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This Johor Farm Has Animal Feeding, Sky Lanterns & $46/Night Chalets, Lift Any Baaad Mood

UK Farm Agro Resort – A family-friendly farmstay in Johor

School’s out! If you’re a parent, that probably means racking your brains over finding meaningful activities for the kids to do. Well, here’s something that the whole family can do together – a farmstay at UK Farm Agro Resort in Kluang, Johor. 

It’s situated just 2 hours from Singapore by car and has goats, ponies, ducks, and even deer to feed and pet. Here’s what expect:

Tour a working goat farm via bus or horse carriage

uk farm agro resort - goat pen
Image credit: UK Farm Agro Resort

UK Farm Agro Resort is an actual, working farm that specialises in rearing goats so you’ll find your fair share of goat pens here. But, they do also have horse barns, milking stations, free-roaming chickens, fruit orchards, and wide, open fields for you to explore.

uk farm agro resort - bus tour
Image credit: UK Farm Agro Resort

It’s a huge place to conquer on foot, especially for little ones, so hop onto a bus tour (from RM35/pax, ~S$10) or horse carriage tour (from RM84.80/4 pax, ~S$24.26) which will bring you around the farm. You won’t just be watching from afar though; the tours include plenty of stops for you to get off at to visit the various parts of the farm.

uk farm agro resort - mini zoo
There’s more to the farm than goats – spot peacocks, deer, and even porcupines.

Image adapted from: @ukfarmresort via Instagram

It’s a guided tour, so expect to learn a thing or two about farm life out here. But this isn’t going to be a boring lecture. While the guides will run through how farms work, such as raising livestock and harvesting fruits, the tour also has plenty of hands-on experiences too.

uk farm agro resort - goat feeding
Image credit: @_mika.ariana via Instagram

You’ll get to feed goats, visit a mini zoo, and even get a chance to sample fresh goat’s milk.

Sign up for feeding sessions & pony rides

The tour is only a taste test of the activities available on the farm. There’s still loads more you can do to make full use of your time here.

uk farm agro resort - pony ride
Image credit: @isabel_ng_lc via Instagram

You can hop onto a pony ride around the field from RM15.90/pax (~S$4.55) and even get up close with them with a feeding session (from RM3/pax, ~S$0.86).

uk farm agro resort - sheep and goats
Image credit: UK Farm Agro Resort

Those up for some cardio can also sign up for the sheep challenge (from RM5.30/pax, ~S$1.52). It’s a 3-minute run where you and up to 2 other friends will need to work together to catch sheep running around a field. Sounds easy enough, but even sheepdogs get tired trying to herd these stubborn creatures back into their pen.

uk farm agro resort - rabbit farm
Image credit: @kenng0219 via Instagram

Now, just because it’s a farm, doesn’t mean goats and sheep are all you’re going to see. For kids and even adults who can’t get enough of cute animals, there’s a mini zoo with ostriches and even a rabbit farm with bunnies to feed and pet.

Elsewhere on the farm are also a cultural village where you can catch indigenous performances, as well as a fruit farm with activities like squeezing your own passionfruit juice (RM15.90/pax, ~S$4.55).

Stay overnight in a farm-style accommodation

There’s so much to see and do that it might be worth staying the night, especially if you don’t want to miss out on activities that can only take place once the sun sets. 

uk farm agro resort - chalet
Image credit: UK Farm Agro Resort

This includes a night tour (RM6/pax, ~S$1.72) of the farm, when animals like wild boars and fireflies are more active. There’s even a sky lantern releasing (RM10/lantern, ~S$2.86) event at night, just like the ones you’d see in Pingxi if you visit Taipei. The lanterns are part of the nightly activities like a BBQ and karaoke session for farmstay guests. 

If you stay over, you can do all this with one of their tour and meal packages (from RM250/pax, ~S$71.55). With their 2D1N stay, you’ll get to feed horses, a farm tour, goat milk tasting, sheep challenge, and lantern activity. If you stay an extra night, you’ll also get to experience the night tour, sheep challenge, and DIY activities in addition to everything else.

uk farm agro resort - longhouse accommodation
Longhouse chalet.
Image credit: UK Farm Agro Resort

For those who prefer not to get a package, you can still choose to stay at the chalet (from RM150/night, ~S$42.91) that’s part of a longhouse, a traditional type of residence commonly found in Sarawak. 

uk farm agro resort - chalet room
Image credit: @ukfarmresort via Instagram

While you can expect the stay to be more on the rustic side, each room still has its own comforts like plush bed and working toilet with heated water for showering.

Visit UK Farm Agro Resort, 2 hours from Singapore

We’ve got our fair share of urban farms in Singapore that mostly grow produce. But rarely do any of us in Singapore have the opportunity to see a real, working farm with livestock. AT UK Farm Agro Resort, you’ll get to enjoy what it’s really like to live on a farm with its bleating goats and crowing roosters.

uk farm agro resort - wedding photoshoot
Image credit: UK Farm Agro Resort

Don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all there is to the farm either! It’s an aesthetic place to hold photo shoots, which is why it’s popular with couples holding pre-wedding shoots. You can book a wedding shoot package (from RM250, ~S$71.58) that’ll allow you to take photos with a horse-drawn cart and with sheep and goats in the field.

Getting there: UK Farm Agro Resort is not accessible by public transport, so you’ll need to drive about 2 hours up North from the JB immigration checkpoint to Kluang. You could also rent a car in JB to get yourself to the farm. Non-drivers have the option of booking services like SGMYTAXI or private transfers on Klook.

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