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Budget Airlines Singapore

We Compare 6 Budget Airlines That Fly From Singapore To See Which Is Most Value For Money

Best budget airlines that fly from Singapore

There are few things as quintessentially Singaporean as a love for travel, and an undying commitment to scoring bargains. Put them together, and it’s no wonder that budget airlines and their great deals have us completely enamoured. Besides getting you to your vacay destination, the customisable nature of low-cost carriers means that you’ll only pay for what you need.

For instance, travellers with a retail therapy-based itinerary would prioritise affordable baggage allowance. Some don’t mind cheaper airfare for no entertainment onboard, because their devices are loaded with Netflix shows. And then there are the in-flight dining connoisseurs who want to explore different mile-high meals.

To help you make a decision beyond just the cheapest flat rate, here’s a technical breakdown of the main budget airlines that fly from Singapore. We also surveyed some locals to see which carriers are the best for various criteria, from last-minute trips for overseas concerts to peaceful flights with child-free zones.

What is a budget airline?

Before we delve into the comparisons, you may be wondering what exactly constitutes a budget airline. Also called low-cost carriers, budget airlines are companies that prioritise airfare that is cheaper than the average full-service airline flying to the same destination.

How is that possible, and does it seem a little too good to be true? The slashed prices are a result of omitting certain luxuries you might expect from full-service airlines – think an in-flight entertainment system, complimentary refreshments and hot meals, as well as amenity kits.

For budget airlines, a lot of these inclusions come with an add-on fee. For instance, carry-on and check-in baggage are payable by weight or number of bags. With this pricing model, you’re able to get significant savings on your air ticket, especially if you opt for a no-frills flight just to get from Point A to B.

Price comparisons of budget airlines in Singapore at a glance

To put into perspective how much money you can save by going the budget airline route, we’ve compared the airfare of 6 main budget airlines flying from Singapore, along with Singapore Airlines – a full-service airline. Here’s a look at their rough pricing to some common travel destinations for Singaporeans.

Note: Based on bookings for the same travel dates, in economy class and with no add-ons. Prices are accurate at the time of writing, and are subject to change. 

Scoot Jetstar AirAsia Firefly ZIPAIR T’Way Air
KL $192 $69 $72 $67 $89 N/A N/A
Bali $455 $310 $255 $314 N/A N/A N/A
Seoul $549 $232 N/A $273, stopover in KL N/A N/A $377
Tokyo $700 $194 $243 $186, stopover in KL N/A $231 $335, stopover in Incheon
Taipei $317 $127 N/A $177, stopover in KL N/A N/A N/A
Sydney $1,696 $399 $446 $350, stopover in Manila N/A N/A $1,185

– International budget airlines –

1. Scoot

Budget Airlines Scoot

Scoot is the budget subsidiary of our national carrier, Singapore Airlines. I was personally hyped when the airline launched in 2012, as it meant getting a taste of SQ’s world-class standards at pocket-friendly prices. One big plus point among frequent flyers is that Scoot flights allow you to collect KrisFlyer miles too. In time, you may get to redeem a cushy SIA flight to treat yourself.

Their aircraft are known to be pretty comfy and well-maintained, so they’re a safe bet to go with especially if you’re on a journey spanning 5 hours and beyond. In fact, they clinched the title of World’s Best Long-Haul Low-Cost Airline for 2024 – courtesy of Skytrax’s airline review consultancy – winning the title for the 4th year running.

Budget Airlines Scoot Pokemon Plane

If having a tranquil flight is a priority for you, you can top-up for their Scoot In Silence zone (prices differ across routes) for kid-free peace. Speaking of kids, Scoot also has themed flights from time to time – like the Pokémon Plane – which are a delight for both children and the young at heart.

Destinations flown to: 72


  • Baggage: 10kg carry-on, no check-in baggage. Add-ons available from 20kg, prices vary by route.
  • Inflight meals: Hot meals from $12
  • Entertainment: No entertainment system, but Wi-Fi available for purchase from USD$2.50 (~S$3.37) for 20mb.

