Guide to cheap flights to South Korea this 2024

The K-wave runs strong in Singapore, with South Korea continuing to be one of the top 10 destinations that Singaporeans visit year on year. 11 million tourists passed through South Korean immigration channels in 2023, and if you’re looking to be one of these in 2024, we’ve rounded up the cheapest flights to South Korea for the year ahead.

Do note that ticket fares are always fluctuating and the stated prices are accurate at point of writing.

When’s the best time to fly to South Korea?

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You might have seen or heard of the epic cold winter that South Korea experienced in December and January: if sub-zero temperatures and a white Christmas are what you’re after, definitely bookmark these months for your visit.

Outside of then, March is when you’ll find much milder, pleasant weather as the country enters into spring. Temperatures hover between 8°C-17°C, and you’re blessed with longer days, stronger sun, and the best part━just the littlest chance of rain. Expect this beautiful weather to run through to May, though it will progressively get warmer the closer it gets to summer.

March also brings the beginning of cherry blossom season, which is forecasted to begin on 19th March on Jeju Island in 2024, and a week later on 26th March in Seoul. 

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If autumn foliage is what you’re after, plan a trip for October and November. This year’s forecast won’t be ready till September, but as a rough gauge, the colours began to change up North at Seoraksan National Park on 1st October last year. Note that this was considered a late autumn, though. You’ll find pleasant weather around this time of the year with November being chillier.

What month is the cheapest to fly to South Korea?

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For the cheapest time to visit South Korea, August is your best bet, with prices as low as $411 on Scoot, and $655 on Korean Air. 

Just a heads up: July and August are the hottest months of the year, with both heat and humidity reaching their peak. Think 30°C heat and 80%-90% mugginess, plus blazing sun and monsoon rains. FYI, these months are when half of Korea’s annual rainfall comes pouring down. 

Plus, the schools break for summer between July and August, so you’ll also be rubbing shoulders with lots of local vacationers. Besides August, March shares the podium for cheapest flights in the calendar year, while prices trend upwards starting October. Flights in December are the most expensive.

– Cheapest budget airline flights to South Korea –

1. Scoot 

Only direct flight to Jeju, from $485 return

cheap flights singapore to korea - scoot plane

Low-Cost Carriers (LCC) have made travel so much more accessible to one and all, and Scoot is our very own pride and joy, having been named the “World’s Best Long-Haul Low-Cost Airline” by Skytrax. 

They are also the only airline that flies you direct from Changi International Airport to Jeju International Airport, getting you there in less than 7 hours. You’ll have to pay for frills including baggage, food, WiFi, blankets and entertainment, but hey, it’s the quickest way to get you closer to Samdal-ri.

Do note that there’s only one flight to Jeju and back each day, 5 days a week. The flight there is a pre-dawn flight at 5 in the morning, while the return takes off at 1+ in the afternoon. 

On the other hand, Scoot flies daily to Seoul. Check carefully when you book, because SG-ICN-SG flights are only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The other flights will transit in Taipei, adding 2 hours to your flight time.

How much are tickets?
From $485 return to Jeju, or $575 return with 20kg checked baggage
From $506 return to Seoul, or $536 return with 20kg checked baggage

2. T’Way Air

Checked baggage-inclusive fares and free WiFi, from $360 return

cheap flights singapore to korea - t'way air
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Another LCC you could check out is T’Way Air, the third-largest Korean budget carrier that was formerly known as Hansung Airlines. Before you shrug them off, this may be the only LCC we’ve seen that throws checked baggage and free WiFi into your ticket price.

There’s only 1 flight to Seoul each way daily, but we spotted fares that drop to as low as $50 one way━keep checking, and this could be yours too.

Flying T’Way Air will also mean you get to fully maximise your stay: the red-eye flight to Seoul departs at 2:30am, while the return flight is at 6:50pm. With 30kg of checked baggage and 10kg carry-on, you’ll be able to shop to your heart’s content. That’s not all, because T’Way Air also has USB charging ports on board so you can plug in your phone to charge as you fly.

Meals on board are priced at $14, which is pretty affordable, all things considered. Go Korean with choices such as Bulgogi Tortilla, Beef Bulgogi with Steamed Rice, and even Bibimbap. You can also pre-select your seats, with prices ranging between $5 and $54.

How much are tickets?
From $360 return to Seoul with 30kg checked baggage

3. Jeju Air

Cheapest direct budget flight to Busan, from $465 return

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Image credit: @jejuair_official via Instagram

For those of you who’re looking to skip Seoul and head to Busan, AKA Pusan on the way to Jeju Island instead, Jeju Air is your best budget bet. They’re the largest LCC in South Korea, and they fly 6 times a week to Busan. 

There is only 1 red-eye flight a day departing just past midnight, so you land bright and early to start your trip. Similarly, the return leg takes off in the late afternoon, leaving you one final push in the morning to fill your bags.

On that note, all fares on this carrier include 15kg of checked baggage. Pre-selecting seats costs from $5.40. If you upgrade yourself to their Plus or Premium Plus flight packages while booking, you can enjoy up to 58% off perks such as an extra 15kg of checked baggage, seat selections, priority check-ins, boarding, and baggage claims, as well as in-flight meal discounts.

There are 12 meal options to pick from, priced from $13.40 for a Sandwich on the Cloud. Meal highlights include Samwon Garden Braised Beef Ribs Meal ($20.20) and Samwon Garden Tteok-Galbi Meal ($16.10), created specially by Michelin Guide-recommended Samwon Garden in Seoul.

