapore.

Follow Zula’s channel

17. Uchify 

Home decor inspiration for your BTO 

Any new homeowner can relate to getting stuck in an endless blackhole on Pinterest when looking for home decor inspiration. But what if you could have it all in one place? For curated tips on the perfect BTO home and a millennial’s guide to their first home, let Uchify be your best friend.

Follow Uchify’s channel

18. SG Property & Deals 

Condo listings for aspiring property owners

Whether you’re looking to apply for your first BTO or investing in a condo unit, hit the “follow” button on SG Property & Deals‘ WhatsApp channel.

Follow SG Property & Deals’ channel

19. SG Parent Things 

Fun events for the whole family

Parents would know how difficult it can be to entertain the young ones. Follow SG Parent Things, and you’ll never run out of ideas again.

Follow SG Parent Things’ channel.

20. NEA 

Sustainable living tips & chio “nature” pics  

Whether you want nifty tips on how to reduce your electricity usage at home and adopt a zero-waste lifestyle or just need your daily dose of chio “nature” photos, NEA Singapore has wholesome content for you. While you’re at it, also follow other government channels such as HDB and LTA.

Follow NEA’s channel

21. Ministry of Home Affairs 

Scam alerts to send to your loved ones

Scams are all too common these days, from job to e-commerce ones – and sometimes we can’t help but worry that our loved ones will get caught up in one. At Ministry of Home Affairs’ channel, there are posts and infographics on red flags one can look out for to avoid being scammed. There’s no forwarding function on WhatsApp Channels now, but you can copy and paste the infographic to share with friends and family.

Follow Ministry of Home Affairs’ channel

Follow these SG Whatsapp Channels

“Do we really need another social media platform to keep up with?” one of our colleagues was saying. To answer the question, yes we do – especially if we have family and friends who aren’t on Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram.

With WhatsApp Channels, we can choose to subscribe to the broadcast channels and get up to date with information that’s important to us. For more social media reads, we’ve also got a list of telegram channels and bots you should follow, as well as a guide to Threads by Instagram.

First published on 20th July 2023. Last updated on 27th May 2024 by Dewi Nurjuwita.