2. Jetstar

Budget Airlines Jetstar

With so many routes throughout Asia, some may perceive Jetstar as an Asian budget airline. It’s actually an Australian carrier, under the Qantas parent company. That means you’ll get to rack up Qantas Frequent Flyer points to offset future flights and upgrades. Meanwhile, regional flights to destinations like Southeast Asia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Japan are parked under Jetstar Asia – but you’ll still get the same suite of membership benefits.

Eagle-eyed bargain hunters would be keen on their Price Beat Guarantee. Simply put, when you book a Jetstar flight, you can monitor other airlines for cheaper rates on the same route. If you manage to find one at least 7 days prior to your flight departure, submit the application online and Jetstar will match that price. It’s a pretty good way to ensure that you’ll get the best possible airfare, especially for folks who were already planning on active price comparisons.

Budget Airlines Jetstar Boarding Pass
Physical boarding pass print-outs are a thing of the past.
Image credit: @tonynikolic10 via X

Convenience wise, Jetstar fans love the option to self-check-in using a QR code sent via email. Your digital boarding pass will be added to your Apple or Google Wallet, meaning you can skip the airport check-in altogether if you only have carry-on baggage.

Destinations flown to: 38


  • Baggage: 7kg carry-on, no check-in baggage. Add-ons available from 15kg, prices vary by route.
  • Inflight meals: Hot meals from $13.
  • Entertainment: Entertainment console available on Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights for $10.

3. AirAsia

Budget Airlines AirAsia
Image credit: AirAsia

Not only is AirAsia a Malaysian-based budget airline, it is actually the largest airline in Malaysia by number of destinations flown to, and combined fleet size. They have a whopping 166 destinations under their belt. This includes a wider range of cities, states, and provinces across countries like Malaysia, China, and India than the average low-cost carrier.

Travellers who swear by AirAsia remark that their airfare can dip super low during sale periods, so it’s worth staying tuned to their social media pages to get first dibs. We recommend following a Telegram channel like @sgtravelpromos so you can get the latest sales announcements from all airlines pinged straight to your notifications.

Budget Airlines AirAsia Bubble Tea
Image credit: AirAsia

Something’s gotta give, though, and travellers usually notice that AirAsia’s aircraft interiors are older and not the most well-maintained. For context, AirAsia’s average fleet age is 9-12 years, as compared to 6 and 10 years for Scoot and Jetstar’s respective averages. To make time pass a little quicker, order some fun treats from their in-flight menu. They have cafe drinks and even special AirAsia bubble tea (prices differ across routes).

Destinations flown to: 166


  • Baggage: 7kg carry-on, no check-in baggage. Add-ons available from $55 for 15kg.
  • Inflight meals: Hot meals from RM15 (~S$4.30).
  • Entertainment: Tablet device with entertainment system available for RM59 (~S$16.92).

– Destination-specific budget airlines –

4. Firefly to Malaysia

Budget Airlines Firefly Malaysia

We love trips to our neighbouring country, whether it’s zipping across the JB Causeway by car or hopping on a bus to Malaysia. Real ones are privy to the alternative air travel route to KL: Firefly airlines via Seletar Airport.

Budget Airlines Firefly Nasi Lemak
Image credit: Airliners

The carrier is the budget subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, and it has some pretty nifty perks. For one, all passengers get 10kg of check-in baggage, absolutely free. This is a rarity for budget airlines, where you’ll usually only get complimentary carry-ons. If you love in-flight dining but are put off by the steep prices of most budget airlines, give Firefly’s affordable mains a try. They have dishes like nasi lemak and rendang chicken rice for just RM15 (~S$4.31) each!

Another advantage is that you’ll land at Subang Airport instead of KLIA, which puts you closer to the KL City Centre. You’ll get to shave roughly 15 minutes from the ride to KLCC, and kickstart your trip sooner. All that, plus you get to experience the novelty and excitement of jetting off from a different base than good ol’ Changi Airport.