How much are tickets?
From $465 return to Busan with 15kg checked baggage
From $558 return to Jeju via Busan with 15kg checked baggage
From $653 return to Seoul via Busan with 15kg checked baggage

– Cheapest full service airline flights to South Korea –

4. China Southern Airlines

Cheapest full service airline to Seoul, from $400 return

cheap flights singapore to korea - pearl river guangzhou

Stop through Guangzhou to dine by the Pearl River at sunset.
Image credit: @visitguangzhou via Instagram

Full service airlines seem fancy, but China Southern Airlines is one carrier you can look to for all the add-ons on your flight to South Korea, at not so much more cost. Ringing in the till at just $400 this March, and $403 if you book ahead for September, that’s even cheaper than some of the LCCs that we’ve listed.

On the flip side, this will include a stopover in China, in either Beijing or Guangzhou. Transit times range from 2-14 hours. They fly multiple times a day, though.

How much are tickets?
From $400 return to Seoul via China

5. Korean Air

Pet-friendly airline with bibimbap on board, from $583 return

cheap flights singapore to korea - korean air plane
Image credit: @koreanair via Instagram

With 3 direct flights daily to and from Seoul throughout the day, inflight entertainment and 23kg of checked baggage, give Korean Air a shot on your trip to South Korea. 

If you can’t bear to leave your furry friends behind, Korean Air is also pet-friendly. Each passenger can be accompanied by 1 animal on board, or 2 in the cargo. Do note that you’ll have to provide documentation on arrival in Korea such as health certificates indicating their microchip number and birth date. Your pet will also be subject to quarantine at The Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) on return.

Meals on board Korean Air include classics such as Bibimbap and Beef Stew with Mashed Potato, and Chicken Bulgogi Rice Ball snacks. 

P:S. The cheapest tickets we’ve spotted are at $583 return for March, though round-trip fares up till November are going for as low as $685, and tickets in December are currently $840. That’s a sign to start planning those year-end trips now, if you ask us. 

How much are tickets?
From $583 return to Seoul

6. Singapore Airlines

Get free WiFi, from $627 return

cheap flights singapore to korea - singapore airlines plae

There’s no better way to land after a holiday than to that familiar refrain, “And to all Singaporeans and residents of Singapore, a warm welcome home.” All the warm fuzzies and sense of homecoming that flying Singapore Airlines brings is unbeatable, even if they do cost more than other full service airlines.

Booking yourself on Singapore Airlines gets you anywhere from 25kg-30kg of checked baggage allowance, as well as access to the exhaustive KrisWorld entertainment system spanning music, TV shows, and the latest blockbusters. 

Sign up for a KrisFlyer membership, and you’ll have unlimited free WiFi on board all Singapore Airlines flights too. They fly 4 times daily, 7 days of the week, to Seoul. If you’re still undecided about your flight, you can lock in the stated fare for an additional, non-refundable $30. This will hold your fare for up to 72 hours. 

We’ve spotted fares in the $600s as far away as November, and tickets in the $800s this December. 

How much are tickets?
From $627 return to Seoul

7. Asiana Airlines

Cheapest direct full service flights to Seoul in December, from $582 return

cheap flights singapore to korea - pocha seoul

Pojang-macha, or pocha, at Gwangjang Market.
Image credit: @asianaairlines_sg via Instagram

They may have been acquired by Korean Air just a few days ago, but Asiana Airlines is another choice you can consider when booking your flights to South Korea. They operate daily, with 2 direct flights each way. Flight timings are also limited to red-eye flights there, and late afternoon or early evening timings on the way back.

Psst. While we’ve seen prices sub-$600 in March, and flights for $685 up till November. We’ve saved the best for last━at $781, Asiana Airlines has the cheapest full service flights to Seoul this December, but you’ll have to book them ASAP. 

How much are tickets?
From $582 return to Seoul

8. Air China

Visit Beijing en-route Korea with 46kg baggage allowance, from $613 return

cheap flights singapore to korea - forbidden city beijing
Image credit: @micheal_yangzy via Instagram

As the national airline of the People’s Republic of China, most Air China flights transit through Beijing. Here’s some incentive if you’re considering booking a flight on this airline: Singapore is 1 of 45 countries whose citizens are able to enjoy a 72-hour Visa-Free Transit Policy in Beijing. 

So if you’ve picked a flight with a lengthy transit time, you can head out of the airport to check off some bucket list sights while you’re here.

Flying Air China also gets you 2 pieces of checked baggage at 23kg each, totalling 46kg. Shopaholics, you might want to consider this carrier. 

Air China flies daily to Seoul, with prices starting from $787 in December, and the cheapest we’ve seen after March at $685. They fly to Busan too, though only 4 days a week. 

How much are tickets?
From $613 return to Seoul via Beijing
From $670 return to Busan via Beijing

9. Vietnam Airlines

10 flights a day via HCM, from $575 return

cheap flights singapore to korea - ho chi minh pink church
Image credit: @visit.hochiminhcity via Instagram

If you’ve got time to spare and Ho Chi Minh is on your travel checklist, why not fly Vietnam Airlines to South Korea? The airport is barely 30 minutes from the heart of town, and this is inclusive of slow traffic.

Note that you only get 1 piece of checked baggage with Vietnam Airlines, maxed out at 23kg. On the plus side, this airline has a whopping 10 flights daily there and back. If you’re booking ahead for December 2024, there are return flights from $754.

How much are tickets?
From $575 return in March to Seoul via HCM

Fly to Korea on these cheap flights

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