Destinations flown to: 18


  • Baggage: 7kg carry-on, 10kg check-in. Add-ons available from 20kg, prices vary by route.
  • Inflight meals: Hot meals for RM15 (~S$4.31).
  • Entertainment: No entertainment systems onboard.

5. ZIPAIR to Japan

Budget Airlines ZIPAIR
Image credit: ZIPAIR

It’s no secret that the holiday destination of Japan has a chokehold on us all. If you’re looking for cheap flights to Japan, give ZIPAIR a go. They’re the budget subsidiary of Japan Airlines and, having only launched in 2018, are the newest carrier on this list. Suffice to say, you can expect their aircraft interiors to be in pretty solid condition.

Budget Airlines ZIPAIR Wi-Fi Entertainment
Image adapted from: @behindthecinz via TikTok

Their spoil-market factor can be seen in the entertainment and connectivity aspects. With budget airlines, you usually need to pay a premium to access internet connection and an entertainment console – if at all available. Meanwhile, ZIPAIR provides free Wi-Fi onboard all flights, and an entertainment system loaded with movies, shows, and even magazines.

And, good news for shopaholics lugging back Japanese snacks, beauty products, and anime merch: ZIPAIR charges baggage by the number of bags, not the weight – unlike most budget airlines. That means you can get maximum value by stuffing a single piece of luggage with up to 30kg of loot.

Destinations flown to: 10


  • Baggage: 7kg carry-on, no check-in baggage. Add-ons available for $51 per bag, up to 5 bags per passenger, weighing 30kg each.
  • Inflight meals: Hot meals from ¥1,300 (~S$11.23).
  • Entertainment: Free Wi-Fi and online entertainment system available onboard.

6. T’Way Air to Korea

Budget Airlines T'Way Air
Image credit: @tway_singapore via Instagram

We haven’t forgotten about those on the prowl for cheap flights to Korea. Previously operating as Hansung Airlines back in the early 2000s, T’Way Air’s parent company went through a revamp, and the low-cost carrier was launched in 2010. They’re highly favoured for domestic travel, and offer competitive airfare for those who want to hop between Seoul city and the idyllic Jeju island.

Budget Airlines T'Way Korea
Besides having reviews for warm and friendly service, T’Way Air flights even have live entertainment activities occasionally – like magic shows and tarot card readings.
Image credit: Skytrax

Those looking to snag bargain flight tickets usually book months in advance. But, as vouched for by concertgoers who regularly jet to Korea to see their idols, T’Way Air’s prices typically do not spike even when the trip is for the near future – say, under a month. We’ve also heard from frequent T’Way Air flyers that they rarely, if ever, experience delays.

Perhaps the most mind-blowing perk that T’Way Air offers is the 30kg free check-in baggage for all passengers. This will usually cost you anywhere from $50 to upwards of $100 as a top-up on other budget airlines. Fabulous news whether you’re packing elaborate ‘fits for your OOTDs in Korea, or tompang-ing tonnes of K-beauty goodies for your friends back home.

Destinations flown to: 46


  • Baggage: 10kg carry-on, 30kg check-in. Add-ons available, prices vary by route.
  • Inflight meals: Hot meals from ₩12,000 (~S$11.72).
  • Entertainment: No in-flight entertainment system, but occasionally has live shows and activities onboard.

Pros & cons of budget airlines in Singapore

With these comparisons, your next budget flight can be tailored to your exact needs and preferences. After all, there’s no point paying more for perks you might not even be utilising. Conversely, the cheapest baseline airfare might end up soaring once you factor in the necessary add-ons.

With these criteria as your guide, go forth and book the airline that best suits your travel style and checks all your requirements – the rest will be savings that can be spent on the actual holiday.

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Cover image adapted from: ZIPAIR, AirAsia, Skytrax, Airliners